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Christmas in October for Evan

Updated:Magic was in the air in the town of St. George Saturday night. Christmas came early in honour of a young boy with an incurable disease. This is a very special Christmas for Evan and one his family and the village will never forget, after the community came together to make Evan and his mother, Nicole Wellwood, happy.“I’m honestly speechless. It was one thing to have this whole week, constantly go-go-go. But to actually see this event take place and see it all come together, it brings a lot of emotions.” said Nicole.Evan has an inoperable brain tumor. His family was told Evan may not make it until Christmas. But his home town of St. George has made sure Evan did get a jolly, white Christmas. His house was covered in decorations, fake snow was swirling all around. The town banding together to give gifts to make Evan and his family happy. Topping it off with a giant parade performed just for him, with 25 floats and a crowd beaming with Christmas spirit. His family, is so grateful.“You know he absolutely loves the lights. He knows now that he always had family behind him that loved him.  But now he has a bigger family. He has a community behind him. He has the world behind him.”Support came from beyond the town’s edges.  The OPP say nearly 7,000 people were out at Evan’s parade — more than twice the town’s population.“I could never ever say thank you enough. This is a memory that I’ll forever be able to have. Evan will be right in my heart, for the rest of my life. And he’s going to hang on my neck too and I’ll always remember him.”Evan had wishes on his bucket list come true tonight. He was made an honorary officer by the police. He met Spongebob, one of his favourites. And he even got to hop on to Santa’s sleigh.“I gotcha, all right pal?”Getting to see the smile everyone hoped for.“He’s always smiling. He’s always full of life. He keeps you on your toes.”“He looks at me quite often and says ‘Mummy I’m not going to leave you. He has kept me strong through this difficult time. He’s my hero.”Evan’s Christmas that took over St. George’s streets was the work of a community, bringing hundreds of people together, all to make one young boy smile.Evan’s family is encouraging supporters to consider joining the gold ribbon campaign, an initiative dedicated to raising awareness about childhood cancer.If you would like to contribute to the go fund me campaign go to https://www.gofundme.com/7w6kqyxw read more

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