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New Vermont unclaimed property raises fund amount to more than $52 million

first_imgThe Vermont State Treasurer’s Office has received more than $9 million in new unclaimed property since the fiscal year began July 1. The annual deadline for holders of unclaimed property to turn over funds to the State was May 1 and thousands of dollars continue to be received by the Unclaimed Property Division. http://www.vermonttreasurer.gov/unclaimed-property(link is external) ‘Typical holders of unclaimed property include financial institutions, employers, utility companies, insurance companies, retailers, corporations and governmental agencies throughout the United States,’ said State Treasurer Beth Pearce. ‘My office continually works to make Vermont’s firms aware of the law and assist businesses in turning financial property over in a timely way.’  There is now more than $52 million in Vermont’s unclaimed property fund. The word ‘property’ refers to financial assets, not real estate. Financial property becomes ‘unclaimed’ after a business or non-profit entity loses contact with a customer for a period of years. The property is sent to the State Treasurer’s Office to protect the funds and centralize efforts to locate the property owner. ‘During the first ten months of fiscal year 2011, my office has paid more than 9,835 claims, worth $3.5 million. Since we are constantly receiving new financial property, Vermonters should check every year for unclaimed property,’ explained Pearce. An online system makes it quick and easy to check for unclaimed property. Vermonters may go to MissingMoney.Vermont.gov and can search by last name or town. There are currently more than 275,000 individual listings in the Vermont unclaimed property database. There is no charge to search for property or claim funds. There is no time limit for filing a claim. Funds are held in trust for the benefit of state residents until rightful owners or heirs are found. The Treasurer’s Office also provides a link on the missing money web page to a free national searchable database of unclaimed property. Vermonters are cautioned to be wary of companies claiming to locate and recover property for a fee. People may contact Vermont’s Unclaimed Property Division by calling (802) 828-2407 or toll-free in Vermont at 1-800-642-3191.last_img read more

December 1 1999 Paul Bagley instructs Troy Curtis

first_imgDecember 1, 1999Paul Bagley instructs Troy Curtis in the proper installation of a new saw-bladeon the table saw at the Woodshop.They are preparing to fabricate parts for the wood veneer cabinets to be installedin the housing unit, East Crescent #3, which is nearing completion, with onlyinterior finish work left to go. Photo and text by Benjamin Ericson.last_img

June 26 2002 Bright and early the construction c

first_imgJune 26, 2002 Bright and early,theconstruction crew prepares to pour two precast panels. Pours aredone early in the day to avoid the mid-day heat which is a difficultyfor both the workers and the wet concrete. [Photo & Text: MS] >>From left>> Workshoppers Maya Glavin, Jason Curtis, Eleanor Mayer,>>and Jenny Lee in protective bodysuits pause for a moment from loading>>the concrete truck. Saftey is the highest priority on the Arcosanti>>construction site. [Photo & Text: MS] The formwork for thetwo precast panels. The concrete is poured onto a thin layer of silt inthe bottom of the form to achieve an earth-tone textured finish thatcomes with this unique process. Forms can take anywhere from a few daysto several weeks to assemble, depending on complexity. [Photo & Text:MS] The forms arestrategically assembled on top of the slab to minimize the distancethat each panel will have to be hoisted once it has cured. Here thebucket is being lowered and filled for the next load. [Photo & Text:MS] Pouring the concreteinto the form from the suspended bucket. [Photo & Text: MS] Planning intern AniaGorka and habitat manager Dave Tollas await directions from the slab.[Photo & Text: MS] The crew must workquickly in the low humidity of the Sonoran desert. Here the crew splitsand begins pouring the second panel while simultaneously finishing offthe first. [Photo & Text: MS] The finished panel.At Arcosanti all precast panels are poured with concrete rated at 3000psi. It will take two weeks until the concrete hardens to eightypercent strength and can be moved. [Photo & Text: MS]last_img read more

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