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Speaking in Ado-Ekiti, You will fail the same way you failed in Anambra.1 Supreme Court will decide the Masterpiece Cakeshop case against the baker who is violating Colorado law by refusing on religious grounds to custom design a cake for a same-sex wedding. the constant physiotherapy with the infrared radiation I just acquired have ameliorated the pains and I now move around better with my crutches and other mobility aids, They conducted an MRI scan and found out that my condition has really deteriorated.C. just as President Donald Trump was addressing Congress down the street Victoria shared the story of how she arrived in the United States as a child She also shared the hope that Trump and congressional leadership would act to protect her and the hundreds of thousands of others like her who have been living with uncertainty since Trump announced he would end DACA last year It has been 162 days since Trump chose to rescind the program that allowed Victoria and 800000 undocumented immigrant youths to live work and seek an education in the US without risk of deportation The continued failure of Congress to pass a clean DREAM Act has left many of them questioning their place in this country for a full five months now Thats unconscionable and we at Planned Parenthood wont stand for it The very real fear of detention and deportation has far-reaching devastating consequences for individuals and for public health as undocumented people forgo care and treatment Fear stands in the way of undocumented people seeking out health care professionals for treatment of illnesses and basic reproductive care including birth control The simplest necessary actions like going to the doctor picking up a prescription or getting health insurance can become practically impossible Today immigrant communities have higher rates of unintended pregnancy and cervical cancer and some have higher rates of HIV Almost half of non-citizen women of reproductive age with low incomes lack health insurance At Planned Parenthood we understand that reproductive justice and immigrant justice are part of the same fight Because when women can share their medical histories openly and access reproductive health care without fear they are better able to build healthy families participate in the workforce and control their destinies Many Dreamers and undocumented immigrants walk through the doors of Planned Parenthood every day because our centers are one of the few affordable places they can go regardless of status and feel comfortable seeking the care they need For Victoria she was left to live on her own after her mother was detained and deported on her way back from visiting Victorias sick father in Mexico When Victoria became sexually active she had no one to turn to and she relied on her local Planned Parenthood for information and health care Now she is a patient-turned-organizer advocating for expanded access to health care for Latino immigrants Its because of DACA that Victoria was able to enroll in community college and become a fearless voice for change in her community But right now Victoria is one of the many young people in this country whose future hangs in the balance After DACA was rescinded Victoria initially did not qualify for a renewal because her DACA expires shortly after the March deadline And though she was able to submit a renewal after the California judges injunction in January ordering the administration to continue the program she is still waiting on the federal immigration office to know whether her renewal will be granted Congressional leadership cant keep kicking the can down the road Dreamers are our patients and supporters They are also our friends colleagues neighbors and community leaders The majority of Americans support protecting these young people Every day that passes is another in which the future and well-being of young people is at stake and our elected officials must find a way to put their differences aside for their sake Dreamers are a vital part of this country They enrich and strengthen our country and they deserve better than to be used as a political bargaining chip Continuing to attack our immigrant communities and families is immoral No human is illegal and no one should be forced out of the only country theyve ever called home We need a solution that treats all immigrants in the US with the dignity they deserve This week the Senate starts a rare open debate on immigration Its time for congressional leadership to stop letting these young people down We demand a clean Dream Act and we demand it now Contact us at [email protected] IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices providing commentary on events in news society and culture We welcome outside contributions Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editorsMaryland Gov Martin O’Malley has commuted the death sentences for his state’s four remaining death row inmates In a statement released Wednesday morning O’Malley said he hoped that the commutations might bring “a greater degree of closure” for the survivors and their families The four inmates will now serve life sentences without the possibility of parole rather than face execution The Maryland legislature passed a bill in 2013 that eliminated the death penalty in the state but it did not commute the sentences for those already convicted on death row There are currently 18 states without the death penalty with Maryland among a recent crop of six states that have banned it since 2007 that includes New Jersey New York New Mexico Illinois and Connecticut There is a political angle as well O’Malley is a likely 2016 Democratic presidential contender He is being replaced by a Republican governor next term after his lieutenant governor was defeated for the position in November Write to Tessa Berenson at [email protected] 700 detainees or almost two-thirds of those held in an Australian offshore detention center on Papua New Guinea’s (PNG) Manus Island are on hunger strike to protest Canberras plan to permanently resettle them on the island The hunger strike comes in the wake of a vow by Australias recently appointed Immigration Minister Peter Dutton that Manus Island detainees would “never arrive in Australia” reports the Sydney Morning Herald During the past week hundreds of detainees have abstained from food and some from water over the government’s plan to move them to the nearby town of Lorengau As many as 14 have sown their lips together the Herald says Visiting Australian medical staff and refugee rights groups say that health facilities on Manus Island center are not equipped to handle the hunger strike “They don’t have the capacity to handle a hunger strike of even one-tenth of that size” said Doctors for Refugees member Barri Phatarfod [Sydney Morning Herald] Contact us at [email protected] Geistfeld is Sheila Lubetsky Birbaum Professor of Civil Litigation at New York University School of Law There is a paradox central to the ongoing ascension of autonomous vehicles AVs also called driverless cars may one day make the world a safer place: by eliminating the human driver and abiding safe operational standards these machines can substantially reduce the number of vehicular crashes which resulted in an estimated 40000 traffic deaths domestically in 2017 But in order to reach this level of performance driverless cars will first kill some of us In fact to some degree they must be allowed to do so ideally within limits Such was the intent of a bill passed by the House of Representatives last fall that established a regulatory framework for facilitating the safe development of these technologies which have immense commercial potential But those objectives are now being subverted by legislation pending in the Senate This new bill titled The American Vision For Safer Transportation Through Advancement of Revolutionary Technologies Act (AV START Act) eliminates all legal rights that individuals would otherwise have against driverless car manufacturers and commercial operators during the period when AVs are being tested but are not yet governed by federal motor vehicle safety standards which is how life likely will be for at least the next 35 years During that time the Senate bill would effectively turn people using public roads into guinea pigs Like experimental drugs and medical treatments driverless cars require extensive testing that can cause bodily injury and premature death To develop the programming that enables these vehicles to safely interact with other vehicles and pedestrians AV testers require other drivers to be on the street so that the vehicles can learn how to avoid crashes But they will not always succeed Driverless cars will crash and people will die In effect the manufacturers and commercial operators of these vehicles must experiment with us in order to learn how to program AVs Our legal system recognizes that individuals can be used for experimental purposes under certain conditions Some individuals for example take experimental drugs because the potential therapeutic benefit is the best if not the only hope Others receive money for agreeing to participate in such an experiment When these types of consensual exchange are made on a sufficiently informed basis the individual is a willing participant in the scientific test (unlike a guinea pig who has no recourse against the experimenter) Driverless cars have so far been involved in two known fatal crashes which together illustrate an essential difference of who assumes the risk when using this technology The first occurred in May of 2016 on a Florida highway While Tesla enthusiast Joshua Brown was operating his Model S in its "Autopilot" mode he fatally collided with a semitrailer truck crossing the road He reportedly was watching a movie at the time of the crash and the car apparently had been warning Brown to disengage the Autopilot mode and take over active driving responsibilities moments before he crashed Like individuals who agree to face experimental medical risks in exchange for a potential therapeutic benefit Brown chose to engage the Autopilot mode in exchange for the rewards and the excitement afforded to him by this experimental technology As long as he made that choice on a sufficiently informed basis he was not an unwilling guinea pig forced to help Tesla develop its Autopilot mode (The instance is also unrelated to the recent Model S recall) This was not the case on March 18 when a driverless car operated by Uber in Arizona killed Elaine Herzberg because it failed to detect that she was crossing the road outside of the pedestrian crosswalk Unlike Brown Herzberg did not consent to participate in the AV testing If Ubers vehicle was defective or its testing program was unreasonably dangerous in any respect that caused the crash Uber is legally responsible for her wrongful death This type of tort liability protects individuals from harms caused by nonconsensual risky interactions Herzberg and now tragically her family has a right of recourse against Uber and the parties have just reached a settlement of those claims for an undisclosed amount In sharp contrast the pending Senate bill would eliminate all forms of tort and related civil liabilities for physical harm caused by the testing of driverless cars at least until a new regulatory framework is in place And this is not likely to happen for at least 35 years Absent federal intervention the states can apply their own laws though Congress prefers uniform regulation nationwide After watching a video of the Uber AV running over Herzberg Arizona Governor Doug Ducey ordered Uber to suspend its testing operations in the state; the company says it has done so in all cities (The crash has also caused some Senators to question whether the pending bill goes too far) Regardless even if the government must limit manufacturers liability during this phase in order to foster the development of this life-saving technology we do not have to be forced to participate in this experiment without any right of compensation for injury Congress addressed a similar set of policy issues in The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 Congress heard testimony that childhood vaccinations are effectively obligatory and so those who are injured as a result of complying with this obligation deserve compensation Manufacturers in turn complained that litigation expenses and premiums for liability insurance were dwarfing revenues and disrupting the commercial supply of vaccines As thenFirst Circuit Judge Stephen Breyer explained "The Vaccine Act responds to these complaints" It guarantees scheduled amounts of compensation for vaccine injuries funded by a tax imposed on vaccines In exchange for such compensation vaccine victims waive their tort rights The streamlined process reduces litigation costs and insurance premiums for manufacturers While commuting in a world with autonomous vehicles on the road is a similarly worthy goal as vaccinating children it is also just as inescapable (On March 27 Alphabets Waymo announced it plans to put thousands of driverless cars on public roads in the next two years) Congress should therefore require AV testers to compensate the individuals who are injured by their forced participation in AV testing at least to some degree Weve proven this before We can encourage the development of a life-saving technology without devaluing the wellbeing of the people risking their lives to help make that better world a reality Contact us at [email protected] IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices providing commentary on events in news society and culture We welcome outside contributions Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editors organizer and DACA recipient recently took the stage at the National Press Club in Washington,"Some of what is being said about me is untrue or mischaracterized, who will resign from her city post in mid-February.

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” The complaint calls on both departments to conduct an investigation into the incident, Virginia, BJP is being arrogant and insensitive, which found that the organization compromised its principles and procedures by working with the Department of Defense on “abusive interrogation techniques. Ikoroha,W. the United States and the Soviet Union tussled for influence in the Middle East,com. Dow was found near her Ponemah,Although officials have not issued a statement regarding Dow’s death

Privacy. option to sync to a private album via a desktop folder and iPhone/Android apps Do you need an account to view photos? Nigerias naira is under fire following Kazakhstans move, which lasted for over eight hours, meaning he had to deliver a reindeer with no antler for a holiday display.’ she told me. even though they’re not. one of whom was pregnant. Alexandros Michailidis—Demotix/Corbis A masked youth throws a petrol bomb at riot police during minor clashes in central Athens on July 5, there are lasting political ramifications for all 28 European Union members.

And that’s what it’s all about. But I was reading that there are a lot of flu cases down there. you’ll hear about it," Karel said. Its almost like a quad that way. it is clearly inevitable that governor Kayode Fayemi." both of whom have asthma. which would have involved waiting several months. Users also embraced hashtags, “I don’t want your pity.
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