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Winning ways

Comments are closed. Winning waysOn 1 Mar 2001 in Personnel Today Newcomers to interim management canfind it hard to adjust to the business of winning assignments, but learning howto work well with a good agency will prove invaluable from the very beginning,By Rob McLuhanInterim work can be highlyrewarding but it does involve more or less perpetual job-seeking. While thoseseeking permanent employment will thankfully put the rigmarole of CVs andinterviews behind them when they join a new company, the interim manager musttreat the business of winning assignments as a skill in itself.Much of theaggravation is taken out of this by a good agency, which will identify suitableprojects and make the first contacts. So an ability to maintain a goodrelationship with the agency is itself essential. Interim managers must notonly impress potential clients; they need to ensure that someone is activelykeeping an eye open for future opportunities.For managers who haveestablished a career in interim work all this soon becomes second nature butfor beginners the routine can seem unfamiliar. That is especially the case fortop executives who may be embarking on a new career as an interim after havingretired from a long-term post.”Quite often itis the more senior managers who need the most guidance,” comments SheilaChalker, partner at Interim Management Services. “They have had staff todo their office work so when it comes to organising their own CV andadministration it can seem quite foreign.”Writea good CVMany of the rules foran interim manager’s CV are the same as for a permanent position, and allagencies emphasise the need for clarity, conciseness and relevance. Treat it asa marketing tool for your professional expertise and achievements, they say,and be prepared to tailor it to specific assignments.Experts have alwaysbeen divided about how long a CV should be, with some urging brevity as a meansof creating impact while others prefer to err on the side of too much detail.David Bradford, managing director of Impact Executives, says, “You don’thave to restrict it to two pages, although more than four is probably too much.But stick to the key facts, rather than going on about how wonderful you are,or including irrelevant information such as hobbies or the ages of yourchildren.”The agency can be auseful source of advice but may not want to tamper too much. “If there areobvious problems we would discuss it with the manager and ask them tore-submit. But your CV normally says something about yourself so we would avoidaltering as far as possible,” Bradford says.When it comes tocontent and presentation there are a few key points to bear in mind: Includeinformation about all the key managerial roles you have held. These should bespecific about job titles, the size of organisation and budgetaryresponsibilities. Posts held as long ago as 10 years are still worth mentioningif they show evidence of relevant skills and experience.Use an electronicformat. Searches are increasingly done automatically, which means the CV willneed to be presented as a readily accessible file document. Be aware too thatpotential clients will be using key words to perform searches – phrases such as”demerger” and “organisational development” will alertclients to the qualities that meet their needs.Don’t include yoursalary requirements. The rate will most likely be subject to negotiation, withthe agency including its cut. Interim work is normally charged by the day anddoes not usually correlate to annual salaries, especially when travel andaccommodation expenses and the lack of benefits are taken into account.Leave out your nameand address. Most agencies will not want to include this when they contact theclient and their deleting it could make the front of the CV look odd.Include languageskills. Malcolm Browne, head of Penna Interim, recalls having difficultyfinding French speakers for temporary HR posts in Paris. He eventually foundtwo individuals who spoke excellent French but had forgotten to mention this ontheir CV.Winningthe assignmentThe objective is notto be a candidate but to be a winner – at the very least you want to ensure youare shortlisted for an interview. You can improve your chances by drawing theclient’s attention to key achievements and highlighting the benefits you havebought to an organisation.Nor is it necessary tohave experience of the company’s specific activity. “A client looks fortwo things,” says Penna Interim’s Browne. “Professional expertise isan absolute, so for a financial post they will be looking for someone withexperience as a finance director. However when it comes to experience in theirsector they may be more flexible.”Surprisingly, HRprofessionals are not always good at marketing their skills, even though theyspend much of their time handling other people’s CVs, according to Paul Clarke,consultancy services director at Academy (HR) Services Group. “They needto show they have a firm understanding of HR practices as well as how theirpolicies impact on the performance of the business,” he says.Many clients askcandidates to give a presentation, so check with the agency on the requiredformat. There is nothing worse than the candidate turning up with floppy diskfor a laptop when there is only an overhead projector, but it doeshappen,” Penna Interim’s Browne says. “And don’t leave it until thelast minute. We have had calls from candidates on the evening before sayingtheir printer doesn’t work and asking what they should do.”A willingness tonegotiate is a major asset when it comes to salary, hours and travel. That isnot always easy, particularly on the matter of location. Many assignments areoffered a long way from home, which means taking temporary accommodation orbeing resigned to a long daily journey. But the fewer obstacles the candidateraises the more likely they are to win the assignment.Even though theassignment may involve considerable expense in terms of accommodation andtravel it is wise not to insist that the client foots the bill. This can makethem think twice and is in any case often unnecessary, as the extra amountneeded can often be quietly factored in when you are negotiating the fee.When it comes to theweekly schedule there is increasing room for manoeuvre. “Companies arebecoming very flexible, and interims need to be as well,” commentsCaroline Battson, interim team leader for Macmillan Davies Hodes. “For newmothers going back to work, clients often allow a schedule of four days a weekor a 10am-4pm working day. But then interims need to be willing to reciprocate,perhaps working at weekends occasionally to fit in with the client’s businessneeds.”Workingwith your chosen agencyGetting on well withthe agency is the best way to ensure a regular flow of congenial, well-paidassignments, so it is important to be sensitive to its needs.”Building up arelationship based on honesty and trust is beneficial for everybody,” saysBattson. “The agency knows the person can carry out a particular rolebecause they have done it before, while the interim can go to jobs knowing theyare relevant to their previous experience.”The consultant youdeal with at the agency will write up an initial report based on an interviewand references. This forms the basis of what it passes on to clients. So it isimportant to treat them exactly as you would an employer, taking care how youpresent yourself. “Make it clear that you are looking for a proper careerand not just treating interim work as a stop gap. That means they can expect toget repeat business,” says Impact Executives’ Bradford.Good communications isa must – agencies like to keep in close touch with the managers on their booksand be able to contact them easily. That is especially important between jobs,as they may need to establish your availability for an assignment very quickly.A home phone number is not enough – have e-mail and a mobile phone as well andcheck them regularly for messages.Be sure to let theagency know when you expect to complete an assignment so it can start lookingfor the next. “It’s nice to be rung mid-term to let us know how things aregoing,” says Penna Interim’s Browne. He adds that he likesto network with candidates, so be prepared to suggest the names of people whomight be able to fill other posts – you can expect them to return the favour.Undertakingand completing the assignmentAssuming the agencyhas successfully matched your qualifications to the job, there should be nolearning curve to negotiate. In fact, senior professionals are overqualifiedfor many of the assignments they take on, and enjoy dazzling the company bycompleting it ahead of schedule and above expectations.A key to success is tomaintain excellent communications. In the initial phase the assignment briefshould be reviewed and clarifications and modifications sought if necessary. Insome cases the assignment may have arisen through some instability in thecompany, in which case tact may be necessary to ensure everything proceedssmoothly.Regular contacts withcolleagues on the client side can be helpful, especially if they are not on thesite where the assignment is being carried out. That is often the case atsenior level, where the managing director and group managing director may be indifferent locations.Keep the agencyinformed about progress. “You will get hiccups from time to time, and itis important to bring a consultant into the picture so we can help whennecessary,” says Impact Executives” Bradford. “The brief mayturn out not quite as expected and we can help in that.”And don’t get involvedin company politics. “That’s the great benefit of being on a temporaryassignment, as the regular staff should not see the interim as a threat totheir positions,” says Bradford. “You can just get on with the joband let the local politicians sort themselves out.” Previous Article Next Article Related posts:No related photos. read more

Mountain heartbreak: Italy has deep snow, closed ski resorts

first_imgCORTINA, Italy (AP) — Nature is playing a cruel joke on Italy’s ski areas with one of the most prolific snowfalls in years even as the COVID-19 pandemic silences the country’s winter resorts. The northern Italian town of Cortina d’Ampezzo will flash across TV sports channels for two weeks this month as the past and future Olympic host city holds the 2021 World Ski Championships. The spasm of activity will provide good optics ahead of the 2026 Milan-Cortina Winter Olympics. But with no spectators allowed and the Italian government delaying the opening of lifts to leisure skiers, local businesses and workers who live off the winter sports economy don’t expect much relief.last_img

Healthcare staff win top Spain prize for ‘spirit of sacrifice’

first_imgAt the height of the pandemic, with hospitals on the brink of collapse, healthcare professionals had protested over the lack of beds and ventilators for patients as well as personal protection equipment for frontline staff.  Spain’s healthcare workers won the prestigious Princess of Asturias prize Wednesday, with the jury hailing their “heroic spirit of sacrifice” in risking their own lives in the frontline fight against COVID-19.Considered the equivalent to a Nobel Prize within the Spanish-speaking world, the Princess of Asturias Award recognizes individuals or institutions in a number of different categories from literature to the arts, science and sport. In allocating the award, the jury congratulated “thousands of people.. in public and private healthcare centers who have been in direct contact with patients” suffering from the deadly virus that has claimed more than 27,000 lives.  Health ministry figures indicate more than 50,000 healthcare staff have been infected by the virus in Spain, representing 22 percent of the 240,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19. And medical associations say more than 50 have died as a result of the virus. “With their heroic spirit of sacrifice and facing serious risks at personal costs, including that of their own lives, they have become a symbol” of the fight against the virus, the jury said. And that had won them “ongoing expressions of thanks and solidarity” from the nation, it said in a nod to the applause that has rung out every night at 8:00 pm from homes across the country since the crisis began in mid-March. center_img Topics :last_img read more

First tropical weather bulletin of the 2011 hurricane season is issued

first_img 32 Views   no discussions Share Tweet It’s an unusually early forecast of the potential formation of a tropical weather system about 460 miles northeast of Puerto Rico.According to a “special tropical weather outlook” issued Wednesday afternoon, the low pressure system has developed shower and thunderstorm activity near its center and satellite data and ship reports indicate gale-force winds north of the center.Slow development of the system is possible during the next few days as it moves west northwest at about 10 mph.Forecasters say there is a low chance, about 20 percent, of the system developing into a subtropical or tropical cyclone before conditions become less favorable in about 48 hours.It is unusual to have a subtropical or tropical cyclone form this early in the year. The Atlantic hurricane season begins on June 1.Source: Nola.com Sharecenter_img Sharing is caring! Share LifestyleNewsRegionalTravel First tropical weather bulletin of the 2011 hurricane season is issued by: – April 20, 2011last_img read more

Jamaica Named Destination of the Year

first_imgOur country has been continuously creating innovative initiatives aimed at improving the destination, as well as bolstering our marketing efforts in new and emerging markets. I am very happy that we have been recognized for our hard work, during this event, among other leading destinations.”The Pacific Area Travel Writers Association (PATWA), a professional organisation of travel writers, which was founded in 1998, organizes the event. The awards recognize individuals and organisations that have excelled and/or are involved in the promotion of tourism from different sectors of the travel trade and service providers related directly or indirectly to the industry.The Minister also noted that locally, the industry continues to break records for arrivals and revenue earned, making it a critical industry in the country’s growth agenda.“Destination Jamaica has been performing exceptionally well. I am very proud to say that each year we continue to see an increase in the number of visitors to our shores – most of which have been to our island at least once before. This I am sure can be credited to our beautiful attractions and of course friendly people, who have also been able to earn from the industry,” he said.The total visitor arrivals for 2016 stood at 3,837,243 with 2,181,684 being stopovers. In 2017, total arrivals broke the 4 million mark to end the year at 4,276,189. The record-breaking streak continued into 2018 when the country welcomed 4,318,600 visitors.The statistics show that last year stopover arrivals exceeded the previous year by 5.1 percent but when compared to 2016, growth was a whopping 13.3 percent. The USA market in particular, grew by 7.5 percent in 2018 over 2017.Preliminary figures for airport arrivals for the period of January 1 to February 17 2019 show Montego Bay recording 275,902 and Kingston 44,400 for a total of 320,602. That is 31,172 or 10.2 percent increase in arrivals over the 2018 corresponding period.The country also welcomed 469,000 cruise passengers, last month, which is 43,000 more tourists compared to the corresponding time last yearProjected figures for the 2018/19 fiscal year show gross earnings at US$3.334 billion, an 8.8 percent increase over the last fiscal year. Stopover arrivals are also projected at 2.713 million, which is a 6.2 percent increase.The ceremony forms part of ITB Berlin, which is the largest tourism tradeshow in the world – the foremost business platform for global touristic offers and a prime marketplace and driving force behind the international tourism industry. It highlights hotels, tourist boards, tour operators, airlines among others related to the travel industry. ITB is also the ideal forum for establishing new customer contacts and conducting business. On March 7, Jamaica was presented with the Pacific Area Travel Writers Association’s (PATWA) International Travel Award for Destination of the Year, in Berlin, Germany.Speaking at the ceremony, Tourism Minister Hon. Edmund Bartlett said, “Jamaica is truly honoured to once again receive a prestigious award from the internationally recognized PATWA organization.last_img read more

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