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Google Experimenting With Social Calendar Previews

first_imgmarshall kirkpatrick 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market Tags:#news#NYT#web Related Posts A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai…center_img Google Calendar has a new experimental feature in the works that allows you to check the availability status of people you’re inviting to an event. In our early testing the experimental feature looks utterly broken, but once working it should be great.If you’d like to see how it works, open any event on GCal and click the “sneak preview” link at the top of the event listing. This ability to view someone’s busy/available status only works if they have a publicly viewable Google Calendar account, but many people do. Even as a work in progress, this is a reminder of how much room for innovation there is in online calendaring.The feature remains a far cry from the kinds of functionality offered by services like TimeBridge or Tungle, but it’s a good and simple idea.With the sneak preview turned on, the busy or available status of invitees to an event appears side by side with your own calendar, viewable as you drag a translucent box over possible times to suggest.Right now it doesn’t seem to work at all. Schedules aren’t viewable until after someone’s been invited to an event, the creator of the event is misattributed and a number of other problems have already come up.It should just be a matter of time, though. If you’re interested in hearing about the bleeding edge of calender innovation, check out Jon Udell’s excellent interview this summer with Mike Douglass and Steven Lees, two men working on an XML standard for iCal. There is a whole lot of room for new developments in the world of online calendars, especially through cross-network standards that enable users of different systems to communicate.We’d heard rumors about this new GCal feature for a few days but didn’t confirm its existence until tech blogger Orli Yakuel Twittered about how to access it this morning. Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic…last_img read more

Premiere Pro CS Next: Synchronizing Footage Options for Multi-Cam Projects

first_imgA powerful new feature in the next version of Premiere Pro will aid in synchronizing footage for multi-cam productions. Sync up footage based on AUDIO. In this post we’ll show you how!The next version of Premiere Pro (dubbed “CS Next”) offers up a new way for working with multi camera footage. This ability to auto sync footage based on clip audio will speed up your post production workflow! The first step in working with the new audio sync feature in Premiere Pro is to create a new bin and import all the footage you wish to sync into that bin.Footage to Sync in a New BinNext, right-click on the bin and look for the option ‘Create Multi-Camera Source Sequence…’ option.Right-Click on Bin – Menu OptionsThis will give you the following options box:Create Multi-Camera Source Sequence Options BoxNote all the options to sync your footage multi-cam footage in Premiere Pro (including, In and Out Points and Timecode). The most exciting thing though is you now also have the option to sync the audio of your clips. As an example, if you have lots of different clips say camera phones from a gig and each one is from a different part of the gig you can add them to the bin and still get them to sync perfectly as long as they have audio! Think of the creative possibilities of this function! You can get crowd footage as well as professional footage and create multi-camera perfectly synced sequences.In my Premiere Pro bin I have footage from 2 sources, however, one of them was recorded on a hard drive recording device that uses a FAT32 based file format. Because of the structure of FAT 32, it breaks up the footage into 4 gig clips. So in effect I now have 6 shots or 6 cameras that need to be synchronized!In the dialogue box you will also see that I have the ‘Move source clips to Processed Clips bin’ checked. What this will do is move all clips that have been processed to a new bin created inside your present bin. This shows you instantly is if any clips have not been synchronized for any reason, which you would then either need to sync with another method or sync manually.When you click ‘OK’ you will get the following dialogue box showing the processing progress.Processing – Won’t Take Too LongThis project with 6 cameras and a 20 min talk only took a couple of minutes to process. Once processing has taken place your project panel will look like this:Project Panel After Audio SyncIf you need to ‘tidy up’ your multi-cam sequence you will have to open it with a right-click option (as double clicking it will only open it up in the source monitor).Right-Click Options on Multi-Cam SequenceMulti-Cam Sequence Opened Up in TimelineNotice that the clips for the hard drive recorder are perfectly lined up showing a perfect sync. Also, each 4 gigabyte section has been treated as a separate camera. For my purposes I will need to move all the 4G clips onto one video track as they are all part of the same talk.Clips Moved to a Single Video TrackNow I am ready to move ahead with my multi-cam edit.First, right click on the Multi-Camera sequence in your project panel and choose ‘New Sequence From Clip’.This will create the sequence that you will actually do your multi-cam edit with. Now you need to look for the little spanner icon at the bottom of the ‘Program Monitor’, click on that and choose ‘Multi-Camera’ which is about a third of the way down the list.Spanner Menu in Program MonitorThis opens the Multi-Camera window inside of the Program monitor (a change to the workflow for CS6).Multi-Camera Window in Program MonitorYou may notice that the clips are not well matched because of a white balance issue – this was addressed with RE:Visions’ RE:Match plug-in in a previous blog post.When multicam editing in Premiere Pro, you can switch between cameras by either clicking on the camera you want to use in the left hand side of the program monitor or use the keyboard shortcuts (which are 1 – 9 in the normal part of your keyboard, not the num pad). Once you hit the play button or push the space bar or ‘L’ to play your timeline any change you make to the active camera will be recorded and you will be making your multi-camera edit.Multi-Cam Edits in the TimelineThis new multicam feature in Premiere Pro will quickly synchronize a footage bin and (especially to synchronize by audio) and is a timesaving addition to Premiere Pro. Now that you know how to use this feature and the small changes to the multi camera workflow, you should be up and running as soon as the new version is available to the public!last_img read more

Grounded Kea Trader Splits in Half

first_imgImage Courtesy: Lomar ShippingThe grounded containership Kea Trader developed a crack and split on the Durand Reef over the weekend, according to New Caledonia’s government.“Four months of continual pounding in sometime storm-force seas and the stress of sitting hard aground a flat rock reef resulted in the m/v Kea Trader fracturing vertically over the weekend,” Kea Trader’s owner Lomar Shipping said.Noticeable vertical buckling in the mid-section of the hull side expanded during violent six-metre waves, causing the vessel to rupture completely into two halves on November 12.The company informed that each section remains in situ, although the break up and heavy seas resulted in two container units falling into the water. They are being monitored, as is the vessel itself, by two tugs that remain on site, along with specialist anti-pollution contractors.Although the heavy fuel oil was earlier pumped out of the 2017-built boxship, which ran aground on the Durand Reef on July 12, authorities reported traces of pollution from residual quantities of hydrocarbons at the site.Ahead of the latest bout of poor weather, all but a skeletal team of nine Ardent workers had been removed from the vessel last Thursday – the fourth such time that crew and salvage personnel were taken off as a precautionary measure. The remaining nine Ardent salvage workers were all airlifted safely off by helicopter.Work to remove vessel’s remaining containers had been on-going in recent weeks, although 108 were still on board of the original 756 units. This effort had been hampered by poor weather on site.“We remain committed to removing the vessel whilst also ensuring that the marine environment is protected and will be working with our partners to ensure this is realised,” Lomar Shipping spokesperson said.The owner earlier said that the constant, heavy movement of the sea, even in good weather, affected Kea Trader causing further damage, weakening the ship’s hull, and frustrating the re-floating operations on site.A rare ideal weather window and high tide allowed recovery teams to attempt an accelerated re-floating operation in early October. This failed to dislodge the vessel and merely pivoted it by 60 degrees, with the rudder remaining firm in the same position.World Maritime News Stafflast_img read more

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