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American Horror Story Roanoke Gives Us Its Most Fed up Episode Yet

first_imgStay on target Absolutely no one is safe anymore on ‘American Horror Story: Roanoke.’ Not even the crew. The episode creeps us out right off the bat with a still shot of a deer eating grass with a figure who looks like The Butcher standing in the background. The lights flicker and she is gone. Inside the production trailer, Sidney is watching the footage from the end of last week’s episode when he hears a scream outside.Sidney and the cameraman run outside and find his assistant lying on the ground, blood spurting from her neck. He and his cameraman are then killed by a woman with a cleaver. American Horror Story? You give us Cheyenne Jackson for one episode and take him away just like that? Not cool. The attacker picks up the camera, and we see her face. It appears Agnes has once again fallen too deep into her role and thinks she’s the butcher.In the house, the group investigates the scene of Rory’s death, but write it off as a special effect. Audrey thinks he’s gone off to do a movie with Brad Pitt and Sidney made it appear as though he’d been murdered for the show. Audrey is broken up about Rory’s apparent betrayal, and Dominic tries to sleep with Shelby again. After she rejects him, he goes into the confessional and reveals he intends to play the reality show villain.Audrey (Sarah Paulson) shrugs off a pool of blood on the floor with surprising ease. (Photo: Screenshot via FX)We see Agnes has taken the camera she picked up into a cave and begins speaking to it. She’s having another nervous breakdown and goes in and out of her Butcher character. It soon becomes clear she’s not the only one in the cave, though. Her lights flicker off, and when they come back on, she’s surrounded by those Blair Witch-looking stick figures we saw all the way back in the first episode.Later, when Shelby has gone to her bedroom to be alone, Agnes attacks her with the cleaver. Just as she’s about to kill Shelby, Dominic tackles her. He saves Shelby’s life, but Agnes gets away. The others tend to Shelby’s wounds, but she needs a hospital. Audrey, Monet, and Lee leave the house via the underground tunnels to look for Sidney’s trailer. While underground, they find the ghost of Edward Mott. Lee shoots the ghost twice, but it being incorporeal and all, the bullets do nothing. On the bright side, Audrey and Monet are now convinced that it’s all real.They reach the trailer and find Sidney and his cameraman dead and disemboweled on the ground. Agnes runs at the women with her cleaver, but Lee shoots her. This one stays down. For now. We later see Agnes in her cave, ripping the bullet out of her shoulder with a pair of pliers. Once the bullet is out, she appears to go full Thomasyn White.Rory (Evan Peters) didn’t make it back to L.A. (Photo: Screenshot via FX)If that wasn’t bad enough, it’s now nighttime and the torch-carrying cultists are roaming the woods. Audrey, Lee, and Monet hide behind a tree, but they’re not safe yet. Monet notices a drop of blood on Audrey’s face. They look up to find a disemboweled Rory strung up between two trees. Before they can get away, the Polk’s appear and capture them. The next time we see Lee, she’s tied to a chair in the Polk’s barn. The mother comes in and seasons her leg before jamming a fork into it. The family then walks into the next room where Audrey and Monet are tied up. They present a bowl of meat and force the two women to eat.Back in the house, Matt wakes up in the middle of the night and walks downstairs. Dominic follows him into the basement where he meets the forest spirit portrayed by Lady Gaga in the first half of the season. “I’ve been waiting for you,” he says. Dominic wakes up Shelby and tells her she has to see what’s happening in the basement. She finds Matt and the spirit having sex again and hits the spirit with a crowbar, chasing her away. Then, Matt reveals he’s fallen in love with the spirit. The reason he came back, he says was for her. Shelby flies into a rage and bashes Matt’s head in with the crowbar.Dominic tries to calm Shelby down and get the crowbar away from her when they hear a noise outside. They go to the window to investigate and find Agnes standing outside. To Agnes’s surprise, though, she’s joined by a group of torch-wielding colonists. She thinks they’re following her until the real Butcher steps forward. Agnes falls to her knees, pleading with The Butcher, saying she just wanted to be on TV. The Butcher doesn’t care and puts her cleaver through Agnes’s skull.Agnes meets the real Butcher (Photo: Screenshot via FX)This episode employed the classic horror trope of turning the victims themselves into monsters. Finally driven insane by where her life has gone, Shelby is now a murderer. One shocking thing about last night was how many characters died over the course of 40 minutes. It’s like the writers realized they only had four episodes to kill off all but one character and figured they’d better get a head start.And man, that cannibalism scene. Seeing the Polk’s real faces and the way they were forcing Audrey and Monet to eat Lee’s leg meat made it even more disturbing than the last time we saw them. In what was already an especially scary season, this might have been its most disturbing episode. We’ll have to wait and see how they plan to top this. Top Movie and TV Trailers You Might Have Missed This WeekAmerican Horror Story Takes Us Back to the Days of Witches and Warlocks last_img read more

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