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Zidane is no longer ‘the aligner’

first_imgIt has been a malicious and habitual cantinela with Zidane, that of what is an alignment coach. A mere player manager, with schematic and almost robotic plans. But if something is showing this Zizou after his three Champions, is that perhaps that glamor covered the tactical virtues of Marseille. In Jeddah and in the 1-3 coral Valencia, he finished rounding his color palette: he modified his 4-4-2 with which he was feeling so comfortable to pull a 4-5-1 that minimized the absence of Benzema . A coach resource.“How will you place them on the field?” A Saudi journalist asked when the white eleven was announced for the semi-final of the Super Cup. TAnto midfielder caught by surprise. But it is based in part on what has been learned. Zidane borrowed the Ancelotti Christmas Tree, the scheme that led Carletto to win his second Champions League, in 2007. A system that is rather a 4-3-2-1 (drawn on the paper is shaped like a spruce, hence the name of ‘Christmas Tree’ that occurred to the Italian). * Data updated as of January 9, 2020 Zidane arrived in Madrid with an obvious corset: the BBC. “It’s untouchable,” he said (or had to say) every press conference. Benzema was and is immovable, Cristiano was the cannon and as soon as Bale faltered, cracks were opened for his idea of ​​a football with more packaging. There are the Cardiff and Kiev finals.That plan, the 4-4-2 with a recovered Isco, surprised Tuchel in the PSG soccer dance at the Bernabéu in 2-2 and this evolution towards the overpopulation of midfielders seen in Saudi Arabia also seems to have caught Celades off guard, as much as the coach said that not after the game: “It was a possibility we contemplated.”Before Valencia, the sometimes misleading statistics of possession was telling. Madrid had the ball 61.6% of the time. There was also ball hunger. He stole 21 more than the Valencianists. Zizou deactivated Parejo in a simple but effective way: making him run after Kroos, Modric and Isco. The Croatian and the Malaga, almost second points. Not even a harmless Jovic torpedoed the plan.A symphonic Madrid where Zidane, to whom there are still those who assume little tactical libretto and who has overcome the opposite of not having his desired Pogba, wrote a score that can lead him to win this new Super Cup. And who knows what else.center_img Spain Supercuplast_img read more

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