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Where is the “grant” money?

first_imgDear Editor,Can the Gov’t please tell us where the Grant/ free money that Guyana got for the purpose of building 10,000 septic tanks for the poor people of Guyana is?Also, where is the Grant/free money Guyana got to repair Stabroek Market Clock?At this time I would also like to inform, that any person from any Commonwealth Country can vote in Guyana’s Parliament, and Canada is a Commonwealth Country. Let anyone check the law to verify this.I would also like to point out that one local newspaper said that the PPP is willing to let Guyanese contact them through email to say what we expect from the PPP if they win the election but the paper did not provide the email address, can you please publish it so we can give our views?And one thing I want to suggest to the PPP is if they win; I would like for Gov’t to stop taking the 20 per cent withholding tax from our savings account.Sincerely,Mohamed Azadlast_img read more

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