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Gamified CAPTCHAs dispense with distorted text

first_imgThe CAPTCHA is perhaps a necessary evil in our world. After all, how else are we supposed to know if someone is a robot or not? Now a new take on these human tests might save us from squinting at blurry squiggles, trying to determine if that’s a ‘3’ or a ‘B.’ Instead, you’ll just play a minigame.The gamified CAPTCHA would consist of a small interactive web element that has you complete some sort of simple task. You might have to click on different locations, or drag something across the screen. Whether you’re putting salad cream on a sandwich, per the example, or feeding a virtual fish, the goal is still to prove that you’re a flesh and blood human that can follow instructions better than a machine.A computer might not be great at recognizing distorted text, but the new CAPTCHAs developed by UK-based Future Ad Labs have another layer. Even if a computer can decypher and input text, it might not have the capacity to interact properly with a game, which requires much more complicated pattern recognition. That’s just a bonus, of course. The main benefit is that gamified CAPTCHAs are not as annoying for real people to use.Gamified CAPTCHAs might have a better chance of catching on thanks to the potential for product placement. Heinz is one of the first companies to sign up for the CAPTCHA games, thus the salad cream. Some companies are sure to jump at the chance to better imprint their products and name on your brain. And the poor souls being paid by spammers to complete CAPTCHAs will have a little more enjoyment in their lives too.last_img read more

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