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Limerick TD highlights hauliers’ warning of threat to exports amid COVID-19…

first_imgLimerick health chiefs urge public not to withhold information on virus contacts, as they investigate “complex and serious outbreaks” across midwest region Institute of Public Health addresses loneliness as a challenge to national health in light of Covid-19 restrictions Advertisement TAGSbusinessCoronavirusCovid 19Irelandlimeric kcity and countyNews Covid antibody testing opens to public at Shannon Airport BusinessNewsLimerick TD highlights hauliers’ warning of threat to exports amid COVID-19 crisisBy Cian Reinhardt – April 6, 2020 569 Facebook Print Twitter WhatsAppcenter_img ‘Everything tells us we are moving forward’ Government announces phased easing of public health restrictions Email RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR Linkedin Limerick Fianna Fáil TD Niall CollinsA FIANNA Fáil TD has said hauliers are warning that exports could come under threat as the COVID-19 crisis continues.Niall Collins TD is calling on the government to ensure that the industry is protected so that supply chains can remain operational.Sign up for the weekly Limerick Post newsletter Sign Up Deputy Collins explained he had been contacted by a number of hauliers who are “very concerned” about the impact the COVID-19 pandemic is having on their own businesses as well as the “knock-on impacts” the issue could have on the wider economy and jobs.The Limerick County representative said, “The hauliers say they are able to bring the exports to the continent, but the issues are arising when they are trying to make their way back.“They’re reporting long delays, with trucks having to remain on mainland Europe for days on end.  Some are even having to come home without a full load.”Deputy Collins said these setbacks are “adding a substantial cost” on the companies which are “expressing concern about the future of road exports”.“While the hauliers are raising this issue, it goes far beyond the sector,” he said, adding, “Many other industries, particularly agriculture and food, are dependent on hauliers to bring their produce to Europe.  Other small businesses will also be affected.“I am calling on the government to engage with the haulage industry and see what options are open to them.“If this situation continues to deteriorate, it will have a serious knock-on effect on our supply chains, our agriculture and food sector and small businesses, who are managing to continue to trade through this crisis” Mass COVID testing to take place at University of Limerick following fresh outbreak of virus among student population Previous articleSurviving the Shock Mindfully with Gerry RafteryNext articleLimerick Post Show | Damien Clarke of Zeminar Cian Reinhardthttp://www.limerickpost.ieJournalist & Digital Media Coordinator. Covering human interest and social issues as well as creating digital content to accompany news stories. [email protected] last_img read more

Sex, Drugs and the Mujahedeen

first_imgWhat do you mean you didn’t know that Tom Hanks singled-handedly ended the Cold War? This strange black comedy focuses on the covert machinations of the US government in the Soviet-Afghan war of the ‘80s, which seem absurd enough to be unbelievable, but we are assured are almost entirely true. The film begins with a military ceremony honouring Congressman Charlie Wilson (Hanks) for bringing down Communism – a more traditional conflict for American war movies. The music swells, the crowd cheer, and it seems possible that this is going to be another of those Captain America war films which the US seems to be mass producing. We leave our expectations behind, however, in the next scene, where we start at the beginning in 1980. We find this same congressman learning of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan on a TV broadcast, whilst at a Las Vegas hot-tub party surrounded by strippers and lines of cocaine. This Texan lothario, whose greatest achievement in his six terms as a congressman, as it is commented later, ‘is being re-elected five times’ is prodded into action by born-again socialite and Charlie’s sometime lover Joanne Herring (Julia Roberts) and grumpy CIA operative Gust Avrakotos (Philip Seymour Hoffman). Charlie’s initial sympathy for the plight of the Afghans transforms into a decade of struggle to increase the US budget for covertly arming the Afghan Mujahedeen. Screenwriter Aaron Sorkin, wellversed in political satire from the acclaimed TV series The West Wing, brings his typical high-brow, rapidfire dialogue and humour to even the most intense moments. A terse conversation between Charlie and President Zia of Pakistan for instance, becomes bafflingly funny. The film reconciles the poignant and the humorous, and creates an incisive, entertaining black comedy. The same cannot be said of the character of Charlie Wilson, whose party-hard bravado is never quite resolved with the great man he somehow becomes. Hanks relaxes into the role enough to make him likeable, at least. However, there’s little chemistry between Hanks and Roberts, who is also plausible, if too brittle and entirely overshadowed by her blonde, gravity-defying bouffant. It is Hoffman who shines, with his disgruntled frustration and sarcasm, perfect for Sorkin’s style. While the victory seems clear cut, what is curiously not specifically mentioned is that the Afghan freedom fighters the US financed became the core of Al-Qaeda, a bitter irony which one would expect the filmmakers to exploit. As Charlie puts it, ‘we fucked up the endgame.’ While some might say the same about the ending of Charlie Wilson’s War, the saving graces are the subtle, yet emotive hints at the fate which America had in store, and may suffer again if lessons aren’t learnt. by Laura Williamslast_img read more

Smarter Is Better: Progress Made and Opportunity Ahead With AI and Machine Learning

first_imgArtificial intelligence, machine learning and big data have been making big headlines for the last few years – and for good reason. The amount of data being generated climbs every year thanks to the estimated 20 billion connected devices we’ll see by the year 2020…which is only a little more than two years away. Fast forward to 2050 – we’re looking at one trillion connected devices and “things.”All that data – combined with advancements in processing and compute power, and cloud computing – has made artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning innovation possible. These technologies are game-changers for machine automation and productivity. We’re giving machines the ability to learn and think – just like we do as humans.The devices, cars, and systems we rely on are getting smarter – with intelligence and compute power that can analyze data and patterns to help make informed decisions that lead to tangible business outcomes. Think about the last time you shopped online and that recommendation for an additional purchase was spot on, or your favorite music app served up the right song at the right time. How’d they know? These are simple examples, but what they have in common are systems that quickly make sense of data and patterns to predict what you need and want, when you need and want it.  And for enterprise organizations – that’s a huge competitive advantage when it comes to customer loyalty, engagement and satisfaction.These advancements are more than 50 years in the making, with some of the world’s brightest minds and visionaries in history – from Alan Turing to Ray Kurzweil and Stephen Hawking – pushing the limits (and philosophical debates) on what’s possible with algorithms and code.And while the thought of singularity and AI-powered humanoids is fantastic science fiction and makes for great TV and movies – what I’m most excited about is the way AI and machine learning are going to bring real business and personal value to our everyday lives right now, and in the future. By the time we hit 2030, we’ll be working alongside machines in ways we once only dreamed about. The way we learn, work, bank, commute – even how we experience the routine health check-up, all changes.“…what I’m most excited about is the way AI and machine learning are going to bring real business and personal value to our everyday lives…ShareI also spend a lot of time thinking about how we take all those AI smarts and integrate them as part of the products and services that we deliver.As a 30-year veteran, I’ve had a front-row seat to this evolution – but haven’t just watched.  The collective businesses that make up Dell Technologies’ have anticipated the trends, and played a role in computing and data center innovation that now spans compute and processing, data, AI, machine learning and analytics to deliver an entire end-to-end IT infrastructure from the edge to the core to the cloud that makes Digital Transformation possible.  In fact, our Products and Operations organization is the only one of its kind to look across the entire IT infrastructure and deliver the solutions and services that combined, are a game-changing force for our customers.For instance:Our infrastructure solutions are getting smarter about data by learning from data. For example, we’re bringing more autonomous storage capabilities into our SC All Flash portfolio that can quickly make a decision about how and where data should be stored and protected based on its unique characteristics – critical when you think about the huge sets of data AI and machine learning are dependent upon.We recently announced new Ready Bundles for Machine and Deep Learning to make high-performance computing (HPC) more accessible for organizations, delivering faster, better and deeper data insights that advance analytics for business intelligence.We’re collaborating with Toshiba Digital Solutions to build AI for mission-critical use cases, such as preventive maintenance, crime prevention, disaster recovery, cyber security, demand prediction and transportation quality improvement.We’re going all in on IoT with a brand new division dedicated to helping our customers maximize their opportunity in the market with services, solutions and financing options. For instance, did you ever think you could make kale taste better and grow at scale in an urban warehouse through the power of analytics? Well, that’s exactly what AeroFarms is doing with our edge computing solutions and VMware at the heart of their IT operation.We’re bringing AI-driven productivity to PC computing with Dell Precision Optimizer that uses machine learning and cognitive technologies to automatically set up the desktop experience based on what it’s learned about the usage of that workstation and the necessary performance. And it learns over time, automatically adjusting every time a user logs in – driving speed in productivity and worker satisfaction.And, we’re changing how often you have to change that laptop battery with machine learning built right into the battery pack, firing up and down based on peak usage hours and activities.Where’s all this going?Dell EMC CTO John Roese recently discussed how AI will do the thinking tasks while we humans can dedicate our brain power to more sophisticated tasks – or even earn ourselves a little more R&R to work better and smarter. We can let the machines multi-task a bit more, and we as humans can start to focus more on how to apply the learnings and data that our machine counterparts present to solve some of the biggest challenges in society – be it a more sustainable way to make plastic and keep it out of the ocean, or how to predict where natural disasters may strike next.Early signs of AI for good is what Pivotal did with their client the Circular Board – together they launched Alice – the first-ever artificial intelligence platform to connect women entrepreneurs in real time with the resources they need to scale based on start-up stage, location, industry, revenue and individual needs. As Alice populates, machine learning will allow her to predict founders’ needs to guide them to referrals, events, mentors and even access to capital.These are just a few of the ways Dell Technologies is driving the AI and machine learning evolution. And we’re just getting started. Every day we are learning new things, and with the help of our machine partners, the opportunities ahead are endless.And this is just the beginning of the conversation – we’ll be talking a lot more about how customers are using AI and machine learning in powerful yet practical ways…and not just from me, but from our CTOs and Fellows (the leading experts on this stuff :)) who are at the forefront of turning artificial intelligence into business and life intelligence.last_img read more

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