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Trump remains dominant force in GOP following acquittal

first_img Twitter Pinterest Local NewsUS News Facebook NEW YORK (AP) — The Republican Party still belongs to Donald Trump. After he incited a deadly riot at the U.S. Capitol last month, the GOP considered purging the norm-shattering former president. But in the end, only seven of 50 Senate Republicans voted to convict Trump in his historic second impeachment trial on Saturday. For Trump’s loyalists, the acquittal offers a vindication of sorts and a fresh connection to the former president’s fiery base. And for Trump’s GOP antagonists, it marks another alarming sign that the party is lurching further in a dangerous direction with little desire to reconnect with the moderates, women and college-educated voters Trump alienated. Ultimately, the resolution of the impeachment trial brings into clear relief a divide in the GOP that party leaders, donors and voters will have to navigate as they try to regain control of Congress next year and aim to retake the White House in 2024. That tension was on display in the immediate aftermath of the vote. After supporting Trump’s acquittal, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., delivered a speech that echoed some of the very points Democratic impeachment managers emphasized in seeking Trump’s conviction. The former president, McConnell said, was “practically and morally responsible for provoking the events” that led to the insurrection. But he argued that there were no constitutional grounds for the Senate to convict Trump now that he’s out of office, a procedural point embraced by many in the GOP. The history books will show that 10 members of the president’s party in the House and another seven in the Senate ultimately believed that Trump’s behavior was egregious enough to warrant conviction — and even a lifetime ban on holding future office. Never before have so many members of a president’s party voted for his removal. But by most objective measures, Trump’s grasp on the GOP and its future remains airtight. Gallup reported last month that Trump’s approval among self-described Republicans stood at 82%. And more recently, Monmouth University found that 72% of Republicans continue to believe Trump’s false claims that President Joe Biden won the November election only because of widespread voter fraud. Lest their be any doubt about Trump’s strength, House Republicans voted overwhelmingly last week to defend a diehard Trump loyalist, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., even after evidence surfaced that she had repeatedly embraced violence, bigotry and conspiracy theories on social media. Just days after House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy called Trump responsible for the violent attack, McCarthy reversed himself and made a personal visit to Trump’s Florida estate to ensure there was no lingering animosity. Of the seven Republicans who voted to convict Trump on Saturday, only one faces reelection in the next four years. Indeed, in Trump’s Republican Party, there are very few willing to cross him if they harbor future political ambitions. One of them, 2024 prospect Nikki Haley, who was U.S. ambassador to the United Nations under Trump, drew attention this week after telling Politico that Trump’s role in the Jan. 6 attack essentially disqualified him from running for office again. “He’s fallen so far,” Haley said. “He went down a path he shouldn’t have, and we shouldn’t have followed him, and we shouldn’t have listened to him. And we can’t let that ever happen again.” Another Republican presidential prospect, Sen. Ben Sasse, R-Neb., voted to convict Trump on Saturday, declaring that Trump’s “lies” about widespread voter fraud endangered “the life of the vice president” and are “bringing us dangerously close to a bloody constitutional crisis.” While Sasse may run for president in 2024, he won’t face Republican primary voters in Nebraska again unless he chooses to run for reelection in 2026. Similarly, GOP Sen. Bill Cassidy of Louisiana faced a censure by his state party after voting to convict Trump. But he won’t face voters again until 2026 so is relatively insulated from political consequences. Despite McConnell’s criticism, Trump’s most vocal Republican opponents at this point will likely consist of a collection of retired Republicans on cable news and a “Never Trump” movement grappling with its own existential challenges. The Lincoln Project, perhaps the most prominent and best-funded anti-Trump Republican group, is coming off a tumultuous week following revelations that its leaders knew about multiple allegations of sexual misconduct against a co-founder several months before acknowledging them publicly. The self-described “senior leader” of the organization, veteran Republican strategist Steve Schmidt, stepped down from the board on the eve of the Senate impeachment vote, a day after the Lincoln Project announced plans to bring in an outside investigator. The fallout threatens to undermine the organization’s fundraising appeal and its influence, even as the super PAC works to expand its reach through a popular podcast and expanding streaming video channel that drew more than 4 million views last month alone. Even before the crisis, co-founder Reed Galen acknowledged that Trumpism was winning. “The authoritarian side of the Republican Party is the dominant side,” he said. “They have the momentum. For now, they have the money.” Sarah Longwell, a Republican strategist who leads the anti-Trump group known as Defending Democracy Together, said that “what the last two months have shown is if Donald Trump was a cancer on the country and the party, he’s metastasized.” “I thought we could push past him,” she said. “But now I don’t think that.” Still, the Republican Party faces tremendous political risks should its leaders continue to embrace Trump and his brand of norm-shattering politics. Already, scores of Republican-friendly businesses have vowed to stop giving money to Trump’s allies in Congress, cutting off a critical revenue stream just as Republicans hope to reclaim the House and Senate majorities in next year’s midterm elections. Trump’s critics in both parties are vowing to make sure the business community and voters alike do not forget what the former president and his allies did. “We will remind voters that Republicans were willing to neglect their oaths of office all out of loyalty to one man, and that one man was more important than their constituents, more important than the Constitution of the United States, more important than the democracy that we have in this great nation,” said Democratic National Committee Chair Jaime Harrison. But Trump himself is not going away. Immediately after his acquittal, he issued a written statement promising to reemerge “soon.” “Our historic, patriotic and beautiful movement to Make America Great Again has only just begun,” Trump said. “In the months ahead I have much to share with you, and I look forward to continuing our incredible journey together to achieve American greatness for all of our people.” ——— This story has been corrected by deleting a reference to President Andrew Johnson’s impeachment in 1868 as drawing the most support of members of his own party. No members of Johnson’s party, the Democrats, voted for his removal. Previous articleThe Latest: LA County says medical center broke virus rulesNext articleTyler Johnson scores twice, Lightning rout Panthers 6-1 Digital AIM Web Support WhatsApp Pinterestcenter_img Twitter By Digital AIM Web Support – February 13, 2021 TAGS  Trump remains dominant force in GOP following acquittal WhatsApp Facebooklast_img read more

How To Reduce The Pendency?

first_imgColumnsHow To Reduce The Pendency? Gagan Gandhi26 Aug 2020 5:30 AMShare This – xPendency refers to the long-pending backlog of the cases in all the Judiciary levels, i.e., The Supreme Court, the High Court, and the District or Subordinate courts. According to Black Law’s Dictionary, Pendency can be defined as “Suspense; the state of being pendent or undecided; the state of an action, etc., after it has been begun, and before the final disposition of it.” In law,…Your free access to Live Law has expiredTo read the article, get a premium account.Your Subscription Supports Independent JournalismSubscription starts from ₹ 599+GST (For 6 Months)View PlansPremium account gives you:Unlimited access to Live Law Archives, Weekly/Monthly Digest, Exclusive Notifications, Comments.Reading experience of Ad Free Version, Petition Copies, Judgement/Order Copies.Subscribe NowAlready a subscriber?LoginPendency refers to the long-pending backlog of the cases in all the Judiciary levels, i.e., The Supreme Court, the High Court, and the District or Subordinate courts. According to Black Law’s Dictionary, Pendency can be defined as “Suspense; the state of being pendent or undecided; the state of an action, etc., after it has been begun, and before the final disposition of it.” In law, there is a leading saying that[i]”Justice Delayed is Justice Denied”. In the present time, numerous components control the legal executive from the desired justice in time. Among those variables the central and a major point is Pendency. Pendency of cases alludes to the accumulated build-up of the cases that are being dealt with in the Court of Law for quite a long time. REASONS OF PENDENCY The problem of pendency is known to everyone who is somehow involved in seeking justice. Pendency is a problem arising due to a long clog of different sets of problems with different natures that were left unnoticed. The Stakeholders are also significant for the purpose of accumulation of the backlog at an increasing rate. All those problems increase the time consumed by the Court of Law , resulting in a delay in providing the Justice sought. Major among those problems being: A. ADMINISTRATIVE PROBLEM: Our legal system is clogged with pending cases, and the situation has deteriorated not just because of a lack of judges to dispose of the matter, but other factors have also contributed to the worsening of the situation of huge arrears of pending cases in the country. One important factor can be categorized as administrative problems, which is not given much emphasis, but its role in worsening of the situation has been paramount. A report published by the Supreme Court of India mentioned that the subordinate judiciary has not been provided with a sufficient number of courtrooms, support staff and residential accommodation for judges, which leads to a severe shortage of resources required to dispose of a case within a reasonable period of time. This report stated that the subordinate judiciary requires more than 5000 courtrooms to accommodate more than 20000 judicial officers, and the number of courtrooms in the present scenario is not sufficient to cater to the demand. These problems do not end here; there is also a need to fill more than 40000 staff positions, which have been lying vacant for many years and the administration has done very little to address this issue. The data provided reveals the deteriorating condition of our subordinate judiciary along with constant pressure under which they are working every day due to a lack of human resources. These problems require immediate attention along with proper actions from the administration with the objective to resolve them [ii]. Along with heavy working burden already on the subordinate judiciary due to the reasons above, the problem is grave due to fewer working days. B. INFRASTRUCTURAL PROBLEMS: Infrastructure is the basic requirement for anybody to work to the best of its ability. Courts have formed devoted stakes for court administrators to benefit court processes, enhance case drive for productive judicial time. But some courts have occupied up such posts and many courts have not yet filled the devoted stakes so far. Old technology used in administration and the slow change is a heavy loss on adaptation and a hindrance to the efficiency of courts. The low budget allocation towards the Judicial infrastructure has resulted in a depleted structure of buildings which is miserably grim due to which the Judges are unable to deliver quality judgments in efficient time. C. TIME CONSUMPTION OF CASES: Every case that is heard in the Court of Law, requires a certain time to be heard before it attains finality. But the time invested in the investigation, hearing of the cases, and delivery of the judgment is not the best effective and efficient utilization of the Courts Time. In January; 2019, the Supreme Court Judge asked People not to file frivolous cases and stop wasting the time of the courts[iii]. Many procedural conducts are not being followed by the Courts, like, providing more than three adjournments in cases, which is not advised by the Law and leads to the pendency of cases. D. JUDICIAL OFFICERS: It is an evident situation that if a person is overwhelmed by the work supposed to be completed by him, the effectiveness and efficiency of the person will deteriorate at a high scale. A similar situation can be seen in the Indian Judiciary, where the Judicial officers are overwhelmed by the count of cases they have to deal with, and with the continuous addition of new cases. The problem of pendency arose due to the lack of the appointment of new Judicial officers to match the requirement and fill up the vacant positions. E. LITIGATION ISSUES: The new cases are increasing exponentially. As the literacy rate is increasing, the awareness of the people regarding their rights and the obligations the state has towards them is increasing too. This has resulted in approaching the Court of Law in case of any violation, more frequently than it was seen in the past. Among the proportion of Pending Cases, major cases are related to the State or the Centre. There are many problems identified with the Administration of police which are frequently handicapped for the need of recent and technical equipment to accumulate evidence. Even with a lot of inspiring examples that are results of the police administration’s hard work and devotion, the lack of orderliness made by the old technology used by them and the slow rate of change cannot be overlooked. SOCIAL IMPACT OF PENDENCY The social environment is one of the most delicate forms of the environment which gets disrupted easily. Pendency also has social impact, such impact is related to the non-timely delivery of justice resulting in scant regard for the Rule of law and assets being locked into . This problem results in overcrowding of prisons due to many under trial prisoners because of the deficient infrastructure. SUGGESTIONS AS RESOLVE Pendency is a problem that requires different perspectives to be resolved, as it has many factors . All the problems that are major reasons for the increasing pendency rate can be dealt with some advancement in the procedure and perspective. A. JUDICIAL INTERVENTION: 1. Judicial administration The clogged legal system of our country can be unclogged by enhancing the existing situation and by providing a better environment to work. i.) For productivity enhancement: Due to lack of administrative support the productivity of the Judicial system can be enhanced again by some suggestive changes: a.) The number of days of work that is done in higher courts should be increased so the judicial officers are able to handle an increased number of cases by their end to overcome the pendency. ii.) Appointment: a.) In the thirteenth Finance Commission report it was mentioned that in view of enhancement in the management of the courts and resultant improvement in the disposition in the pendency can be dealt with the appointment of professionals in the name of court managers to assist the judges. A lack of staff is a major dent in the management of the courts. As per supreme court’s report, it was evident that the Subordinate courts were understaffed because of which the management of the courtrooms is difficult. This was a major step towards better management. b.) In accordance with the constitution of India i.e. Article 127 and 128 the Supreme Court and the High Court can act in order to appoint effective and efficient Judges with experience as AD-HOC Judges and presence of retired Judges. iii.) Definite time frame: Time is a factor that if used more than required, to complete a task, can create a problem. Similarly, in the judiciary, the consumption of the time by the Court more than required in one case creates the problem of pendency. There are many changes that can be adopted to resolve and reduce the problem of pendency at a higher rate. Those being: a) There should be a specification regarding the time consumption with regards to an offence and the trial proceedings. b) There should be an annual target and action plan for subordinate Judiciary and high courts for the disposal of cases every year which can make the pace of a case go a little faster, thus, coping up to the pendency. c) Stricter rules of conduct to be applicable to officials to ensure adequate performance in the duties and tasks which are a part of creating the problem of pendency. iv.) Strict regulation with regards to adjournment of the cases: As per the guidelines of the Code of civil procedure order number 17 of rules 1, the Court of law should provide adjournment of a case not more than three times to parties. There is an ignorance of the order in the practical practice that creates an opportunity for people to misuse and wastes the time of the Hon’ble courts by having adjournments more than three times in their respective cases. B. LEGISLATIVE INTERVENTION: 1.) There should be the establishment of new Non-Judicial bodies for the Subordinate Courts as well so that they are not indulged in completing the non-Judicial aspects of the trial. 2.) AIJS (All India Judicial Services) would benefit the Lower subordinate courts by increasing the quality of judges which will result in a reduction in the problem of pendency. C.) INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (IT) INTERVENTION: Information technology is now a tool essential for modernisation of the judicial system. Judicial Administration can play a major role in making justice more accessible and transparent with the help of IT tools in the following way: 1.) Development and upgradation of the old technology can enhance effectiveness and efficiency of courts in the following way: i.) A planned timeline for e-courts, computerisation of documents and automation of technology will make justice delivery more responsive towards the need of litigants (eg. Virtual courts of Delhi). ii.) By changing digital infrastructure of the courts, the miscellaneous default that occurs sometimes due to which the court has to waste its time can be rectified. iii.) IT modification will result in more reliable data collection, better categorisation of cases on the basis of their urgency and priority , tracking and monitoring of cases will make the justice procedure litigant friendly. 2.) Increase in the Pace of the e-Court Mission Mode Project. The e-Courts National Portal additionally gives Training material to Judicial officials and staff, connections to District Court sites, and measurable reports that can be utilized as a Judicial administration data framework. This Portal is assumed to play a key job in achieving legal changes. 3.) The e-committee of the Supreme Court while searching for the resolution for the time consumption of the cases during their early stage, a mobile application called National Service and tracking of electronic processes were launched by them In light of the life span of the cases it was observed that a huge portion of it was spent at the starting of the trial while serving of notices. 4.) Redesigning the core operations: Filing of the cases via electronic medium. All the data relating to the status of the case, like, date of hearing, last notice/order, details of the court in which the matter is pending, documents submitted by the parties. D.) EXECUTIVE INTERVENTION: 1.) Infrastructure resolve: A quality infrastructure can help a person complete assigned work in the most effective and efficient manner possible. Similarly, in the Judicial System, the infrastructure plays an important role in the enhancement of delivery. Many resolves can be adopted with regards to the infrastructure: i.) Land for infrastructure is important and it is the duty of the state to provide such land for the formation of the Court Premises which is best suited. And due to lack of abundance of the ground the infrastructure should be undertaken to be vertical. Because of which there will be a more effective usage of space at the allocated land. ii.) The change in the low budget allocation towards the Judicial infrastructure has to be initiated as a result of which the depleted structure of buildings which is miserably grim due to which the Judges are unable to deliver quality judgments in the most efficient time can be exterminated. 2.) Appointment: The issue of pendency cannot be addressed unless the problem of the shortage in the appointment of the Judicial officers is dealt with. It is visible that the Judiciary lacks in the number of the Judicial officers and that is not compensated with the number of new appointments that are being done but a new framework is required to deal with the situation: i.) Appointment of new Judges in higher judiciary can be done by getting an optimal no. of judges appointed through democratic and transparent procedure that can handle the backlog of pendency in a very efficient and effective manner. ii.) The one hundred and twentieth Law Commission of India report also suggested the fixation of the judge strength formula. E.) RESOLVE FOR LITIGATION ISSUE: The resolution of the issue pertaining to the litigation is not result of the new cases, and more awareness of people regarding what can constitute an infringement in their right. It is also a result of the non-dealing of the existent cases in a quality manner. A person cannot be restrained from the filing of new case when they feel that their right has been violated. But the Executive, legislature and Judicial administration can play a major role in dealing with existing cases and newly filed cases in a planned manner: 1.) Pre-litigation Mediation can be a method that can be undertaken towards the reduction of the Pendency in the judicial system. In this method, Legal Services Authorities can regulate the inflow of the cases into court by conducting pre-litigation mediation. ADR should be followed in order to discourage litigation. 2.) For the settlement of the Civil and Family related matters, regularly organized Lok Adalats can be planned and enacted upon. This action will reduce the burden on the Judiciary and the System will be able to overcome the Pendency. 3.) There is a huge work load on the Judiciary as they have to deal with every possible claim irrespective of it being a minor claim or a major claim. This problem can be addressed by setting up Gram Nyayalayas, which can be an effective and efficient way to manage these claims from rural areas. 4.) Establishment of the Legal care and Support centres by the High Judicial system at the rural areas or village areas to address the very grass root level issues in order to make the State litigations more effective and friendly to the litigants. 5.) The Courts can improve their ability of management by utilizing the Administrative mechanisms Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR), Lok Adalats, Gram Nyayalayas to their full potential. And set up more tribunals Fast Track Courts (FTCs) and Special courts for better managing the important cases in a faster and more efficient manner. ‘The need of the hour to mitigate the problem of pendency is to think out of the box’, said by Justice Chandrachud signifies that our obsolete ways to dispose of cases has resulted in clogging of the system and overburdening of the judiciary with pendency. We must contemplate and must take immediate steps to address and resolve these problems so that people don’t lose their faith in the judiciary and its power to impart justice. This article has made an effort by highlighting problems our judiciary has been facing with possible and practical solutions that may solve these existing problems, if implemented . Subscribe to LiveLaw, enjoy Ad free version and other unlimited features, just INR 599 Click here to Subscribe. All payment options available.loading….Next Storylast_img read more

Your chance to shine, as we launch BIA 2009

first_imgBritish Baker is delighted to announce the launch of the 2009 Baking Industry Awards, to be held on Tuesday 8 September at the Park Lane Hilton in London.The evening, which features many different awards categories, will be a celebration of the industry’s achievements over the last year, as well as being a great night out for all. There are new categories this year, inclu-ding The Innovation Award, so there should be something suitable for all businesses to enter.The awards – in their 22nd year – will be as big as ever, featuring key figures from the plant and craft baking industries, millers, major supermarkets, bakery trade bodies and suppliers. Last year’s Las Vegas-themed ceremony was hosted by celebrity presenter Kate Thornton, so watch this space to find out who will be this year’s host as well as other news on what will be happening on the night.As we all know, times are tough, so the awards are a great opportunity to sing about your business’ talents from the rooftops. Anyone can enter, from one-shop craft bakeries to large plant manufacturers, and entrants do not need to be a customer or supplier of any of the category sponsors to take part. A company may enter more than one category, but different company representatives must enter each of the chosen categories. No one person can enter more than one category.The winners of each category will receive a trophy and the finalists will be presented with a certificate.The deadline for entries is Friday 1 May, so make sure you don’t miss out. For more information or an entry form contact Helen Law at William Reed Events on 01293 846587 or email [email protected] or check out the awards website at www.bakeryawards.co.uk.l See pages 17-28 for our awards launch special.last_img read more

Contract boosts growth for Leeds-based bakery

first_imgA new deal with independent sandwich chain Philpotts has contributed to Exquisite Handmade Cakes’ 30% year-on-year growth over the past two years.The Leeds-based bakery firm is currently supplying the 23-shop chain with a range of cakes and traybakes and, from next week, Philpotts will be adding another six to the menu. These include: Dark Sticky Ginger, Chocolate and Vanilla Marble, and Brandy Fruit Loaf.The business, started seven years ago by former chartered accountant Viv Parry, is currently turning over £1.7m, and employs 30 staff. It produces gateaux, loaf cakes, traybakes and wrapped bakery goods, which are supplied to retail outlets, such as cafés, as well as airlines.The firm has also recently invested in a new “retail-focused” packaging rebrand, which MD Parry said has allowed the business to expand sales of its branded range with two of its key foodservice distribution customers. She told British Baker that the future growth is very much a staged plan to, in the short term, build on its brand and invest in sales and marketing initiatives.“We are also looking at new markets,” Parry continued. “To date, we have concentrated on ambient foodservice distributors, but we are now looking to expand into supplying frozen food distributors and, to facilitate this, we have invested in a cold store facility on site. We will also be looking at other new markets including other airlines, train lines and other high-end retail with a new range of products.”The firm also hopes to move to a new site within the next two years, to support its future growth plans.Parry said the decision to maintain its home-baked and hand-crafted quality ethos, and to really listen to customer feedback is what helped the business take off. “We have regular tasting panels and if a line doesn’t retain the great ‘just home-baked’ taste, it doesn’t go out,” added production director and master baker Chris Parrington.last_img read more

Leaders of Latin American Air Forces Promote Cooperation in Panama

first_imgBy Diálogo July 23, 2018 Leaders of Latin American air forces convened in the LVIII Conference of Chiefs of the American Air Forces (CONJEFAMER, in Spanish), held June 19-21, 2018, in Panama City. The System of Cooperation Among the American Air Forces (SICOFAA, in Spanish) sponsored the conference. Delegations of member nations of SICOFAA and observers participated. The goal of the annual meeting is to strengthen the bonds of friendship among partner nations, examine SICOFAA’s mission, approve combined exercises, and share lessons learned. The conference also serves as a platform to update member nations on each force’s operational capacity for optimal response to regional challenges. In addition, the meeting reviews SICOFAA’s operational focus: disaster and humanitarian relief. “This is a system of cooperation among friends and neighbors,” said U.S. Air Force Lieutenant General Mark D. Kelly, commander of Air Forces Southern. “When our nations are under the stress of natural disasters, floods, fires, hurricanes, earthquakes… you don’t want to meet at a time of crisis, you want to meet beforehand, well before the point of crisis, to learn how each other works, so that when that day comes everything works smoothly.” Onboarding of Jamaica The conference has been strengthening bonds of friendship between air forces of the Americas and enabling new forms of cooperation for more than 50 years. In CONJEFAMER 2018, SICOFAA voted to move Jamaica from observer to permanent member. “I think SICOFAA is a very important system of cooperation for the air forces, which can find ways of collaborating without a lot of political directives,” Major General Rocky Meade, chief of Defense Staff of the Jamaican Defense Force, told Diálogo. “They are just member states helping each other, getting together, analyzing common problems, seeking solutions that can work for all members, rehearsing the solutions, and when there’s a real problem, responding to each other. I think that’s very impressive.” Jamaica’s inclusion brings SICOFAA closer to the Caribbean, and brings the total number of member nations throughout the Americas to 21. The decision will be mutually beneficial, as Jamaica already takes part in humanitarian relief operations in a region prone to natural disasters. “I think we can contribute in some way,” Maj. Gen. Meade added. “We can certainly contribute a lot of ideas because we have plenty of experience with hurricanes and other disasters. We can assist with plans and, if we need to help another country, we may not have a very large aircraft, but we can contribute with the few resources we have. I look forward to contributing to the system.” Effective responses During the conference, participants analyzed SICOFAA’s responses and shared lessons learned from disasters in 2017. Among the operations carried out, the conference highlighted the combined humanitarian relief operations in Central America following hurricanes Irma and Maria, and the response to the wildfires in Chile. “SICOFAA’s new operational approach to humanitarian and disaster relief began in 2010,” Peruvian Air Force Colonel Jorge Reátegui Bartra, SICOFAA’s undersecretary general, told Diálogo. “It’s yielding results; we are improving communication systems and providing countries with better tools to better understand each other on humanitarian relief.” The conference also pointed to the more than 100 tons of medical and search and rescue equipment member nations delivered to Peru after the El Niño Costero floods, as well as the more than 40 tons of supplies sent to Mexico following the September 2017 earthquake. Air forces also assisted with the evacuation of hundreds of people in both countries, among other regional operations. “SICOFAA is focusing on man-made and natural disaster operations,” said Commissioner Jeremías Urieta, national director of the Panamanian Air and Naval Service Air Group. “The prompt, effective, and efficient responses in situations [such as] Mexico’s earthquake are a case in point.” For his part, Brigadier General Timo Hernández Duarte, commander of the Guatemalan Air Force, talked to Diálogo about SICOFAA’s response to the Fuego Volcano eruption in early June 2018. “We had a prompt reaction and cooperation through SICOFAA; this strengthened and impressed us.” Optimizing capabilities To hone its combined response capabilities, SICOFAA conducts real and virtual multinational exercises known as Cooperation. These exercises allow member nations to develop a common operational language and evaluate results. At the meeting, participants analyzed the cancelled Cooperation V exercise and approved the virtual Cooperation VI exercise, scheduled for April 2019 in Mendoza, Argentina. “In this period [2017], the real Cooperation V exercise was to be carried out in Puerto Montt, Chile,” Col. Reategui said. “It was cancelled because of the Mexico’s earthquake, and all aircraft, the [SICOFAA] system, and supplies were deployed to Mexico.” In addition to summing up operations of the previous period, approving the completion of an exercise, participants analyzed several technological systems to optimize operational capability. Among the technological systems highlighted: Objectives and Lessons Learned, a software tool that records observations to be shared as lessons learned; and the Communications Virtual Room System, which enables live transmission of the help a country may require and how each country can assist. “Through SICOFAA, regional air forces maintain the capacity to combine communications,” said General Jorge Robles Mella, commander of the Chilean Air Force. “Therefore, personnel can prioritize the best ways to help people in need.” Panama hosted CONJEFAMER for the first time. CONJEFAMER 2019 will be held in San Salvador, El Salvador. “This event is very important for the [Panamanian] Air and Naval Service and for the country, because we have the opportunity to gather the air force commanders of the Americas,” Commissioner Urieta concluded. “This gives us the opportunity to give back and thank the air forces for what we received all these years”.last_img read more

PEC deals with second opinions, ancillary businesses

first_imgPEC deals with second opinions, ancillary businesses October 15, 2002 Regular News PEC deals with second opinions, ancillary businessescenter_img A Florida lawyer can set up a separate consulting firm on buying and selling car dealerships as long as the company does not give legal advice; the company does not solicit cases for the law firm; and the lawyer follows the recently adopted ancillary business rule, according to the Professional Ethics Committee.The panel also has put the finishing touches on an advisory opinion to guide lawyers who are approached by represented clients seeking a second opinion.Issues ranging from an attorney requiring mandatory arbitration in client contracts to charging a contingency fee in a post-dissolution case involving pension rights were also dealt with by the committee when it met at the Bar’s recent General Meeting.The PEC asked and received permission from the Bar Board of Governors earlier this year to prepare the advisory opinion on second opinions, and the committee published a draft proposed opinion in the July 15 Bar News. With only minor changes, the committee approved that draft for publication as a proposed advisory opinion. It basically says that attorneys can meet with clients already represented by counsel and who want a second opinion on the services they are receiving or to discuss retaining a new lawyer.The opinion notes that lawyers could be concerned that Rule 4-4.2, which prohibits an attorney contacting a represented party, might apply. But the difference is, the opinion said, that the client is seeking the second opinion.The discussion can include the lawyer giving a second opinion or cover what services the lawyer could provide, including the lawyer’s availability and qualifications.However, the opinion notes that whether such a communication could be considered tortious interference with an existing attorney-client relationship is a legal question outside the scope of the ethics opinion.The opinion, Proposed Advisory Opinion 02-5, will be published for comments by Florida Bar members in an upcoming issue of the News. The PEC’s most extensive debate came over a query from a law firm wanting to establish a consulting business related to buying and selling automobile dealerships.An initial staff opinion said the firm could not set up the business as it appeared it would be funneling legal business to the firm and also might be providing legal services.A representative of the firm attended the meeting and said only non-legal services would be provided, and the ancillary business would not be acting as a referral service for the law firm.After much discussion and several motions, the committee voted to direct staff to rewrite its opinion and find that the firm can set up the consulting business, as long as it complies with Rule 4-5.7, the ancillary business rule.That includes that clients must be told no legal services will be provided and an attorney-client relationship is not formed, and the ancillary business will not act as a feeder by sending referrals to the law firm.On other matters, the PEC:• Affirmed a staff opinion that an attorney may not charge a contingency fee for establishing a woman’s interest in her former husband’s pension. The dissolution took place in Germany and the court had no jurisdiction over the pension matter. Although some committee members argued a contingency fee should be allowed because the pension issue came up post dissolution, the majority argued it was part of a domestic matter and the rules prohibit charging a contingency fee. The committee voted 22-3 to uphold the staff opinion.• Said an attorney who previously had represented a condominium association and unit owners in a class action suit against an owner for construction defects should now not represent the condominium association defending a similar suit brought by a unit owner. The committee cited conflict of interest rules.• Directed staff to prepare a proposed advisory opinion that in certain circumstances it is permissible for an attorney to include in his contracts with clients a clause requiring mandatory arbitration of any disagreements. The draft proposed opinion will be published in an upcoming issue of the News. • Answered an inquiry by the Standing Committee on Advertising whether a lawyer can advertise that a percentage of all fees earned over a certain time will go to charity. The PEC said that is an improper division of fees with a nonlawyer, which is prohibited by the rules.• Deferred action on PAO 02-4 on an attorney’s obligation to protect funds of other property in which a third party may have an interest, at the request of the Academy of Florida Trial Lawyers. The committee will take it up again at its January meeting.• Approved PAO 02-7, which says a lawyer does not have to give a client the new State of Insured Client’s Rights required by Rule 4-1.8(j) if the clients are defendants in employment discrimination claims covered by employment practice liability insurance. The statements also are not required when defending other types of employment liability cases.last_img read more

Long Island St. Patrick’s Day Events 2015

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York St. Patrick’s Day falls on Tuesday this year, with celebrations continue all month long across the Emerald Long Isle. Here is out annual list of St. Patrick’s Day parades and related events. Enjoy!Westhampton Beach St. Patrick’s Day ParadeMarching south on Mill Road from Oneck Lane to Main Street. 12 p.m. March 14.Am O’Gansett St. Patrick’s Day ParadeMarching down Main Street from Mary’s Marvelous in Amagansett and then back again. 12 p.m. March 14.St. James St. Patrick’s Day ParadeMarching down Lake Avenue from Woodlawn Avenue to Railroad Avenue. 1 p.m. March 14.Bay Shore-Brightwaters St. Patrick’s Day ParadeMarching down Main Street from Saxon Avenue to Clinton Avenue. 2 p.m. March 14.Cutchogue St. Patrick’s Day ParadeMarching down Route 25 from Cox Lane and to the Cutchogue New Suffolk Library. 2 p.m. March 14.Bangers and MashCranking out original songs or completely skewering a classic, “BAM” gives it all they’ve got. They’ll keep you dancing in the aisles, raising a pint, and having a ball. Music for the Celticly Insane. Also performing will be the Long Ireland Pipes & Drums. 89 North Music Venue, 89 North Ocean Ave., Patchogue. 89northmusic.com $5. 7 p.m. March 14.Claddagh – The Prodigals ShowA fusion of the Prodigals’ iconic music, world-champion dancers – both Irish and tap – and a modern day Irish fairy-tale that immerses the audience in a rich universe of love, life and laughter. John W. Engeman Theater, 250 Main St., Northport. engemantheater.com $45. 3 p.m., 8 p.m. March 14.Chris ByrnePiper from the famed Irish rock group Black 47 and his new group, the Lost Tribe of Donegal, will perform with Irish Step dancers. A blend of traditional and rock with traditional acoustic instrumentation. St. Patrick’s Day Menu available. Suffolk Theater, 118 E Main St., Riverhead. suffolktheater.com $25. 8 p.m. March 14.St. Paddy’s Day BashThe celebration at Mr. Beerry’s continues with an all-girls band night, featuring Della Grove, Christine Sweeney & The Dirty Stayouts and Nico Padden Band. Mr Beery’s. 4019 Hempstead Tpke., Bethpage. mrberrys.com $5. 9 p.m. March 14.Irish FestivalThe 17th Annual Irish Festival celebrates the Irish gifts of music, food and culture to America. There will be a number of music and dance performances throughout the day, as well activities for children, more than 50 craft vendors and authentic Irish food. Mack Sports Complex, North Campus, Hofstra University, Hempstead Tpke., Hempstead. $6. 11 a.m. March 15.Bayport St. Patrick’s Day ParadeMarching down Main Street from Snedecor Avenue to Blue Point Avenue. 11 a.m. March 15.Rocky Point St. Patrick’s Day ParadeMarching along Route 25A from Harrison Avenue to the corner of Broadway and Prince Road. 1 p.m. March 15.Corned Beef & ChaosDr. Dirty Performs, free Corned Beef and Cabbage Buffet. The Emporium, 9 Railroad Ave., Patchogue. theemporiumny.com Free. 12-2 p.m. March 15.Center Moriches St. Patrick’s Day ParadeMarching through Main Street from Lake Avenue to South Ocean Avenue. 2 p.m. March 15.Lo PanAn Irish band, Irish food and beer. Mr Beery’s. 4019 Hempstead Tpke., Bethpage. mrberrys.com $5. 7 p.m. March 17.St. Patrick’s Day CelebrationIrish entertainment will include the Irish Rock Bands: The Sporting Paddies and The McCools, Noel McAtasney and Nancy Hirten. Traditional Irish food and beverages will be offered and Irish merchandise will be available for purchase at the Fairgrounds Building and the Noon Inn. There will also be a Birds of Prey presentation from Tackapausha Museum. Old Bethpage Village Restoration, 1303 Round Swamp Rd., Old Bethpage. nassaucountyny.gov Free. 11 a.m.-5 p.m. March 21.Hampton Bays St. Patrick’s Day ParadeStarting at the Hampton Bays Elementary School on Poquot Avenue, the parade marches down Montauk Highway and ends at the Hampton Atrium. 11 a.m. March 21.Rockville Centre St. Patrick’s Day ParadeMarching down Maple Avenue from Long Beach Road to Quealy Place. 12 p.m. March 21.Brentwood St. Patrick’s Day ParadeMarching down Washington Avenue from Clarke Street to Ross Park. 1 p.m. March 21.Water Snakes DemonstrationCelebrate St. Patrick’s Day and learn the history between St. Patrick and snakes. Find out what makes the Hatchery’s water snakes so special. Kids can make snake themed crafts and play games. Cold Spring Harbor Fish Hatchery, 1660 NY-25A, Cold Spring Harbor. cshfha.org 11 a.m.-3 p.m. March 21, 22.Patchogue St. Patrick’s Day ParadeMarching west on Main Street from Route 112 to West Avenue. 11 a.m. March 22.Montauk St. Patrick’s Day ParadeMarching up Edgemere Street and west on Main Street to the IGA. 11:30 a.m. March 22.Farmingdale St. Patrick’s Day ParadeMarching down Main Street from Northside Elementary School to the village green. 1 p.m. March 22.Glen Cove St. Patrick’s Day ParadeMarching from Finley Middle School, onto School Street to St. Patrick’s Church. 1 p.m. March 22.Jamesport St. Patrick’s Day ParadeMarching west on Main Road from Washington Avenue to Manor Lane, ending at the Jamesport Fire Department. 1 p.m. March 28.last_img read more

Trump, sinking in polls, shifts tone on coronavirus

first_imgPrimetime Trump, a lifetime salesman and a veteran of reality television, often appears more comfortable in front of the cameras than in the more formal settings of traditional presidential life. Although he constantly complains about unfair press coverage, he gives more press conferences and jousts with journalists more often than probably any other Oval Office occupant.He said he will continue the early evening primetime television briefings, although possibly not every day.Tuesday’s version was succinct at less than half an hour and he mostly kept to the White House talking points. But it is unknown whether Trump will resist using the platform in the future to return to his more usual divisive rhetoric.He trails Biden in all polls and is retooling his campaign to an ever-darker message in which he tries to paint the Democrat as backed by anarchists and Venezuelan-style socialists.Trump’s Twitter feed Tuesday gave an indication of his divided attention.On one hand there was the upbeat tweet: “Tremendous progress being made on Vaccines and Therapeutics!!!”And on the other, the evidence-free, alarming claim — shocking for a sitting president — that the election in which he is forecast to lose will be rigged.”Mail-In Voting, unless changed by the courts, will lead to the most CORRUPT ELECTION in our Nation’s History! #RIGGEDELECTION.”Topics : Reeling from polls predicting defeat in November’s election, President Donald Trump struck a newly serious tone on the coronavirus crisis Tuesday, acknowledging that a disease he has frequently played down would “get worse.””Some areas of our country are doing very well,” Trump said at his first formal White House briefing on the pandemic in almost three months.”Others are doing less well,” the president said. “It will probably, unfortunately get worse before it gets better.” An agreement appears some way off, but in Europe, EU leaders emerged from a marathon four-day and four-night summit on Tuesday to celebrate what they boasted was their own historic rescue plan.German Chancellor Angela Merkel the 750-billion-euro ($858-billion) deal was equal to “the greatest crisis” in EU history. Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez hailed “a Marshall Plan for Europe” that would boost his country’s economy by 140 billion euros over the next six years. No Dr Fauci Having long played down the seriousness of the disease and repeatedly promoted pet medical theories on how it might be combatted, Trump hopes that his more somber, realistic approach will change the dire headlines.Despite refusing for months to be photographed wearing a mask, he now urged Americans to follow doctors’ recommendations in using face coverings as a vital barrier to the virus’ spread.”We are asking everybody that when you are not able to socially distance, wear a mask,” he said.And he touted good news on vaccine development which he said would be completed “a lot sooner than anyone thought possible.”But Trump repeated his frequent assertion that the virus will somehow “disappear.”He also raised eyebrows by coming to the podium alone, rather than with medical leaders. His top infectious diseases expert, Anthony Fauci, who has been attacked by Trump’s team for his often less than upbeat prognosis, was not even invited. The return to presidential coronavirus briefings — abandoned in late April after Trump drew ridicule for musing on the potential for injecting coronavirus patients with household disinfectant — was part of a concerted bid to take back control of the message.After an erratic national response, some 140,000 deaths, and now dramatic surges in new cases across the south and south-west, polls show two thirds of Americans mistrusting Trump’s leadership on the issue.Polls also show his response to the pandemic driving voters strongly in the direction of opponent Joe Biden in the presidential election, due in just over 100 days.While Trump makes his latest pivot, Congress is starting to negotiate another large-scale economic relief bill to try and prop up an economy devastated by mass unemployment and shuttered businesses.last_img read more

Twenty Eight Local Artisans Under One Roof

first_imgBy Jay Cook|BELFORD – A Belford business is hoping to capture the Jersey Shore spirit by shining sunlight on its creative talent.Junction Boutique, located in the heart of the Belford Junction section of Middletown, is a one-stop shop destination displaying the wares of local artists.“There’s so much local talent and it’s our neighbors – it’s the community,” said owner Chris Slater.Previously located in an 800 square foot building beside Gem’s Bagels and Deli, Junction Boutique celebrated their grand reopening last Saturday at their new, 1500 square foot location at 79 Leonardville Rd.In the two years it’s been open, the roster of talent has grown from eight to 28 career crafters. They specialize in homemade bracelets, paintings, crafts and body care productsIt’s located in a bustling section of Middletown known as Campbell’s Junction – a busy crossroads between Routes 35 and 36 that is home to businesses like the longtime Sabato’s butcher shop, the new Belford Brewery, the Swagger barber shop, acclaimed Belford Bistro, Good Shepherd Book & Gift Shop and Chiafullo’s and Valentino’s.The Junction Boutique’s growing popularity led to the search for a new home base, said Slater.“All the artisans were asking for more space, and we had people asking us to join, and we couldn’t take anybody else on,” she said. “So we came here. It had to be in the Junction.”The crafters pay for booth space in the building, which ranges between $75 and $300 a month. Some take turns shop-keeping by spending one day a week tending the register and helping prospective buyers.Jeanine Riegler was one of the first to have a space in the original Junction Boutique. Her business – That’s How I Knot – specializes in what she describes as “original handmade macramé jewelry.”Riegler started out selling bracelets on the beach during the summertime. Now, she has turned that interest into a business venture, and occupies one of the largest spaces in Junction Boutique.Leonardo resident Kris Whittles is co-owner of the soap shop Wood Box Soap at Belford Junction Boutique.With prices ranging from $10 single-charm bracelets to elaborate $35 pieces with multi-colored stones, That’s How I Knot is also cultivating its brand on social media. She finds there are good benefits to having a fixed business space.“With a brick and mortar place to send people, I think it’s more professional,” Riegler said. “I think people love that they’re able to come in to see it and touch it.”Along the back wall of Junction Boutique, there is a refreshing fragrance in the air. Two Leonardo moms have built their business out of a necessity.Kris Whittles and Camille Miele, who are co-owners of the soap shop Wood Box Soap, both have family who deal with eczema. They often discussed how they could not find a remedy on the market.Using goat milk products, which they buy in bulk from Whole Foods, the company has crafted 22 different soaps named after local landmarks and areas, along with lines of body butters, lotions and bath bombs.Their most popular body soap is a coffee style, which uses coffee provided to them by Jersey Shore Coffee Roasters, a Leonardo-based coffee shop. Currently, that soap is on backorder.“We’re just keeping it local, and the fact that we’re supporting other businesses in Monmouth County is tremendous,” Whittles said. “I’ve lived in Middletown my whole life, and this is the first business of this kind.”Whittles also says the positive effects from goat milk are endless, which she claims has over 50 different vitamins and minerals that have anti-aging and anti-inflammatory benefits. Wood Box Soap also does not use any commercial preservatives, such as formaldehyde or parabens.The soap-making process is time consuming. It takes about six weeks for the necessary oils to solidify into soap. Each batch also yields roughly 36 pieces, which are individually boxed by Whittles and Miele. Each bar costs $7.Although Whittles says Wood Box Soap has had offers to move up the commercial food chain, she wants to keep the company its current size.“I don’t want to be in a big box store,” she said. “We want to be in a local Jersey setting, and that’s good for me.”On that same back wall, on the opposite side of the store, resides a local business that occupies its own niche in the Junction Boutique market.Kathleen Edinger of Belford is jumpstarting her tea blend business with a spot at the Junction Boutique, which showcases 28 artisans.“Chris is so cognizant of the fact that we’re all in it together,” said Kathleen Edinger, founder and owner of TeaScapes, a tea company based out of Belford. “It’s not her place, it’s our place.”Edinger, who has a background in physical therapy, moved into Junction Boutique in August of last year. Working with a wholesale tea distributer in Kentucky, she is watching her business grow each day.Currently, TeaScapes offers eight teas, six of which are signature blends that she, along with her family, have helped create. Each container of tea sells for $15.With awareness gained from space at Junction Boutique, Edinger now has the opportunity to soon move her operation into a full-time space, located just a town over.“I found that Atlantic Highlands will fit the bill for me because it is a ferry town that is right there,” she said. “We have the boating community in the summer, and I’m right on the street of First Avenue.”For shop owner Slater, Junction Boutique stems from a love for personalizing gifts. With that continued theme in mind, she sees no reason why the business won’t flourish in the future.“It can continue to grow with the different mediums,” she said. “You can focus on all the local talent and keep bringing new things in – there’s always a twist to it.”Junction Boutique artisans will participate in the Made in Monmouth exhibition April 8 at OceanFirst Bank Center at Monmouth University. On hand to offer congratulations on the new location was Freeholder Tom Arnone, who is the liaison to the county Division of Economic Development, and Middletown Township Mayor Gerald Scharfenberger, who both came to help cut the ceremonial ribbon.last_img read more

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