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6 more Venezuelan women deported

first_imgThe economic crisis in Venezuela is at an all-time high, with the country not being unable to issue passports because of the lack of paper.This was the complaint of six Venezuelan women, who were taken before the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts charged for entering Guyana illegally.The women – Gilario Beltron, Inchar Milogros, Donijie Martinez, Amser Orocopey, Adriana Alfonso and Yarilys Foucoult – made appearances before Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan and decried the situation in their homeland which has rendered them helpless.Last month, they entered Guyana through Eteringbang, Cuyuni River but did not present themselves to an immigration officer as they were all without passports.When questioned as to the cause of such, with the help of a translator, the women all complained that the situation in Venezuela is so terrible that passports are difficult to obtain as a result of materials to make such being unavailable.According to Orocopey, “my family are literally dying out” as she pleaded for a chance to stay in Guyana. The Chief Magistrate deported them and fined each woman $30,000 or a default of four weeks imprisonment.On Friday, Minister of State Joseph Harmon announced that the Guyana Government has put systems in place to facilitate Venezuelans wanting to seek refuge here.“We have made arrangements at our side of the border to receive… Venezuelans who might be fleeing from violence in those communities. We have an international obligation to provide certain limited facilities for them and we are prepared to do that,” the Government spokespersons asserted.While Government is discharging its international humanitarian responsibilities, there continues to be a high number of attacks wherein local mining camps and miners are robbed reportedly by nationals crossing over from both Venezuela and Brazil.Over the past two years, Venezuela has been experiencing economic turmoil following the decline of oil prices on the world market. The country is in its fourth consecutive year of recession.Reports coming out of the Spanish-speaking country reveal there is a massive food shortage and limited access to basic healthcare and basic amenities such as electricity in certain parts. Additionally, there continues to be rampant outbursts of looting and violence across some of the most affected cities in the neighbouring country.last_img read more

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