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Photos: Top 10 moments from Oakland Raiders 17-10 win over Cincinnati Bengals

first_imgClick here if you’re unable to view the photo gallery on your mobile device.The Oakland Raiders pulled out a 17-10 win over Cincinnati Bengals at the Coliseum in Oakland, bringing their record to 6-4, tied with the Kansas City Chiefs for first place in the AFC West. The Raiders take on the New York Jets next Sunday at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey.Raiders quarterback Derek Carr completed 25 of 29 passes for 292 yards, had a 3-yard TD run and a 3-yard rush for a touchdown with one …last_img

Flying Physics

first_img(Visited 47 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0 In the world of flying animals, stories of remarkable physical engineering come to light.Flight mass: The bigger the animal, the harder the liftoff. That’s what Elizabeth Martin-Silverstone says in The Conversation: the biggest pterosaurs—the largest flying animals in history—pulled a feat that baffles engineers. “We’d expect an animal the size of a large pterosaur to be too big to fly.” Look at the graphic of an Arambourgiania pterosaur standing as tall as a giraffe to see why; nobody would expect a giraffe to launch itself into the air. How did the big pterosaurs do it? Their whole bodies were designed for flight: thin membranes, hollow bones, and “a highly specialised respiratory system, similar to that of birds, with air sacs in addition to their lungs,” even though they are not related to birds by any evolutionary scheme. They even had air sacs in their necks, trunk and wings.Scientists used to believe the large pterosaurs leaped off cliffs to get airborne, but now they think they were able to launch themselves from a standing position, even though new estimates show them heavier than previously thought. This only adds to the puzzle. Martin-Silverstone, who makes CT scans of pterosaur bones to create 3-D models, ends her article:Palaeontologists still have many questions about giant pterosaur flight. We don’t fully understand how they took off or what kind of flyers they were once in the air. Did they flap or soar? How long could they fly for? How did they land? In fact, some people still believe these giraffe-sized animals were too heavy to fly at all. But then what did they do with their wings? These are all questions that new techniques and fossil finds are starting to answer.Flight light: National Geographic posted an article about fireflies, including two video clips. Reporter Liz Langley focuses on the sexual attraction of the lights rather than their design, which she attributes to blind evolution: “The firefly gene that codes for luciferase is very similar to a common fatty acid-making gene,” she relates from her expert Sara Lewis, author of a book on fireflies. “It’s likely a duplicate of that gene acquired a mutation that caused it to produce a tiny bit of light in a distant firefly ancestor.” Similarity, however, does not prove ancestry, as the pterosaur entry above shows. What Lewis and Langley omit to describe is the highly-organized structure of the light organs in fireflies, which are arranged in magnificent ranks (see Oxford Journal illustrations) that generate light while protecting the insect from damaging oxygen radicals. Langley does point out, however, that the luciferase gene has opened up new light in medical research, allowing scientists to monitor cellular processes by making them light up.Flight wings: Does migration make butterfly wings larger? Science Daily reports a new study on Monarch butterflies that asked whether migrating Monarchs have larger wings than sedentary Monarchs. The answer appears to be yes. Earlier work didn’t correct for Bergmann’s Rule, a biological principle that says equatorial animals tend to be smaller than those at higher latitudes. Correcting for Bergmann’s Rule still showed the migrators to be larger. Why? “It seems that the long-distance journey acts to weed out smaller monarchs each year, leaving only the biggest ones, which then go on to reproduce,” the article says. “In monarch populations that are sedentary, this selection does not happen.” The selection answer doesn’t explain how Monarchs got their wings in the first place. If it did, why does wing size stop where it does? Why doesn’t selection create wings as large as pterosaur wings? It also doesn’t explain the smaller Bogong moth that also undertakes long-distance migration (Evolution News & Views). Besides, there’s more than size involved in wing dynamics. Consider the shapes of jet wings compared to stunt biplane wings. Monarch wings are not much different in shape than those of other species, yet they succeed in flying much longer distances.Rumble bees: We end with a quote from PhysOrg: “Look up the word ‘bumble,’ and the definition may read something like ‘To move or act in a confused, awkward or clumsy manner.’ But the bumble bee, a member of the genus Bombus, is anything but clumsy. In fact, the insects are expert aviators, alighting with precision inside flowers and vigorously shaking pollen loose from their stamens.”“Expert aviators.” Whether as small as a fruit fly or as large as a giraffe-height pterosaur, flying animals show mastery of physics. Is it credible to think evolution hit on powered flight four times? (insects, bats, birds and pterosaurs). Watch Flight: The Genius of Birds, the beautiful documentary on flight from Illustra Media. It explains why powered flight requires seeing a distant goal, and arranging multiple independent systems for the purpose of overcoming gravity. Specialized lungs, muscles, bones, digestive systems, excretory systems, circulatory systems, reproductive systems, nervous systems, instincts and everything else have to contribute to the goal, simultaneously and effectively. To think that could happen even once by blind processes is folly. Four times? Folly to the 4th power! Aviation expertise showcases intelligent design, in the smallest firefly to the largest pterosaur, and in everything between. Give honor to whom honor is due.last_img read more

Give the gift of geocaching

first_imgLots of ways to tell your fellow geocachers you careShare your love of geocaching with friends and family this holiday season. Finding the perfect gifts for the geocachers in your life is kind of like finding a geocache — you earn a smiley for both.There are multiple ways to give the gift of geocaching:Let Shop Geocaching and our international retailers guide you to the perfect holiday gift!Shop for tools of the trade, apparel, and geoswag in the US and Canada through Shop Geocaching and globally via our international retailers.Shop our Happy Holidays Collection! Featuring a Signal Holiday Geocoin, Ugly Sweater Travel Tag, a Trackable Snowflake Ornament Set, a Holiday Greeting Card with Geocoin, and more!For a limited time, when you make a qualified minimum purchase from Shop Geocaching or one of the participating retailers, you will receive Free Limited Edition Holiday Travel Tag. The more you spend, the more free trackables you will earn (while supplies last)!Give the gift of geocachingYou can give the gift of Premium membership easily online. With a gift membership, your friend will enjoy all the perks of Premium membership, including custom search capability, instant cache notifications, and access to Premium-only caches. Your gift also supports the game by helping to maintain the website, upgrade the mobile app, and provide community support. You can purchase a physical gift card from the Shop Geocaching, or a digital membership directly online from Geocaching.com.Share good wishes via the Message CenterLet your fellow cachers know you’re thinking about them by sending a message via the Geocaching Message Center. Share your latest find, lay down a challenge, or, better yet, ask them out to go caching!Share with your Friends:More SharePrint RelatedGeocaching Holiday Gift GuideDecember 9, 2019In “Community”Geocaching Stocking Stuffer Ideas on Shop GeocachingDecember 12, 2014In “Geocaching Info”Geocaching Shop Elves holiday gift guide!November 30, 2017In “Community”last_img read more

Facebook Turns Corner On Mobile Revenue Concerns

first_imgThe Dos and Don’ts of Brand Awareness Videos Facebook topped analysts estimates with its third-quarter earnings release, thanks to stronger than expected mobile advertising revenue.The Menlo Park, Calif.-based company, which has struggled since its initial public offering in May, reported third-quarter earnings of $311 million, or 12 cents a share, on revenue of $1.26 billion, up from net income of $227 million a year ago. Those numbers beat analyst expectations. Wall Street had estimated the company would earn $285.12 million, or 11 cents a share, on revenue of $1.23 billion.The company said 14% of its revenue came from mobile advertising. Three months ago, when Facebook announced lackluster second-quarter results, the company had no measurable revenue from mobile advertising.Update: “I want to dispel this myth Facebook can’t make money on mobile,” founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in a conference call with analysts Tuesday afternoon. “That may have seemed true earlier this year because we hadn’t started trying yet.”Zuckerberg said that on a given day, there is a 40% chance a desktop user will visit Facebook. That number, he said, jumps to 70% for mobile users. He also repeated a previous argument that in coming years smartphones will far outnumber desktop computers worldwide.“Our mobile user base is huge, growing and even more engaged than our desktop user base,” Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg added. “Our results to date suggest we’re on the right track….we have become one of the largest mobile advertising platforms in less than eight months.”On a year-over-year basis, Facebook served 27% more ads in the third quarter. Chief Financial Officer David Ebersman said the increase could primarily be attributed to the increase in its user base, which topped one billion in the quarter. A 7% increase in the ad rate Facebook charged, however, was due to increase ad placement in newsfeed on the desktop site, Ebersman said,Investors shrugged off a decline in desktop advertising revenue and instead responded to the renewed focus on its mobile business, pushing Facebook shares up as much as 1% in afterhours trading. Executives were expected to speak with analysts in a conference call at 5pm ET Tuesday afternoon.“We opened up a lot of inventory in mobile this quarter and we had a lot of advertisers shift from desktop to mobile,” Ebersman said.On the same day that Zynga said it would layoff 100 employees in Austin and close its Boston office, Facebook said it continued to depend less and less on Zynga. Revenue from Zynga games accounted for 7% of Facebook’s total revenue in the three months ended Sept. 30, down from 12% a year ago and 10% a year ago.“Gaming on Facebook is not doing as well as I’d like,” Zuckerberg said. But while Zynga revenue declined, “revenue from the rest of our gaming partners is up.” dave copeland Tags:#earnings#Facebook#mobile#mobile advertising A Comprehensive Guide to a Content Auditcenter_img Related Posts Facebook is Becoming Less Personal and More Pro… Guide to Performing Bulk Email Verificationlast_img read more

Paes, Stepanek enter US Open men’s doubles final

first_imgLeander Paes put himself in contention for a third US Open men’s doubles title after the Indian and his Czech partner Radek Stepanek entered the final following their rivals’ injury-forced exit from the semifinals here.Fifth seeds Paes and Stepanek were tied 5-5 in the first set when their sixth-seeded rivals Marcel Granollers and Marc Lopez of Spain retired due to injury.The match was halted when Lopez received a lengthy medical timeout due to a calf injury. Two games later, Lopez gestured that he would be unable to continue before limping off the court.The Indian offered his sympathies to Lopez at the end of the proceedings.”I wish Marc all the best because both he and Marcel are great guys,” said Paes afterwards.”This is our livelihood and we come out to work hard and put on a show for you guys, so he definitely deserves respect.”The Indian-Czech team grabbed an early break on Lopez’s serve to lead 2-1 after Stepanek fired a volley at Granollers.Even though the Spanish team had fewer opportunities, they made the most of them. A nine deuce game on Lopez’s next service outing at 2-4 resulted in six missed break point opportunities for Paes and Stepanek.Meanwhile, the fifth seeds converted the lone break point chance they had in the very next game. That levelled the set at 4-4 when Paes dumped a backhand volley into the net.Lopez called the trainer at 5-5, 15-15 to address his calf injury that had begun to affect his movement.He managed to stave off two break points and hold serve, but Paes began hitting drop shots and Lopez was unable to even run for them. When Paes held serve to send the match into a tiebreak, Lopez told his partner that he would be unable to continue.Paes has won two US Open men’s doubles title in 2006 (with Martin Damm) and 2009 (with Lukas Dlouhy), as well as a mixed doubles title in 2008 (with Cara Black).He and Stepanek will play the winner of the semifinal between second seeds Bob and Mike Bryan of the USA, and ninth seeds seeds Jean-Julien Rojer of the Netherlands and Aisam Ul-Haq Qureshi of Pakistan.advertisementlast_img read more

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