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County Giving Away Free Narcan Kits Part Of Overdose Prevention Initiative

first_imgShare:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window),Yep save the druggies and kill the babies.pathetic. Photo: Intropin / Wikipedia / CC BY 3.0MAYVILLE – Officials in Chautauqua County are giving away free Narcan Kits in an effort to help combat drug overdoses.Naloxone, also called Narcan, is an emergency medicine that can stop an opioid overdose.Last month, an increase in drug overdoses, and drug overdose deaths, was reported in part because of the COVID-19 pandemic.“Chautauqua County government and members of the Chautauqua Substance Abuse Response Partnership want to encourage those in the community who are actively using drugs and those who have a loved one using drugs to carry Naloxone,” said officials in a statement. Free training and Naloxone kits are available locally through:Evergreen Health, 320 Prather Ave., Jamestown – (716) 847-2441Chautauqua County Department of Health and Human Services – (716) 753-6724Officials say anyone using opioids, whether for recreational purposes or otherwise, can be at risk for overdose. Other risk factors include:Using or taking drugs alone;Mixing opioids with other drugs like alcohol, benzodiazepines (Xanax and Ativan) and prescription stimulants (cocaine and Adderall);Having lower tolerance due to recent detox/drug treatment, incarceration, or illness; andNot knowing what drugs one is consuming such as using heroin cut with fentanyl.“An overdose can happen when the amount of drugs ingested causes suppressed breathing in a way that oxygen cannot reach vital organs, and the body begins to shut down,” said officials. “It is important to note that an overdose can occur anywhere from 20 minutes to two full hours after drug use.”Signs of an overdose include:Face is clammy to touch and has lost color;Blue lips and fingertips;Non-responsive to his/her name or a firm rub to the sternum (Center of the chest) using the knuckles;Slow breathing, erratic breathing, or no breathing at all;Deep snoring or a gurgling sound, what would be described as a “death rattle;” andHeartbeat is slow or has stopped.If you suspect an overdose, call 911 immediately.last_img read more

Court takes up capital case fee issues

first_img March 1, 2002 Regular News Court takes up capital case fee issues Court takes up capital case fee issuescenter_img Judges can increase the compensation for private “registry” attorneys who handle collateral death penalty appeals, despite a state law setting maximum compensation, the Florida Supreme Court has ruled.In a 4-3 decision released February 14, the justices upheld a circuit judge’s declaratory judgement sought by Tallahassee attorney Mark Evan Olive. But the court rejected Olive’s contention that limitations in the state contract cause ethical conflicts for registry lawyers.The dissenters from the opinion said Olive lacked standing to seek a declaratory judgment.The majority opinion, written by Justice Fred Lewis, said Olive had standing because he had met with his client and remained on the registry list of available attorneys, even though he refused to sign the state-mandated contract. Another attorney was eventually appointed to represent that client.The opinion said Olive met the standards set out in Holley v. Adams, 238 So. 2d 401 (Fla. 1970).On the compensation schedule outlined in the state contract and set by law, Olive argued by signing the agreement he was waiving any further compensation to which he might be entitled. Lewis noted in several cases the court had overruled compensation schedules if they impinged on a party’s right to counsel.In White v. Board of County Commissioners of Pinellas County, 537 So. 2d 1376 (Fla. 1989), Lewis noted the court held that, “It must be remembered that an indigent defendant’s right to competent and effective representation, not the attorney’s right to reasonable compensation, give rise to the necessity of exceeding the statutory maximum fee cap. The relationship between an attorney’s compensation and the quality of his or her representation cannot be ignored.”Counsel for the state conceded that other decisions gave the courts authority to exceed statutory schedules, Lewis wrote, and the legislative staff analysis for the bill setting the schedule also acknowledged that fact.The analysis said, “[W]here unusual or extraordinary circumstances exist, the fees caps established by [F.S.] § 27.711(f). . . and increased by the provisions of this bill, do not prevent a court from ordering payment above the maximum authorized.”Consequently, Lewis concluded that trial courts are authorized to approve fees in excess of the schedule “where extraordinary or unusual circumstances exist in capital collateral cases.” He added that does not mean extra fees are justified in every case or will automatically be awarded when requested.The justices rejected Olive’s contention the statutorily-mandated contract caused ethical violations by preventing frivolous or repetitive motions, that prohibiting registry attorneys from filing civil actions in federal court was unconstitutional, and that contract provisions dealing with records could make client confidences part of the public record.Lewis said lawyers already have ethical obligations against frivolous or repetitive motions and noted that the court has upheld the statutory prohibition for the state’s Capital Collateral Regional Counsels from filing civil actions in federal courts. As for the records, he said the contract clearly specifies that only information already public under F.S. Chap. 119 is covered, not confidential work product or attorney-client matters.Justices Leander Shaw, Jr., Harry Lee Anstead, and Barbara Pariente concurred with Lewis. Justice Major Harding wrote a dissent, in which Chief Justice Charles Wells and Justice Peggy Quince concurred.Harding argued since Olive never signed the contract and didn’t provide any evidence that he performed any work beyond meeting with his potential client, he lacked the standing to seek a declaratory judgment. Had he signed the contract, done the representation, and then presented evidence the compensation was inadequate, standing would have been there, Harding said.The majority’s action, he said, constituted issuing an advisory opinion in a case where it had no authority to do so. “In sum, Olive had no contractual right then in doubt and no legal relationship that was affected by sections 27.710 and 27.711,” Harding wrote. “Although Olive argued below that he was entitled to bring a declaratory judgment action because the rights at issue would arise in the future, that is not so; that could not arise if he never signed a contract and never represented a capital defendant.”Sen. Locke Burt, R-Ormond Beach, who sponsored the bill that created the registry and who chairs the state commission that oversees that and other death appeal issues, said he was pleased the court upheld the fee statute, adding most of the cases so far have come in well below the caps.“I think that’s very positive. The registry attorneys have become a significant part of the collateral process,” Burt said. “I think that the discussion about fee caps simply reaffirmed the line of Florida cases going back to 1986, which said if there are unusual and extraordinary circumstances, then you can get more money. I think they specifically stated a death penalty case wasn’t in of itself particularly unique, extraordinary or unusual.”The ruling came in Olive v. Maas, case no. SC00-317.last_img read more

UDFA GT Beer Cup wins for Kwakwani Strikers and Botofago

first_imgBy Joe ChapmanKWAKWANI Strikers joined Silver Shattas in their group to lead on six points when they outhustled Net Rockers 3-2. Botofago won for their second straight to also be on six points in the other group. They closed out Amelia’s Ward Panthers 3-0, as the Upper Demerara Football Association’s (UDFA) GT Beer Christmas football championship continued in group play at the Mackenzie Sports Club ground on Wednesday night.In the first game Kwakwani Strikers kept their hopes alive after three games in their group of five and now have six points from three games, winning two and losing one.Handel Crossman got the Strikers off to a good start after receiving a corner from Dellon Duke for a 1-0 advantage in the 7th minute.However, the Rockers found the back of the net as DaShawn Young netted in the 30th minute and then took the lead in the 35th minute from a strike by Shane Luckie, as they were 2-1 ahead and were looking good at half-time whistle.Bu the Strikers were not to be denied and they came through to level the scores 2-2 after Norville Adrian was fouled just outside the 18-yard box.The shot taken by Shane Adams was through the wall from the right to the ever-pressing Dale Sauers, who was able to complete the scoring act just around the six yards box in the 58th minute.The two teams battled for the tie-breaker which came in the 90th minute of the game through a corner taken by Dellon Clinkett. Defender Eon ‘Bully’ Pluck was there to plant a header to score the winning goal and hand his team a 3-2 victory.The second game was all Botofago who smashed their way past Amelia’s Ward Panthers 3-0. They remain unbeaten like Winners Connection on six points, to head that group, as Jashawn Moore opened their scoring in the 19th minute from a through pass 1-0. The first half ended with the Botofago looking composed and leading 1-0.The second goal was achieved after the defenders were unable to clear in the mouth of the goal, where Kellon Primo sneaked through and scored in the 49th minute of the second period.Shawn Haynes then to register another for Botofgao – with Panthers defence in disarray – in the 83rd minute for a 3-0 lead which never changed.This evening Eagles United will look to get their first win after drawing their game against Net Rockers. They face Milerock who must win to have any chance of coming out of their group.This game at 18:00hrs will be followed by the clash between unbeaten Winners Connection and winless Amelia’s Ward Panthers.last_img read more

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