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More affordable rental housing for CT

first_img13 May 2011 Affordable rental units in the inner cities would also help alleviate the housing backlog in the country. The project is a partnership between the Department of Human Settlements, its Western Cape counterpart, the National Housing Finance Corporation (NHFC) and the Cape Town Community Housing Company (CTCHC). “Our priority is to ensure that we provide not only decent, but affordable rental units within the city centre in line with our mandate to ensure that people stay nearer to places of work, clinics and schools,” Sexwale told guests at the event. The aim was to build more than 25 000 rental units countrywide over the next three years. Providing affordable rental units “Part of our objective as a department is to ensure that we increase the pace at which we construct and renovate inner city buildings,” Sexwale said. “These houses we are opening today provide exactly that; it gives our people dignity [and] decent shelter at a very affordable rate,” .center_img Sapa Human Settlements Minister Tokyo Sexwale has unveiled 341 new units at the Morgan’s Village III affordable housing project in Mitchells Plain, Cape Town, targeting people earning between R1 500 and R3 500 per month. “Many of our people come to cities for work. They come from different provinces of our country, leaving their homes. What they are looking for is decent and affordable rental options, a place they can put their head down, but a decent place,” Sexwale said. The Morgan’s Village project is the second to be opened by Sexwale in the past two days, the first being in Polokwane. Once complete, the project will consist of 682 mixed development units. Sexwale said the government was increasing the pace of providing affordable rental units within city centres across the country, in line with its programme “to do things differently and faster”.last_img read more

Premiere Pro CS Next: Synchronizing Footage Options for Multi-Cam Projects

first_imgA powerful new feature in the next version of Premiere Pro will aid in synchronizing footage for multi-cam productions. Sync up footage based on AUDIO. In this post we’ll show you how!The next version of Premiere Pro (dubbed “CS Next”) offers up a new way for working with multi camera footage. This ability to auto sync footage based on clip audio will speed up your post production workflow! The first step in working with the new audio sync feature in Premiere Pro is to create a new bin and import all the footage you wish to sync into that bin.Footage to Sync in a New BinNext, right-click on the bin and look for the option ‘Create Multi-Camera Source Sequence…’ option.Right-Click on Bin – Menu OptionsThis will give you the following options box:Create Multi-Camera Source Sequence Options BoxNote all the options to sync your footage multi-cam footage in Premiere Pro (including, In and Out Points and Timecode). The most exciting thing though is you now also have the option to sync the audio of your clips. As an example, if you have lots of different clips say camera phones from a gig and each one is from a different part of the gig you can add them to the bin and still get them to sync perfectly as long as they have audio! Think of the creative possibilities of this function! You can get crowd footage as well as professional footage and create multi-camera perfectly synced sequences.In my Premiere Pro bin I have footage from 2 sources, however, one of them was recorded on a hard drive recording device that uses a FAT32 based file format. Because of the structure of FAT 32, it breaks up the footage into 4 gig clips. So in effect I now have 6 shots or 6 cameras that need to be synchronized!In the dialogue box you will also see that I have the ‘Move source clips to Processed Clips bin’ checked. What this will do is move all clips that have been processed to a new bin created inside your present bin. This shows you instantly is if any clips have not been synchronized for any reason, which you would then either need to sync with another method or sync manually.When you click ‘OK’ you will get the following dialogue box showing the processing progress.Processing – Won’t Take Too LongThis project with 6 cameras and a 20 min talk only took a couple of minutes to process. Once processing has taken place your project panel will look like this:Project Panel After Audio SyncIf you need to ‘tidy up’ your multi-cam sequence you will have to open it with a right-click option (as double clicking it will only open it up in the source monitor).Right-Click Options on Multi-Cam SequenceMulti-Cam Sequence Opened Up in TimelineNotice that the clips for the hard drive recorder are perfectly lined up showing a perfect sync. Also, each 4 gigabyte section has been treated as a separate camera. For my purposes I will need to move all the 4G clips onto one video track as they are all part of the same talk.Clips Moved to a Single Video TrackNow I am ready to move ahead with my multi-cam edit.First, right click on the Multi-Camera sequence in your project panel and choose ‘New Sequence From Clip’.This will create the sequence that you will actually do your multi-cam edit with. Now you need to look for the little spanner icon at the bottom of the ‘Program Monitor’, click on that and choose ‘Multi-Camera’ which is about a third of the way down the list.Spanner Menu in Program MonitorThis opens the Multi-Camera window inside of the Program monitor (a change to the workflow for CS6).Multi-Camera Window in Program MonitorYou may notice that the clips are not well matched because of a white balance issue – this was addressed with RE:Visions’ RE:Match plug-in in a previous blog post.When multicam editing in Premiere Pro, you can switch between cameras by either clicking on the camera you want to use in the left hand side of the program monitor or use the keyboard shortcuts (which are 1 – 9 in the normal part of your keyboard, not the num pad). Once you hit the play button or push the space bar or ‘L’ to play your timeline any change you make to the active camera will be recorded and you will be making your multi-camera edit.Multi-Cam Edits in the TimelineThis new multicam feature in Premiere Pro will quickly synchronize a footage bin and (especially to synchronize by audio) and is a timesaving addition to Premiere Pro. Now that you know how to use this feature and the small changes to the multi camera workflow, you should be up and running as soon as the new version is available to the public!last_img read more

The end of dadagiri

first_imgMinutes before Sourav Ganguly’s name was to be called on the rebound during the Indian Premier League (IPL) bidding process at Bangalore, Sahara India chairman Subrata Roy requested his son Seemanto to make one last effort to include the former Indian captain in the Pune Warriors team. “Then you should,Minutes before Sourav Ganguly’s name was to be called on the rebound during the Indian Premier League (IPL) bidding process at Bangalore, Sahara India chairman Subrata Roy requested his son Seemanto to make one last effort to include the former Indian captain in the Pune Warriors team. “Then you should leave me out mate,” quipped coach Geoff Marsh who sat next to Roy Jr at the table.Sourav GangulyWhy Ganguly was droppedPlayed very little competitive cricket since 2008Often argues with coach over team selectionOften involved in dressing room politicsRarely cared about the brand image of KKRHigh base price of Rs 1.86 croreSeconds later, auctioneer Richard Madeley threw a white cricket ball into the basket, declaring Ganguly unsold, having failed to attract a single bid from any of the 10 franchises, including Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) that he had fondly shaped four years ago with filmstar Shah Rukh Khan and his investors.Ganguly, watching the proceedings on television at his home, did not react on his Black Sunday. He later played a game of basketball with his daughter Sana and her friends and switched off his handset to avoid repeated calls from prying reporters who had gate-crashed his south Kolkata home.Almost 48 hours later, a crestfallen Ganguly told the owner of a sports channel, “I was dropped unceremoniously. It is sad and should not have happened; it is humiliating.” He was one of the icon players when Lalit Modi started the cash-rich league and held his usual, celebrity-infested reality auctions for low-brow television. Now, the same Ganguly was among the three of the 48 capped Indian players up for auction but who remained unsold, the others being Wasim Jaffer and VRV Singh. Worse for him and his supporters was the selection of Rahul Dravid and VVS Laxman, both members of the 35-plus brigade.advertisementShah Rukh KhanAs the two-day bidding process got over, it was clear that Ganguly will not be playing in the fourth edition of the world’s richest cricket league. Subrata Roy made one last effort on January 12, faxing Ganguly an offer letter to join the board of directors of Sahara Adventure Sports that owns the Pune Warriors team.It seemed like a backdoor call to get Ganguly into the IPL and many wondered whether it would be wise for Ganguly to accept such an offer at a time when KKR remains non-committal. “The decision was purely professional, our focus is on young players,” said KKR director Joy Bhattacharya. Agrees former Indian captain Bishen Singh Bedi, “How can Ganguly handle the Twenty20 pressures? He has not played competitive cricket for the last two years.” The veteran spinner found support from Anil Kumble, chief decision maker of Royal Challengers Bangalore, “It is the new reality of modern cricket. The franchises are looking at three years and not one year.”KKR owner Shah Rukh Khan, who flew to South Africa a day before the start of the auction, merely told reporters in Durban that he would meet Ganguly on his return to ease tensions in Kolkata where fans threatened boycott of KKR matches. Though Ganguly’s supporters argued that the former Indian captain had immensely enhanced KKR’s brand value, the professional management brought in by the owners thought exactly the opposite. Come to think of it, wasn’t KKR the only franchise that didn’t have any of its owners at the auction?Subrata Roy has now requested Ganguly to join the board of directors of Sahara Adventure Sports that owns Pune Warriors. Yet, speculation continued as to why everyone ignored Ganguly. Members of some of the IPL teams confirmed that the former Indian captain’s backroom politics often created serious problems, both on and off the field. “He is a dangerous person to have in the dressing room, often instigating one player against another. And such politicking is routine with him.He comes with a lot of baggage,” remarked a KKR insider, adding, “Age was never an issue for dropping him. It was his attitude. Everyone in Indian cricket is aware of his dressing room politics.” Incidents of such tension between Ganguly and other players were evident during the previous IPL editions when Shah Rukh Khan had to replace him as the captain of the side with New Zealander Brendon McCullum.There were other reasons as well. Ganguly, despite being an integral part of KKR, had started discussing a possible shift to Pune Warriors months before IPL 4 was being planned. “He was being told by the KKR bosses that they would like to have him in a mentor’s role and groom the side but he would not play. He said nothing to that offer,” 66 INDIA TODAY . JANUARY 24, 2011 Cricket IPL said Bhattacharya. Immediately after the weekend auction, KKR CEO Venky Mysore said: “It’s something he will have to think about and if he is interested, I couldn’t be happier.” A sulking Ganguly did not respond.advertisementFor Pune Warriors, the issue was even trickier. Ganguly, long associated with the group, had played the Bengali card well enough with the Roys and was almost guaranteed a place in the side till Marsh played spoilsport and raised serious fitness and man-management issues. The coach, it is reliably learnt, also touched upon the issue of the fees that Ganguly, for reasons known best to him, suddenly raised to Rs 1.86 crore. But nothing was put on paper.Even the Sahara Group, which Ganguly till recently considered his safest batting ground, remained neutral in the blame game. “How can we take him when the chief coach and his juniors are totally against him? It is not as if all 10 franchises had gone to the auction with a mindset that the likes of Ganguly, Chris Gayle, Mark Boucher and Brian Lara were not to be touched. The coach is the best person to pick the side,” said Abhijit Sarkar of the Lucknow-based group.No one disputes Sarkar. The fourth auction round, minus the glitz and glamour that accompanied the previous ones, predictably demolished all existing myths about the sport and business. Any sentimental value of legends up for auction was drowned within the first hour. There was a growing realisation that it is safer to invest in Indians than chase overseas mirages. Even Delhi’s Gautam Gambhir did not think he would lead the pack of multi-millionaires with a whopping $2.4 million (Rs 11.04 crore), followed by Yusuf Pathan and Robin Uthappa $2.1 million (Rs 9.66 crore) and Rohit Sharma $2 million (Rs 9.20 crore).Three others – Irfan Pathan, Yuvraj Singh and Saurabh Tiwari – are also not very far from the $2-million mark. “Contrasting these figures with the highest paid overseas player, Mahela Jayawardene ($1.5 million), and the other two foreigners, David Hussey and Dale Steyn, in the $1-million bracket, will give you an instant insight into the mindset of the moneybags controlling the franchises,” said Alan Wilkins, veteran cricket commentator with ESPN Star Sports, the world’s largest sport broadcaster, adding, “Remember Mahendra Singh Dhoni got $1.5 million in 2008 and Andrew Flintoff and Kevin Pietersen’s price tag was $1.55 million the following year.Now you have a clutch of brash young kids bought for over $2 million each. This trend will continue in coming years as well, as this league is meant for youngsters.” Wilkins knows his IPL. The league is no longer an audacious and untested experiment where the portfolio concentration was on a high-risk, high-return strategy with teams built around a few stars. With the proportion of the budget used to buy the five most expensive players falling sharply, the IPL 4 auction was more about building winning selections than thirsting for marquee crowd-pullers. “It is like a mutual fund manager designing his equity portfolio.advertisementIt’s obvious that IPL team owners will behave like venture capitalists,” said noted cricket analyst Harsha Bhogle. “Forget the stars and let’s focus on the unknowns whose valuations have soared in successive IPL auctions.” Bhogle pointed out that 20 players had seen a 10-time salary hike, eight saw their valuations increase between 500 and 1,000 per cent and 21 saw their valuations increase between 100 and 500 per cent since the cashhappy IPL started.Expectedly, the upshot in the new list of stars has forced some dropouts: Ganguly is one of them. Spare a teardrop for his farewell. No wonder, Kolkata’s widely circulated Ananda Bazar Patrika cryptically commented: “There’s no life after death.”last_img read more

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