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Incomplete road works in Agriculture Road

first_imgDear Editor,After writing several letters about the deplorable state of Agriculture Road, Triumph, East Coast Demerara, I am compelled to write this letter again.About three weeks ago, I saw the same project engineer sent by the Public Infrastructure Ministry to patch the bad holes I highlighted in one of my previous letters. I believe this engineer was sent back to complete his ‘’bogus work’’ he left unfinished since he started this work. I was happy that he came back to patch the holes in this road; I note with interest he started the work from in-front of National Agricultural Research and Extension Institute (NAREI) going to the front from back. The holes in-front NAREI he patched properly. Then I noticed he just dug out the bad parts and threw in some crush and run and rolled it over and did not put bitumen for over 200 meters that now has two more holes already. What infuriates me was he worked a few days and left the work to go and fix two roads in Block Eight – a road they called ‘’Jail Man Bridge’’. He fixed those two roads but left about 600 meters with deep holes and left to return to Agriculture Road to patch more holes he left unfinished in the rains.It’s mind-boggling that this engineer will work in the rains and not on the hot days. The middle of the road that had a big hole that broke the road into pieces; he tried to fix it properly but if you look at the bottom, when it was dug out and what they threw in and rolled it over, you will know it cannot last a year. He failed to level the twisted parts of the road and sleeve the corners of the road.As I go out on the road, he has cut off about 600 meters of the road approximately four feet in width that has now become an accident zone when vehicles are coming from the opposite directions. He threw some red sand into the hole and left. It’s now a deep hole that can land a vehicle into the Mon Repos trench if you don’t know the road when driving.He left lots of holes on the edges of the road as he did not cut off and fill it up with crusher run and bitumen. The 600 meters of bad work he left incomplete in-front and over 400 meters at the back is a next bad testimony of the bogus work this contractor is doing, and he is paid by the Public Infrastructure Ministry to execute these deplorable road works all over Guyana. In my firm opinion, this man needs to be taken to court to refund the Ministry its money for the deplorable road works he has failed to complete.I am calling on the Public Infrastructure Minister to send a team into Agriculture Road to examine the bogus road work that is executed by the contractor.Regards,Reverend GideonCecillast_img read more

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