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Santa flights set for take-off at Shannon

first_imgPrint Exercise With Oxygen Training at Ultimate Health Clinic Advertisement Facebook Ann & Steve Talk Stuff | Episode 29 | Levelling Up Previous articleWATCH: Darren Sweetnam keen to pursue “life-long dream” with Goodbody BursaryNext articleVicky to celebrate recovery by lighting up Limerick Staff Reporter Limerick businesses urged to accept Irish Business Design Challenge Joanna the elf and Elmo leading children to the Departure Gate at Shannon Airport for a Santa flight.Photo: Arthur Ellis.MORE than 2,000 lucky children and their parents will get to meet Santa 15,000 ft above sea level during Shannon Airport’s 2018 Santa Flights adventure.Short of Christmas Eve itself, Santa’s busiest time in the run up to December 25th is when he jets in for his sixth annual Shannon airport visit, one of Ireland’s best loved and unique Santa experiences.Sign up for the weekly Limerick Post newsletter Sign Up The big man will take to the skies with a troupe of elves on Saturday and Sunday, December 1 and 2.  The event will be supported by teams of airport staff volunteers as Mrs Claus and her team of helpers will be manning the airport check-in desks.Tickets for this special event will be allocated through a lottery system. A €1 per seat lottery application fee will apply for entries along with a €1.50 booking fee. All profits will go to Shannon Group’s designated charities, the Share a Dream Foundation and the Clare Crusaders.The lottery will close on Tuesday, November 13 and the winners will be notified by text soon after.A packed programme of entertainment is being laid on with dancing elves, games and other treats helping children while away the final minutes before boarding.Bookings are confined to a maximum of six but with the airport determined to ensure as many children as possible avail of the very special Christmas treat, a maximum of two adults will be allowed with any group of six. No child will be allowed on their own without an adult.Airport Managing Director Andrew Murphy said that organising the event takes huge logistics from ensuring the children and their families have plenty of fun activities to keep them entertained, to ensuring that all flights run smoothly and that Santa makes his mid-air transfer from his sleigh to the airplane safely.“None of it would be possible without our staff who go over and above each year to ensure that everything runs smoothly,” he explainedShannon Group chief executive Matthew Thomas said that as well as adding to the magic of Christmas for children, the Santa flights are also an integral part of the airport’s fundraising efforts for local charities.“Since the establishment of Shannon Group in 2014,  staff have raised more than €230,000 for a range of worthy charities,” he Tom [email protected] TAGSbusinessCommunityNews Limerick on Covid watch list center_img Email Twitter NewsBusinessCommunitySanta flights set for take-off at ShannonBy Staff Reporter – November 7, 2018 1206 RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR Linkedin TechPost | Episode 9 | Pay with Google, WAZE – the new Google Maps? and Speak don’t Type! WhatsApp Housing 37 Compulsory Purchase Orders issued as council takes action on derelict sites last_img read more

Dad pleads not guilty at emotional court appearance after infant twins die in hot car

first_imgiStock/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) — Juan Rodriguez, the father of 1-year-old twins who died after he said he accidentally left them in his car all day while he was at work, made an emotional first court appearance on Saturday. The 39-year-old and his wife, Marissa, spent much of the proceedings in tears as he pleaded not guilty to charges of manslaughter and criminally negligent homicide. He sobbed throughout the court appearance, but began physically shaking when his lawyer mentioned the twins, Luna and Phoenix Rodriguez.He was ordered held on $50,000 cash or $100,000 bond. Rodriguez was able to make bail, and was released following the court appearance.Rodriguez, from Rockland County, just north of New York City, dropped his 4-year-old son off at a home in Westchester, New York, on Friday before driving to work as a licensed clinical social worker at James J. Peters VA Medical Center in the Bronx. Rodriguez told police he forgot his 1-year-old twins were strapped into their rear-facing car seats when he arrived for work at 8 a.m.When he returned to his car eight hours later to drive home, he “observed Luna and Phoenix in the above reference vehicle, strapped into their car seats, not moving, not breathing and both children appeared lifeless,” according to court documents.Rodriguez called 911, but the children were pronounced dead on the scene at 4:10 p.m.The children’s body temperatures were 108 degrees, according to the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner.“I assumed I dropped them off at daycare before I went to work,” Rodriguez told officers who arrived on the scene, according to court documents. “I blanked out. My babies are dead; I killed my babies.”Rodriguez did not speak during his court appearance Saturday evening, but his lawyer called the children’s deaths “a tragedy of horrific proportions.”“Certainly it’s unimaginable, and at the time that I had occasion to speak to my client last night … he was inconsolable,” his lawyer, Joey Jackson, said in court. “He obviously is still in that state of mind. … My client, under no circumstances, meant at all for this to occur. My client is married, his wife is here, in addition to numerous other family members, judge, who support him and love him dearly.”“There’s nothing here at all that is intentional and my client, if he could bring back time, certainly he would do that,” Jackson continued. “I think in this world in which we live with so many, perhaps too many, distractions it just didn’t have to happen. It did and it’s most regrettable.”Rodriguez, who works with veterans as a social worker, also is a member of the military and served in Iraq. His lawyer said he was injured during his tour, but is still a member of the National Guard.He also has two older children, a 16-year-old and 12-year-old.Rodriguez is also facing two misdemeanor counts of endangering the welfare of a child.Family and friends greeted the father when he was released from custody Saturday evening. He was met with cheers and several hugs as he was ushered into a car.“He’s mindful that he has to live with this for the rest of his life,” Jackson added. Copyright © 2019, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.last_img read more

Watching brief

Related posts:No related photos. Comments are closed. Previous Article Next Article Watching briefOn 1 Jul 2003 in Personnel Today The Monitoring at Work Code, published last month, gives employers a guideto when and how they can monitor staff.katherine o’brien discusses somepotential scenariosGeneral guidelinesPaper UK (PUK) is a paper distribution company with about 100employees. Employees work either at the company’s head office, or at thecustomer advice centre taking queries from customers. The HR manager has readabout the new code for monitoring employees, and wants to know what PUK shoulddo. Katherine O’Brien comments: The third part of the Employment PracticesData Protection Code – Monitoring at Work (published on 11 June 2003 after alengthy consultation process) provides employers with guidance on how theycan monitor job applicants, employees and other staff. Monitoring is an intrinsic part of the employment relationship, andtechnological developments mean employers hold extensive information on theirstaff – often collected automatically and without too much thought. Staff maybe filmed on CCTV as they arrive or leave work, electronic swipe cards willindicate their whereabouts on the employer’s premises, and computer logs arecreated when staff switch on their computers. During the day, records indicate staff access to the internet and sitesvisited. E-mails sent and received are recorded as well as telephone calls. Ifstaff are provided with work mobile telephones or company cars, then managementoften makes records of use. The Code lays down guidelines for steps employers should take in decidingwhether any particular form of monitoring is appropriate in the circumstances.Any adverse impact of monitoring on individuals has to be justified by thebenefits received. The Code recommends using specific impact assessments to decidewhether or not this is the case, to establish what monitoring is to be carriedout and to whether a monitoring arrangement is a proportionate response to theproblem to be addressed. An impact assessment involves: – Identifying the purpose behind the monitoring arrangement and the benefitsit is likely to deliver – Identifying any likely adverse impact of the monitoring arrangement – Considering alternatives to monitoring or different ways in which it mightbe carried out – Taking into account the obligations that arise from monitoring – Judging whether monitoring is justified. The following factors may establish whether there is an adverse impact onstaff and customers of the organisation: – What intrusion will there be in private lives or interference with privatecommunications? – How much information do staff have on how and when they are monitored? Themore information provided the better, as it allows staff to limit the adverseimpact on them – Will there be any impact on the relationship of mutual trust andconfidence between the staff and employer or any other confidentialrelationship, such as, for example, trade union representatives? – As part of the impact assessment, it is important to consider the leastintrusive method of monitoring possible and alternatives to monitoring – In establishing that staff are complying with company policy andprocedure, using different methods of supervision, training and clearercommunication may deliver acceptable results – Specific incidents can be investigated by accessing stored e-mails, ratherthan undertaking continuous monitoring. Monitoring can also be limited to staffabout whom complaints have been received or areas of high risk – Automated monitoring is less intrusive and means the personal informationis only ‘seen’ by a machine – Spot-checks or audits can be undertaken rather than continuous monitoring(depending on the circumstances, as sometimes continuous monitoring can be lessintrusive than human intervention). As well as the aspects mentioned above, deciding whether a current orproposed method of monitoring is justified involves emphasising the need to befair to staff, ensuring any intrusion is no more than necessary. Any significantintrusion will only be justified if the employer’s business is at serious risk.Consultation with staff and/or trade unions can be of assistance whenconsidering these issues. CCTV monitoringPUK has noticed an unusually high amount of stock is being ordered ona regular basis, and believes some is being stolen. It proposes to set up CCTVcameras to monitor the situation. Can it do this? KO’B comments: When carrying out an impact assessment for videomonitoring PUK should consider the following: – It must establish why it is setting up the CCTV and what benefit itbelieves it will obtain. Does it wish to obtain evidence that theft isoccurring, deter future thefts or catch the perpetrators? PUK should alsoconsider whether it is reasonable to believe stock is being stolen. This willadd weight to the belief that monitoring is required. – In order to reduce the adverse impact, PUK should consider targeting areasof particular risk, for example the stockroom. PUK may feel other areas needmonitoring depending on where it feels it is most likely to identify theperpetrators of any theft. Where possible, monitoring should be confined toareas where staff expectation of privacy is low (not the staff toilets, forinstance) – Continuous monitoring will only be justified in rare circumstances due toits particularly intrusive nature – Are there practical alternatives to CCTV, such as security checks on staffleaving the building? – Is PUK able to make it clear that monitoring is taking place and why, inall areas where the monitoring takes place (placing a prominent sign,identifying the organisation responsible for monitoring, who is to be contactedand why it is being done)? This is particularly important in public areas wherepeople other than staff are likely to be inadvertently caught on camera – Can PUK justify the continuous monitoring of a particular area? This maynot be so simple if individuals are likely to be continuously monitored, forexample those working in the stockroom. In limited circumstances, the Data Protection Act 1998 allows covertmonitoring. Covert monitoring should be authorised by senior management, whomust satisfy themselves that there are grounds for suspecting criminal activityor equivalent malpractice, and that notifying individuals would prejudice itsprevention or detection. A reliable test is whether or not the activity wouldbe of sufficient seriousness to involve the police (unless covert monitoring isto be carried out in a private area, in which case a suspicion of a seriouscrime and an intention to involve the police is required). PUK would find covert monitoring difficult to justify when it doesn’t havean individual in mind. Personal information collected should only be used for the purposes forwhich the monitoring was introduced, unless it is in an individuals’ interestto use it or if it reveals an activity no reasonable employer could be expectedto ignore (for example, serious harassment). E-mail and the internetStaff working in the customer advice centre at PUK take queries fromcustomers by telephone and e-mail. The manager believes some employees arespending a large part of their time looking at pornography on the internet andsending personal e-mails. He wants to check what members of staff are doing.Can he do it and what methods can be used? KO’B comments: PUK needs to establish whether it has a current staffpolicy regulating electronic communications and whether it establishesboundaries of acceptable behaviour with regard to e-mail exchange and use ofthe internet. A policy for the use of electronic communications should incorporate thefollowing features: – Clear boundaries as to the amount and type of personal communicationsallowed – Specified restrictions on what can be viewed or copied from the internet – Clear instructions as to what would be considered offensive rather thansimply a reference to ‘offensive’ material – Examples of personal information which staff are permitted to communicate – Alternatives to electronic communications for passing on personalinformation – An explanation of the purpose for which any monitoring is conducted, theextent of monitoring and means used. This should include how the policy isenforced and the penalties for a breach of that policy. In addition, PUK must ensure it is not in breach of the Regulation ofInvestigatory Powers Act 2000 and Lawful Business Practice Regulations.Interceptions are not permitted without the consent of the sender and recipientunless authorised under the regulations. An interception is likely to beauthorised where it is for the purpose of running the business and allreasonable efforts have been made to inform internal users of the interception.Once PUK has established the purpose of the monitoring arrangement and thebenefits it will deliver, it should look at any adverse impact and suitablealternatives. – Analyse e-mail traffic rather than monitoring the content of messages. Ifthe content is monitored, PUK may be at risk of breaching its duty of trust andconfidence – Detection of personal communications should be possible from the headingor address. The content of personal e-mails should only be accessed where thereis a pressing business need to do so – Establish whether any methods of monitoring can be limited or automated.Automated systems can provide protection from intrusion and malicious codes anddetect references to particular matters – Technology that prevents rather than detects misuse could be used to stopstaff accessing unauthorised websites. PUK can also detect time spent accessingthe internet rather than monitoring sites visited or content viewed,particularly if web access for personal reasons is not permitted – Monitoring can also be done on an aggregated basis by examining logs ofwhich sites have been visited and only focusing on specific individuals whohave been identified as problematic. Such a log is also likely to identifysites accessed accidentally – In all cases, before further action is taken, staff should be given anopportunity to explain their actions or challenge any information. Monitoring e-mails will mean processing information about external peoplewho should be informed of the monitoring. Staff must also be made aware of thenature and extent of e-mail and internet access monitoring. Katherine O’Brien is a trainee solicitor at Lewis Silkin Find out more on the code at read more

Validation of three global ocean models in the Weddell Sea

first_imgWe present a validation of three global z-level eddy-permitting/resolving ocean general circulation models against hydrographic observations and remote sensing sea ice data from the Weddell Sea. The Weddell Sea is a region in which complex processes such as water mass formation, sea ice formation and melt, and circulation under ice shelves take place. The representation of these processes is challenging even for the current generation of eddy-permitting ocean models. Simulating the hydrographic structure of this basin is a stringent test for models, notably so when considering the global influence of the regional processes. The performance of OCCAM (at two resolutions), ORCA025 and TPAC are tested regarding water mass properties, sea ice seasonality (OCCAM and ORCA025 only) and volume transport. OCCAM simulates the deep water masses reasonably well in both resolutions. The eddy-resolving run is not significantly better than the eddy-permitting simulation. ORCA025 and TPAC represent the surface layers and the Weddell Gyre circulation better but are generally too warm throughout the water column. All models underestimate Weddell Sea Bottom Water formation. Both OCCAM and ORCA025 struggle to correctly model the sea ice cover: OCCAM overestimates the summer ice extent while little multi-year sea ice remains in ORCA025. TPAC exhibits considerable drift in potential temperature during the model run. The choice of a model for a study has to be made carefully taking into account the model’s performance in the specific area, application and variable of interest. We identify several starting points for improving the models, namely model numerics and parameterisations of subgridscale processes, ensuring more accurate forcing datasets, correct initialisation, and ice-ocean interactions, all of which are likely to have larger benefits than simply increasing the horizontal resolution beyond eddy permitting. (c) 2009 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.last_img read more

USCG Cutter Vigorous Relocates to New Homeport

first_imgBack to overview,Home naval-today USCG Cutter Vigorous Relocates to New Homeport Vigorous is the first of two Medium Endurance Cutters from Cape May, New Jersey to be relocated to Little Creek. The Coast Guard Cutter Dependable is scheduled to arrive in 2015.“Cape May was a wonderful home for Vigorous over the past 21 years and we thank the community for its steadfast support,” said Cmdr. Terry Johns, Vigorous commanding officer. “Our 76 member crew looks forward to our new home port of Little Creek and the opportunities it will present.”The addition of two Medium Endurance Cutters will significantly increase the Coast Guard’s operational presence in the Mid-Atlantic Region.The decision to relocate Vigorous was prompted by the deteriorating pier conditions at Cape May’s pier three.Over the course of three years, the new Fast Response Cutters will bring approximately 97 new personnel to the Cape May community that will result in construction contracts for infrastructure upgrades over the next five years including shore-side support facilities and pier construction.The Sentinel-class Fast Response Cutter is a new Coast Guard patrol boat that is capable of deploying independently to conduct missions that include port, waterways and coastal security. Coast Guard cutters are sentinels of global trade by supporting the nation’s economic success ensuring waterways and the maritime environment are safe, secure and reliable.[mappress]Press Release, August 12, 2014; Image: USCG US Coast Guard Cutter Vigorous marked its official arrival at its new homeport at Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek-Fort Story, Virginia Beach, Friday. USCG Cutter Vigorous Relocates to New Homeport Share this article View post tag: News by topic View post tag: Navy August 12, 2014 View post tag: Vigorous Authorities View post tag: Naval View post tag: Arrives View post tag: New View post tag: Homeport View post tag: USCG View post tag: Cutter View post tag: americaslast_img read more

Senior Director of Admissions

first_imgAbility toTravelThe individual mustbe able to travel locally and to out of the area to the corporateoffice or other offsite locations for a variety of conferences andmeetings.Travel generally does not exceed 10%.ENVIRONMENT:The environment isdynamic and goal oriented requiring multitasking ofresponsibilities at all times. This position requires the abilityto work effectively with a variety of personalities both within theschool and with the public.A caring, persistent, persuasive, andself-directed nature is essential.Must possess a desire and abilityto study, practice and obtain additional knowledge and skills on anongoing basis to remain well versed in program offerings,recruitment techniques, policies and procedures. The operatingenvironment has extensive weekly, monthly, quarterly and annualperformance targets and requires strict adherence to all regulatoryrequirements and internal policies.The position works extensivelywith support enrollment team department personnel includingfinancial aid, education, and housing. Outside contacts includeprospective students and applicants, their families and guests,vendors, high school teachers and other sources of referrals suchas government agencies, public school systems and privatebusinesses.The duties andcharacteristics described in this job description arerepresentative of those an employee encounters while performing theessential functions of this job.Reasonable accommodations may bemade to enable individuals with disabilities to perform theessential functions.While performing the duties of this job, theemployee is regularly required see, talk or hear, and is frequentlyrequired to be mobile.The employee is occasionally required to liftup to 10 pounds.The vision requirements include ability to adjustfocus and close vision. CoreValuesCore Values unifythe culture of South University and represent the guidingprinciples that influence the company’s vision, mission, andperformance outcomes.Doing the Right Thing.Conveys aposition of principle even during opposition.Takes appropriateaction to heighten awareness and influence positivechange.Integrity.Conducts allactivities honestly and fairly to create an environment of mutualtrust and equity.Respect.Openly showsappreciation for the ideas and contributions of others to create anenvironment of collaboration, involvement and growth.Providing Value.Continuouslyseeks to understand the requirements of all constituencies.Makescollaborative decisions to ensure needs are met or exceeded throughthe delivery of quality services.Excellence.Displays acommitment to exceptional quality that creates an environment ofinnovation, positive thinking and continuousimprovement.Learning-CenteredFocus.Actively supports an outcomes-based, learning-centeredculture through the delivery/support of an engaging educationaldelivery system. SouthUniversity is an Equal Opportunity Employer and embraces diversityas a critical step in ensuring employee, student and graduatesuccess. We are committed to building and developing a diverseenvironment where a variety of ideas, cultures and perspectives canthrive. Generates marketingplans to support inquiry conversion and applicantlock-in. Minimum five yearsof increasingly responsible experience managing a sales effort inthe area of undergraduate/graduate student recruitment orintangible products or five years working in a universityadmissions office leading a team. Experience with thehiring process is required. POSITIONSUMMARY:Incumbent isresponsible for assisting the campuses in attaining admissionsgoals, in particular inquiry conversion to enrollments, andenrollments to new student matriculation at plan. Incumbent mustassure that the South University philosophy is considered incarrying out the duties and responsibilities of this position:quality services to clients; development, growth, involvement, andrecognition of employees; sound economic principles; andmaintenance of an environment which is conducive to innovation,positive thinking and expansion. Tuesday, April 27, 2021What’s next for you is the first priorityfor us! With over 45 programs from associate to doctoral degrees,South University is a private institution dedicated to providingeducational opportunities that spark the intellectual, social andprofessional development of a diverse studentpopulation.Our 120-year story—past, present andfuture—is a history formed by the many individuals who havedeveloped the education and spirit of community that have becomeour pledge to the students, faculty, staff, alumni and supportersof South University. Online and at our 8 locations and 2 learningsites, we take pride in our welcoming environment; one-on-onesupport and personalized attention that helps students define goalsand identify the means to pursue them. Our small classes featurehands-on experiences that not only shape students’ skills andexcellence in their chosen fields but also shape their charactersthrough encouraging community involvement, volunteerism and thepursuit of life-long learning.Visit today to learn moreabout what makes us stand apart as a place to Belong, Believeand Become, a place where you can make a difference in thelives of students eager to learn and grow. Benefits:*Medical*Dental*VisionFSA/HSATuition Assistant ProgramLong/Short Term DisabilityLife InsuranceEmployee Assistance Program401KGenerous Paid Time Off12 Paid Holidays* includes domestic partner coverage Responsible forlocal inquiry generation and database marketing. Assures adequatestaffing levels and productivity through effective personnelmanagement.This includes but is not limited to selection and hiringof employees coupled with their being training, developed,motivated, and effectively managed.This includes admissions teamsreceiving regular feedback, observation and support; monthly,quarterly and annual performance reviews; new hire and veterantraining; turnover prevention. Responsible forachieving conversions of inquiry to applicant; and applicant to newstudent standards. Other detailsTravel Required YesRequired Education Bachelor’s Degreecenter_img Ensures compliancewith all SU policies and procedures, ethical standards, andcompliance with all federal, state and accreditationrequirements. REQUIREMENTS: Bachelor’s Degreepreferably in a business or sales related discipline. Establishesforecasts and achieves new student start rate and readmissionsplans. KEY JOBELEMENTS: Polished verbal andwritten communication skills. South University, the right direction for abrighter future. Proven ability toinspire, motivate and lead a sales team. Partners with otherEC members, faculty and staff to assure a vibrant perpetual studentrecruitment environment. Manage school’sadmissions budget and monitor inquiry source results and costeffectiveness. Demonstratedexperience handling employee relations matters.last_img read more

Health Fair!

first_imgToday, Tuesday, April 24, there will be a health fair from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at City Council Chambers on the first floor of City Hall, 630 Avenue C between 27th and 28th Streets. It’s co-hosted by the City of Bayonne and CarePoint Health. All are welcome to attend. ×last_img

Giving women the edge

first_imgWhen businesswoman Lisa von Sturmer gave a sales pitch, she wore a bow in her hair on purpose. “They’d think I was fluffy, that they could probably push me around — and it would surprise them when they discovered who I really am. And it worked!”Von Sturmer, CEO of Growing City, was the keynote speaker for Women’s Entrepreneurship Day (WED) 2016 at Harvard late last month. She was joined by female entrepreneurs from around the world who came to share their expertise on business, success, and navigating the corporate world.The event was divided into two parts: speakers and panels. Myra White, lecturer in the Department of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and professor in the management program at Harvard Extension School, served as moderator. Among the other speakers and panelists were Priya Korrapati, CEO of eMedEvents; Robyn Johnson, ecommerce consultant and coach and founder of Best from The Nest; Avisha Patel, founder of Friendsline; Dr. Isaura Gonzalez, clinical psychologist and founder of Latina Mastermind; and Maria Mariano, president of Centre de Distribution les Diamants Inc.Von Sturmer said that she believes femininity has its place in the business world. She also pointed out that “girly features” are not necessarily a bad thing, using her experience on the TV show “Dragons’ Den” as an example. (“Dragons’ Den” is a CBC reality program featuring entrepreneurs pitching their business ideas to secure investment finance from a panel of venture capitalists.) In 2013, von Sturmer appeared on the show and asked for $100,000 for Growing City, North America’s first office composting service. Although she didn’t walk away with the money, just appearing on the show helped her client base grow at a rapid pace.Aksinia Stavskaya (white dress), North American Ambassador for Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, spoke during a panel about female entrepreneurs overcoming challenges. Photo by Jermane StephingerVon Sturmer also pointed to research by MIT’s Associate Dean for Innovation Fiona Murray, who recently studied the “pecking order” of venture capitalists. She found that those who generally receive the most recognition are attractive men, followed by unattractive men, unattractive women, and lastly attractive women.“So if you’re a woman, as soon as you walk in the door you’re already at the bottom of the pile,” von Sturmer said. “You’re going to have to work harder to overcome their expectations, but you can also use these assumptions to your advantage.”The other messages covered a wide range of topics. Mariano delivered a powerful message about consistency and the importance of family. Harvard Extension Entrepreneurship and Real Estate Association (HEEREA) founder Dolly Amaya suggested forming an intimate relation with money in order to build a sustainable business. “Financial literacy enables people to understand what is needed to increase profitability,” she said. Entrepreneur, investor, and mentor Tai Lopez compared a bad mentor to a bad date and stressed the importance of finding “someone who motivates and inspires us to be a better version of ourselves.”The women’s messages evoked a palpable feeling of inspiration and motivation in the audience. “I didn’t think talking about business could be such an entertainment,” said Ashley Fournier, faculty assistant at Harvard Law School.While the audience mingled and socialized during a brief intermission, the speakers and panelists networked. The highly successful women in the crowd included Emmy-nominated TV news producer Nneka Nwosu Faison.WED was co-organized by the Harvard Graduate Council and HEEREA. North America Ambassador for WED Aksinia Stavskaya was the lead organizer; Peter J. Dyrud, president of the Harvard Graduate Council was co-curator of the event.     — Jia Roy of HEEREA also contributed to this articleSavelast_img read more

New Vermont unclaimed property raises fund amount to more than $52 million

first_imgThe Vermont State Treasurer’s Office has received more than $9 million in new unclaimed property since the fiscal year began July 1. The annual deadline for holders of unclaimed property to turn over funds to the State was May 1 and thousands of dollars continue to be received by the Unclaimed Property Division. is external) ‘Typical holders of unclaimed property include financial institutions, employers, utility companies, insurance companies, retailers, corporations and governmental agencies throughout the United States,’ said State Treasurer Beth Pearce. ‘My office continually works to make Vermont’s firms aware of the law and assist businesses in turning financial property over in a timely way.’  There is now more than $52 million in Vermont’s unclaimed property fund. The word ‘property’ refers to financial assets, not real estate. Financial property becomes ‘unclaimed’ after a business or non-profit entity loses contact with a customer for a period of years. The property is sent to the State Treasurer’s Office to protect the funds and centralize efforts to locate the property owner. ‘During the first ten months of fiscal year 2011, my office has paid more than 9,835 claims, worth $3.5 million. Since we are constantly receiving new financial property, Vermonters should check every year for unclaimed property,’ explained Pearce. An online system makes it quick and easy to check for unclaimed property. Vermonters may go to and can search by last name or town. There are currently more than 275,000 individual listings in the Vermont unclaimed property database. There is no charge to search for property or claim funds. There is no time limit for filing a claim. Funds are held in trust for the benefit of state residents until rightful owners or heirs are found. The Treasurer’s Office also provides a link on the missing money web page to a free national searchable database of unclaimed property. Vermonters are cautioned to be wary of companies claiming to locate and recover property for a fee. People may contact Vermont’s Unclaimed Property Division by calling (802) 828-2407 or toll-free in Vermont at 1-800-642-3191.last_img read more

Consumers looking for incentives within mobile wallets

first_img 19SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr by: Brian DayMost consumers need incentives to try — and certainly to actively adopt — new technology. Mobile wallet usage is no different. In fact, consumer uptake of mobile payments is expected to increase as loyalty programs make it worth their while.A recent report from the Federal Reserve Board found 79 percent of mobile users would be interested in using phones to receive deals and discounts. Additionally, 77 percent indicated tying reward points to a mobile payment app would increase the attractiveness of mobile wallets. continue reading »last_img

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