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Going Once! Laughing Twice!! Sets Off-Broadway Dates

first_img View Comments The cast of Going Once! Laughing Twice!! will include Marlain Angelides, Elaine Baez, Breena Beck, Ben Cole, Daniel Damiano, Wes Drummond, Deborah Frost, Brian Jaffe, Winston Shaw and Scott Martin Watson. Written by Brian Jaffe and directed by Eric Parness, Going Once! Laughing Twice!! goes behind the scenes of Chump’s Auction House, a corrupt world of crooks and scoundrels. Bidding paddles and Chump Money in hand, audiences will join in on the auction. Whether you leave with something valuable or end up getting swindled is up to you. Going Once! Laughing Twice!! Related Shows Going Once! Laughing Twice!! is bringing the wacky antics of a corrupt auction house to St. Luke’s Theatre. The new comedy will begin off-Broadway performances September 25, with opening night set for October 15. Sold! Show Closed This production ended its run on Dec. 31, 2014last_img read more

Marketing to the millennial mindset: The risk of missing out on the next generation of consumers too great to ignore

first_imgThe Millennial Generation has proven difficult to define beyond the generally accepted birth year span from about 1980 to the year 2000. Mark Traphagen, guest on my BANK ON IT Podcast show and the Senior Director of Marketing at Stone Temple Consulting, believes that “Millennial” is actually a mindset that crosses generational gaps and also serves as a descriptor for those who are currently in their 20s-and-30s. Furthermore, as their (Millennials) purchasing power comes of age, it is important for credit unions to develop an effective marketing strategy with the sound fundamental principles – that can remain constant – and appeal to the interchangeable generations your individual campaigns target, so as to achieve similar if not nearly identical results across different generations using the same marketing strategy.The Millennial mindset is one that has high expectations – both of the marketing messages they are exposed to, and the quality of the products that those messages promote. This is the result of targeting Millennials in their adolescence with our aggressive marketing campaigns. Their exposure to such high levels of advertising has conditioned them to jump rather quickly from engaging with Ads to completely dismissing brands and products they and their peers perceive as unentertaining or uninformative. It is perhaps, because of this detachment, that Millennials have been dubbed as “entitled”, “impatient”, and “allergic to marketing”. However, Millennials and like-minded consumers will sometimes listen to and acknowledge marketing messages when, and only when, they deem said messages to be authentic. Authenticity has become the most important factor when marketing to this newly empowered generation.The digital age is one where viral, or highly viewed, content can outright display your brand’s authenticity (or lack thereof) – and it is for this reason that credit unions must take great care to appeal to the Millennials’ awareness of this authenticity. Technology has made information so readily available now – not just to members of the Millennial generation, but to ALL consumers – that the universal habit is to look down at your phone when asked for information beyond your depth of knowledge. While it may ironically seem outdated to type a question into your phone as opposed to asking Siri, if a company does not list the information a consumer needs to immediately make their decision on whether or not they want to make a purchase, then they are at risk of being completely overlooked by Milliennials and like-minded consumers – who will quickly move to another site, video, or image that contains the valuable information they seek in order to make their purchasing decision. With that being said, this renders traditional advertising and marketing strategies virtually ineffective.If credit unions can harness the power of social media, they will catalogue their information where this new breed of consumers is most likely to search. Most social media services are delivered via a mobile application and it is because of this trending obsession with smaller and smaller devices that Mark Traphagen suggests that banks first look at how their information is presented before they even begin to think of new technology to offer consumers. Marketing to the Millennial generation requires that financial institutions optimize their websites for viewing on mobile devices, catalogue their information on social media, and stay genuine in their interactions with consumers (far ahead of trying to self-promote their institution’s goods and services). A credit union will deliver their message to Millennials much better having their information readily available than by posting ads for their new mobile application. After all, most Millennials use some form of ad-blocking software on both laptops and mobile browsers.As the millennial demographic grows into full purchasing power over the next two decades, they will have inherited nearly $7 trillion and that doesn’t include the money they’ll earn over their lifetime. This should make it a top priority for credit unions to understand that they can no longer market to Millennials by criticizing them as “entitled”, “impatient” and “egotistical” – a marketing message that only emphasizes how much Millennials like to take selfies is satirically condescending.“You don’t need to speak to the Millennials’ language. The main message is that you need to learn to market like people to people,” says Mr. Traphagen. “I think there’s nothing more important I could say today than ‘humanize your brand.’ Don’t be condescending. Speak the way people want to be spoken to. Always think of all of your marketing messages, and all of your content: ‘I’m a human being, what’s useful to me? What means something to me? What reaches me?’ You’re probably heading in the right direction for the millennial mindset.”We didn’t stop with just one executive’s opinion on marketing to those with the Millennial mindset. We asked Tara Graff, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development at Royal Credit Union, to share with us some of their findings on successful marketing strategies for Millennials. Jennifer Block McHugh, Director of Public Affairs at Royal Credit Union and Shelby Wodarck, a marketing specialist from Royal Credit Union also joined her. They gave their account of a recent rebranding effort and website redesign with Millennial-mindset consumers as a focus.Their primary goal was to revamp their website with a big emphasis on navigation and intuitive design. They created a section dedicated to “young adults” and implemented a library of educational videos on Millennial-centric topics such as increasing credit score. When trying to stay ahead of the marketing curve, it is important for credit unions to examine the generation after current, and Royal Credit Union has done just that by making a slew of financial educational videos under a minute in order to keep them appealing to Millennials and even younger consumers that will experience online and mobile banking as a social norm – having existed since their birth.In order to determine the best look for the new site, the team took on a rebranding initiative that included heavy survey taking in the Twin Cities area. The surveys revealed many demographics they could improve upon, and so they formed an internal branding committee to utilize their findings. They also employed a creative agency to help with the aesthetic design of the site, and finally hired a separate web development agency to put it all together.During the process, they allowed fans of their Facebook page to vote for their favorite color scheme leading up to the site redesign. Although the general color scheme had already been chosen, the opportunity to take part in shaping the credit union’s brand caught viral fire on social media. Their Facebook likes surged to over 15,000 and they received over 650 comments on the voting post. The voting post alone had more likes than their entire demographic at over 17,000, mostly in the age range of 18-35. Royal Credit Union was able to engage Millennials before the site was even redone.Royal Credit Union realized they needed to rebrand themselves in order to appeal to the Millennial generation, and this came only after a series of discovery sessions revealed that the majority of their new business was with adults in the age range of 18-35. This forced them to not only consider a website update, but all-new content and so they built a brand new site – transferring none of their old content over. It was a complete renovation of their branding. They also considered their position in proximity to schools, which initiated their educational program for younger would-be customers to learn about healthy financial decision-making. They hope to groom their customers, from an early age, for their financial journeys in life.If your company has not already taken a more sensitive marketing approach towards Millennial and like-minded consumers, then you’re already behind. In fact, Google recently rolled out the second version of their mobile-friendly algorithm boost – which is clearly indicative of where the mobile and digital landscape is headed. However, the good news is that the catch-up game can be an easy one for you if you hold the advantageous knowledge about your target audience along with an authentic message that appeals to them. Ask your customers if they can find the information they’re looking for on your website. Ask them to do it on their phones. The risk of missing out on the next generation of consumers is just too great to ignore.For more on marketing to Millennials, listen to BANK ON IT: Episode 043 Millennials With @marktraphagen And @Royal_CU (1 of 2) and BANK ON IT: Episode 044 Millennials With @marktraphagen And @Royal_CU (2 of 2). 69SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,John Siracusa John Siracusa is the creator of #BankSocial, the first banking conference dedicated to content marketing and social media for credit unions.He is also the creator of the #CaseStudySummit, a … Web: banksocial2017.com Detailslast_img read more

Tenants should follow these top tips to protect themselves

first_imgRenters need to make sure they are protected.Last week I was greeted with the horrific news that one of the properties our office manages was on-fire and the fire brigade and police were in attendance.Ripping across town my immediate thoughts, as you would expect, were with the lives of the tenants and their pets.I was relived when I arrived to discover the tenants were not home, their pets were safe and no one was hurt.It was a steep learning curve. I have never dealt with a fire of this magnitude and the lessons over the last week have been many.The biggest reminder was obviously the importance of insurance, regular maintenance and smoke alarm monitoring.This property had been regularly serviced and it was the smoke alarms that alerted the neighbours to the drama. There was no outstanding maintenance and the owner had adequate insurance.More from newsNew apartments released at idyllic retirement community Samford Grove Presented by Parks and wildlife the new lust-haves post coronavirus21 hours agoBut here are the two lessons. Unfortunately the tenant didn’t have contents insurance and in these circumstances the owner has to cover the expenses in relation to the building and the tenant has to protect their contents. It is essential that owners and tenants have adequate insurance.It is also a good reminder about another thing that is the tenant’s responsibility during a lease – which could end p being very costly.Many tenants are surprised to know that unreported maintenance can became a cost borne by the tenant.For example, if you notice a leak and don’t report it and the leak causes more damage which could have been avoided, then the tenant could be liable for the costs.My top 3 tips for tenants to ensure maximum protection during a lease are:· Complete your entry report within 3 days of receiving it noting any discrepancies. Ensure you get an acknowledgment that you returned it in time· Get contents insurance· Report all maintenance itemslast_img read more

‘Batesville Bash’ organizers seek vendors

first_imgBatesville, In. — The Batesville Bash will be held on August 4 this year and organizers are looking for sales and service vendors.Set up begins at 9 a.m., sales begin at 11 a.m. and booths can be torn down between 6 and 8 p.m.For more information please call 812-934-3101.last_img

Pellegrini: We’re not favourites

first_img Win their remaining three matches and City could well be crowned champions on goal difference, just as in 2012, following their 2-0 victory at Crystal Palace. City trail leaders Liverpool by three points and second-placed Chelsea by one after Jose Mourinho’s Blues won 2-0 at Anfield, with City having played a game less and boasting a better goal difference than both of their title rivals. Press Association “We have to remain focused in ourselves, and in every single match. “We are not thinking about goal difference, we are just thinking about how to beat Everton next week. “The most important thing is just to concentrate our minds on the next game. “If we win our three games, maybe and Liverpool win their two, then maybe the goal-difference will be important. “But before that, we’ve got to concentrate on the games ahead of us. “We must win the three games, I’ve said all year that all the big teams must feel pressure to win the title. “Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester United: all the big teams feel the pressure to win the title. “Now we’ll continue with the same pressure, but it’s positive pressure.” Midfield master Toure laid on Edin Dzeko’s fourth-minute opener before stroking home the second before half-time. Pellegrini withdrew the 30-year-old just past the hour-mark in a bid to stagger his return from thigh trouble. The City manager said the influential Ivorian had only trained fully for two days before producing his match-winning turn. Pellegrini is now hopeful Toure will hit top condition in time for their vital trip to Everton. “We hope, but we don’t know,” said Pellegrini of Toure’s return to peak fitness. “You saw him, he was very important for both goals. “Yaya only worked with the team the last two days, that’s why he didn’t play more than 60 minutes. “But he’s a very important player for us. “He’s a top player, and in the 10 days he was injured he doesn’t lose too much on his football condition. “So he just played 60 minutes because he was very tired, but he’s a very important player for us. “The most important thing is that we don’t depend on just one player. “We have a squad and in every game I try to choose the best players that will fit for that moment. “Having Yaya fit will be very important.” David Silva missed City’s assured victory with ankle trouble, with Pellegrini admitting he remains a doubt for the Goodison Park trip. “We have to wait and see what happens in the week,” said the City boss. “Maybe yes, maybe not, we’ll see how he improves from his injury. “Silva is also a very important player, but if he cannot play another player must shoulder the responsibility.” Palace boss Tony Pulis admitted seeing Toure’s name on the team sheet was a “disappointment”. “For us to win this game every player had to be at their best, and you’re hoping to catch Manchester City not at their best,” said Pulis. “You have to realise playing against some teams is not a level playing field. “Toure being fit was a real disappointment for me because he’s a wonderful player. “To do that after being out for three weeks was wonderful. “The Liverpool result actually gave Man City a massive lift, and then we conceded a poor goal from our point of view early on. “That settled them down, just when you want them to be under pressure a little bit. “It all fell into place for them.” Manuel Pellegrini does not believe Manchester City are the new Barclays Premier League title favourites. City manager Pellegrini conceded his side have at least regained control of their destiny, but rejected suggestions their clear goal-difference edge on Chelsea and Liverpool has any bearing at this stage. “No advantage now, no, but it depends what we can do in the future, that’s very important,” said Pellegrini after fit-again Yaya Toure powered City to a controlled Selhurst Park victory. Pellegrini hailed his players for not allowing Chelsea’s victory at Anfield to prove a distraction against Palace. “We have always trusted that we can do it,” he said. “The players knew the score, but it was a very professional performance. It could have been difficult for us to manage the game but we did it very well. “For the moment we’ll continue in third position, so we have to play and win our three games. “But the good thing is that the destiny is in our own hands at the moment. “This league will be decided by a narrow margin, maybe one point, maybe even goal difference. last_img read more

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