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Market continues to decline for bus and coach sector

*All buses and coaches622-18.4%2559-17.6%75568.0% Purpose-built bus and coach total302-28.9%1257-20.9%3479-11.4% Purpose-built coaches 3.5t to 16t11266.7%25-21.9%41-50.0% Purpose-built single-deck buses <8.5t20-9.1%41-28.1%101-4.7% Purpose-built double-deck buses87-7.4%405-31.7%1149-27.3% Purpose-built single-deck buses>8.5t to 12t27-34.1%1110.9%33017.9% Click through to download the April 2013 bus and coach registrations news release and data tables.Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) *Converted: Bus 3.5t to 8.5t2500.8%1062-16.8%320326.6% *Converted bus total320-5.0%1302-14.1%407732.7% Purpose-built bus total185-47.6%889-28.2%2762-12.2% Purpose-built single-deck coaches >16t10155.4%3217.4%643-4.3% Purpose-built single-deck buses >16t32-67.0%120-33.0%42723.8% UK bus and coach registrations: 2013 and % change on 2012 *Converted: Bus >8.5t10.0%10.0%4-55.6% Purpose-built double-deck coaches >16t525.0%2210.0%3326.9% Purpose-built single-deck buses >12t to 16t19-80.8%212-29.1%755-9.5% April% changeYear-to-date% changeRolling year% change *Converted: Bus <3.5t69-21.6%2390.0%87063.2% Purpose-built coach total11762.5%3684.8%717-8.1% Bus and coach registrations fell 18.4% to 622 units in April.Registrations declined 17.6% in the first four months of 2013 to 2,559 units.Purpose-built bus and coach registrations dropped 28.9% to 302 units in the month.Converted bus registrations also fell in April, 5% to 320 units.Full-size coaches had a relatively good month, registering 106 units, benefiting from an early Easter.“The bus and coach sector continues to decline with April registrations dropping 18.4% to 622 units. This is not an unexpected slide and based on year-to-date registrations we anticipate the remainder of 2013 to be challenging,” said Wendy Williamson, SMMT Bus and Coach Manager. “The sector saw a boost last year but it is widely expected to stabilise in 2013.” read more

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