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Graduates apply for council work

first_imgAgraduate recruitment scheme for local government employers has provedsuccessful, attracting 2,400 applications since it was launched in February. TheNational Graduate Programme for local government (NGDP), co-ordinated by theEmployers’ Organisation for Local Government (EOLG), was set up to recruitgraduates with the skills and potential to become the next generation ofmanagers.Only400 of the applicants will be chosen for interview, with the best invited toattend assessment centres in June and July, where the final decision will bemade.Nearly39 local government authorities have expressed an interest and have requested52 graduates from the scheme.InSeptember, the successful candidates will begin a two-year programme, wherethey will experience a wide range of authority functions through supervisedplacements.TheEOLG will also fund and co-ordinate a post-graduate management qualification,national and local training and a short external placement with an organisationlinked closely to the graduate’s host authority.CarlGilleard, chief executive of the Association of Graduate Recruiters, said:”The response from graduates has been fantastic. It explodes the myth thata career in local government is not valued by graduates.”Just6 per cent of local government workers are under 25 and the average cost ofrecruiting a graduate is £8,515.www.lg-employers.gov.uk Comments are closed. Previous Article Next Article Related posts:No related photos. Graduates apply for council workOn 11 Jun 2002 in Personnel Todaylast_img read more

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