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Dedupe + Compression in Dell EMC Unity All-Flash Storage Boosts Efficiency for Midrange Storage Workloads

first_imgWhen customers purchase data storage systems, there are multiple factors in the buying decision.  Features, of course, but customers “buy” into more than just the current set of available features.  They’re buying not just for today; they want to know what’s next for the product.  At Dell EMC, we’ve always been customer focused and we’d like to give our customers and partners more insight into our future plans for Dell EMC’s midrange portfolio.  In today’s blog, we’ll highlight efficiency in our Midrange portfolio with a spotlight on our deduplication plans for Dell EMC Unity, our latest enhancement coming to the industry’s #1 midrange storage portfolio[i].  By combining deduplication and compression, we can offer customers ultra-efficient storage for a wide range of workloads and applications.Forthcoming Functionality Increases Efficiency Even FurtherWe’re excited to announce that later this year we’ll unveil our data deduplication capabilities in Dell EMC Unity.  We wanted to give an early glimpse into this technology which will help our customers further advance their IT modernization efforts. These new features leverage a variety of advanced patents to eliminate redundant data. They are optimized to ensure the most efficient use of available hardware resources.  In fact, we’ll support these improvements for all current and previous generations of Dell EMC Unity.Dell EMC engineers designed the code to be an extension of inline compression so that applications that have compression enabled will automatically get more efficient. Best of all, deduplication will be available as a no-cost, non-disruptive upgrade. We’re really happy we can deliver the consistent performance levels that our customers expect while lowering costs – a win-win situation.Midrange Portfolio Delivers Exceptional Efficiency TodayToday, customers can reduce their costs at every phase of their IT projects with our industry-leading midrange storage products, Dell EMC Unity and SC Series (Compellent).  These products give exceptional efficiency already.  Across the board, we offer a range of data reduction features such as thin provisioning, data tiering and space-efficient snapshots that can reduce the cost of storage and maximize overall capacity.  We offer software efficiencies through intelligent data reduction technologies which are backed by the Dell EMC All Flash Storage Efficiency Guarantee  offering a 4:1 efficiency savings benefit.  For lowering longer term lifecycle costs, we offer platform migration and data-in-place upgrades. Together with the Dell EMC Integrated Offerings portfolio, we can extend the management, mobility and data protection capabilities of our customer’s systems.  The addition of deduplication makes the current portfolio even better.Automate Your Cost Savings with SC SeriesWe believe the Dell EMC SC Series today offers customers the most flexible flash architecture on the market.  With intelligent data tiering running behind the scenes and always-on thin provisioning, customers benefit from the lowest cost flash on the market[i].  Other features offer built-in federation to recommend and live-transfer volumes to an optimal SC system automatically.  Together, these give exceptional operational and cost efficiencies to enterprises of all sizes.Simplify and Unify Your Storage with Dell EMC UnityDell EMC Unity is a fully unified, dense 2U system that offers an exceptional feature set, built-in migration capabilities from Dell EMC VNX storage arrays, compression, and built-in data at-rest encryption ([email protected]).  Our compression has been measured at third-party labs to show a 2.5X higher compression rate than HPE 3PAR. [ii]  With tiering to public or private cloud storage, your snapshots can live forever.  This gives recovery options that weren’t possible in previous products.Our customers are truly excited about the benefits they are getting from both Dell EMC Unity and SC Series:“With Dell EMC Unity, we get enhanced performance as well as a number of features that make life easier for me. As an IT manager in a small organization I wear about 10 hats and the modernity, simplicity, affordability and flexibility of Dell EMC Unity helps me to achieve more with limited resources.” – Madsen Wikholm, IT Manager, Society of Swedish Literature in Finland“We chose SC Series storage because dollar for dollar, Dell EMC SC arrays were the most cost-effective and they provide a great roadmap for longevity.” – Steve Athanas, Director of Platforms & Systems Engineering, UMASS LowellBut our customers now want us to take this a step further.  With the latest Dell EMC Unity release, we’re making system administrators more efficient and effective with faster installation setup wizards and new features with Dell EMC CloudIQ. Setup takes only 10 minutes and configuration just another 15 minutes.  So customers are up-and-running in less than 30 minutes.  Together, these advances help system administrators become more efficient, adding value to the business so they can focus on strategic initiatives and spend much less time on storage management.  The next step in the efficiency evolution is continuing to provide the most data-efficient platform available.When our customers made the decision to purchase Dell EMC, they embarked with us on a long-term partnership.  In that kind of relationship, strong communication is key.  With great new technologies coming from Dell EMC, we’ll share more information with our customers and our partners as we reach the next milestone on our IT Transformation journey. Stay tuned.____________________________________________________________[i] Dell internal analysis, April 2017.Estimated street price, net effective capacity after 5:1 data reduction including 5 years of 7x24x4-hour on-site support.[ii] “Handle transaction workloads and data mart loads with better performance”, a Principled Technologies report, June 2017, page 2: read more

Smarter Is Better: Progress Made and Opportunity Ahead With AI and Machine Learning

first_imgArtificial intelligence, machine learning and big data have been making big headlines for the last few years – and for good reason. The amount of data being generated climbs every year thanks to the estimated 20 billion connected devices we’ll see by the year 2020…which is only a little more than two years away. Fast forward to 2050 – we’re looking at one trillion connected devices and “things.”All that data – combined with advancements in processing and compute power, and cloud computing – has made artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning innovation possible. These technologies are game-changers for machine automation and productivity. We’re giving machines the ability to learn and think – just like we do as humans.The devices, cars, and systems we rely on are getting smarter – with intelligence and compute power that can analyze data and patterns to help make informed decisions that lead to tangible business outcomes. Think about the last time you shopped online and that recommendation for an additional purchase was spot on, or your favorite music app served up the right song at the right time. How’d they know? These are simple examples, but what they have in common are systems that quickly make sense of data and patterns to predict what you need and want, when you need and want it.  And for enterprise organizations – that’s a huge competitive advantage when it comes to customer loyalty, engagement and satisfaction.These advancements are more than 50 years in the making, with some of the world’s brightest minds and visionaries in history – from Alan Turing to Ray Kurzweil and Stephen Hawking – pushing the limits (and philosophical debates) on what’s possible with algorithms and code.And while the thought of singularity and AI-powered humanoids is fantastic science fiction and makes for great TV and movies – what I’m most excited about is the way AI and machine learning are going to bring real business and personal value to our everyday lives right now, and in the future. By the time we hit 2030, we’ll be working alongside machines in ways we once only dreamed about. The way we learn, work, bank, commute – even how we experience the routine health check-up, all changes.“…what I’m most excited about is the way AI and machine learning are going to bring real business and personal value to our everyday lives…ShareI also spend a lot of time thinking about how we take all those AI smarts and integrate them as part of the products and services that we deliver.As a 30-year veteran, I’ve had a front-row seat to this evolution – but haven’t just watched.  The collective businesses that make up Dell Technologies’ have anticipated the trends, and played a role in computing and data center innovation that now spans compute and processing, data, AI, machine learning and analytics to deliver an entire end-to-end IT infrastructure from the edge to the core to the cloud that makes Digital Transformation possible.  In fact, our Products and Operations organization is the only one of its kind to look across the entire IT infrastructure and deliver the solutions and services that combined, are a game-changing force for our customers.For instance:Our infrastructure solutions are getting smarter about data by learning from data. For example, we’re bringing more autonomous storage capabilities into our SC All Flash portfolio that can quickly make a decision about how and where data should be stored and protected based on its unique characteristics – critical when you think about the huge sets of data AI and machine learning are dependent upon.We recently announced new Ready Bundles for Machine and Deep Learning to make high-performance computing (HPC) more accessible for organizations, delivering faster, better and deeper data insights that advance analytics for business intelligence.We’re collaborating with Toshiba Digital Solutions to build AI for mission-critical use cases, such as preventive maintenance, crime prevention, disaster recovery, cyber security, demand prediction and transportation quality improvement.We’re going all in on IoT with a brand new division dedicated to helping our customers maximize their opportunity in the market with services, solutions and financing options. For instance, did you ever think you could make kale taste better and grow at scale in an urban warehouse through the power of analytics? Well, that’s exactly what AeroFarms is doing with our edge computing solutions and VMware at the heart of their IT operation.We’re bringing AI-driven productivity to PC computing with Dell Precision Optimizer that uses machine learning and cognitive technologies to automatically set up the desktop experience based on what it’s learned about the usage of that workstation and the necessary performance. And it learns over time, automatically adjusting every time a user logs in – driving speed in productivity and worker satisfaction.And, we’re changing how often you have to change that laptop battery with machine learning built right into the battery pack, firing up and down based on peak usage hours and activities.Where’s all this going?Dell EMC CTO John Roese recently discussed how AI will do the thinking tasks while we humans can dedicate our brain power to more sophisticated tasks – or even earn ourselves a little more R&R to work better and smarter. We can let the machines multi-task a bit more, and we as humans can start to focus more on how to apply the learnings and data that our machine counterparts present to solve some of the biggest challenges in society – be it a more sustainable way to make plastic and keep it out of the ocean, or how to predict where natural disasters may strike next.Early signs of AI for good is what Pivotal did with their client the Circular Board – together they launched Alice – the first-ever artificial intelligence platform to connect women entrepreneurs in real time with the resources they need to scale based on start-up stage, location, industry, revenue and individual needs. As Alice populates, machine learning will allow her to predict founders’ needs to guide them to referrals, events, mentors and even access to capital.These are just a few of the ways Dell Technologies is driving the AI and machine learning evolution. And we’re just getting started. Every day we are learning new things, and with the help of our machine partners, the opportunities ahead are endless.And this is just the beginning of the conversation – we’ll be talking a lot more about how customers are using AI and machine learning in powerful yet practical ways…and not just from me, but from our CTOs and Fellows (the leading experts on this stuff :)) who are at the forefront of turning artificial intelligence into business and life intelligence.last_img read more

Power as Big as Your Ideas

first_imgThe family that brought you the world’s smallest, the world’s thinnest and lightest, the world’s most manageable, the world’s most powerful AND the world’s first Ready for VR mobile workstations is at it again, this time with faster memory, professional-grade graphics and the latest 8th Gen Intel® Core™ i7+ vPro™ processor and Intel® Xeon® processor that are unsurpassed.With an impressive industrial design and innovative features to boost performance, like the Dell Precision Optimizer and 4K InfinityEdge display, this new series of fully customizable Dell Precision mobile workstations is perfect for both creative collaborations and for running the most demanding professional software. Our high-end 7000 Series are also up to 15 percent smaller in size, so your customers can now handle bulky projects without the bulky hardware.On top of that, each of these workstations is certified with the professional applications your customers need to deliver their best work. Together with a complete array of accessories, including state-of-the-art docking solutions, it’s easy to see why Dell Precision workstations are the #1 workstations in the world.Where the Competition Can’t CompeteDell Precision has many advantages over its competitors – one being Dell Precision Optimizer. Your customers shouldn’t have to waste hours manually setting up their workstations just to get the best possible Independent Software Vendor (ISV) application performance when they can set it up at the touch of a button. The Dell Precision Optimizer will automatically tune their Dell Precision workstation to the software they’re using, delivering performance gains of up to 394 percent2 and allowing them to get on with their mission-critical work. Our top competitor can’t come close to that claim.3 If that’s not enough, the latest version of Dell Precision Optimizer will use machine learning to identify optimization opportunities and apply performance improvements as it runs.You can further help get your customers’ Dell Precision workstations up and running faster than ever before with ProDeploy Plus. With ProDeploy Plus your customers can save up to 35 percent of deployment time4. We load their image on their new Dell Precisions in our factory which accelerates the deployment of software like heavy CAD and design packages. Your customers receive their workstations ready to use straight from the factory. They’ll also receive a single point of contact for project management and service delivery, including up-front deployment planning, configuration, data migration and knowledge transfer. Precision Peripherals With a PurposeThe days of eDocks on our Dell Precisions are a thing of the past. And although this takes some getting used to, the benefits are undeniable. Our Dell Thunderbolt™ Dock allows your customers to connect their Dell Precision to a single data and power source that delivers up to 130W of power for the ultimate display performance. Your customers will enjoy faster data transfers and up to three FHD displays or two 4K displays. Customers can keep their performance topped up with Dell ExpressCharge™ technology, which can charge their Precision battery up to 80 percent capacity in about an hour and to full capacity in 2 hours5.Speaking of displays, the Dell 27” UltraSharp Monitor with Premier Color (UP2716D) is the perfect display for ideal color coverage and incredible clarity on color-critical projects. Your customers can realize their creations in real time and enjoy an exceptional viewing experience made possible by ultrathin bezels, stunning resolution and ultrawide viewing.Whether your end users are designers, video and photo editors, engineers or architects, having access to an interactive workspace that lets them naturally create in the digital world is an incredible advantage. The Dell Precision 5000 or 7000 Series can help break the boundaries of their traditional workspace when it powers the Dell Canvas. The revolutionary “do” surface interacts seamlessly with Dell Precision workstations to encourage hands-on collaboration with 20 points of touch recognition for exact replication of what was imagined.VR and AR Solutions for ProfessionalsWe work closely with our hardware and software partners to bring you Ready for VR solutions optimized for creation and utilization in collaboration with professional ISV applications.The new Dell Precision mobile workstation series is the perfect platform for virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) content creation and advanced commercial visualization. They’ve been upgraded with the latest 8th Gen Intel® Core™ i7+ vPro™ processor and Intel® Xeon® processor that have more cores and performance for multi-threaded applications that are ideal for professional modeling, analysis and calculations. But don’t take our word for it; try out our Dell Precision virtual reality game to get your sales team engaged with the latest suite of products.Communicate With PrecisionWe’ve created a set of marketing assets that will help expand your revenue potential by pinpointing your customer communication on the benefits of the new Dell Precision mobile workstations.You can add your own personal touch to these marcom assets for deeper engagement, while the quick-reference call scripts provided will equip your sales force with the right answers when engaging customers.All the assets are available for download on the Digital Marketing Platform, so that you can deploy the email and social content directly to your customers from the tool.If you don’t have access to the Digital Marketing Platform, please register here.You can also download the newest Dell Precision Family Brochure now available and tune into the webinar find out how you can transform your customers’ workplace into a hub of productivity.___________________________________________________________________________________________________1 IDC WW Quarterly Workstation Tracker, Q3 2017, November 2017, Statistical tie with HP Inc. Based on Units sold.2 Based on Dell internal testing, July 2017, using the SPECapc Creo 3.0 Wireframe Graphics benchmark test comparing a Dell Precision 7920 Rack with Dell Precision Optimizer vs. the same system with factory standard settings. Actual performance will vary based on usage, configuration, and manufacturing variability.3 In comparison to Hewett-Packard’s Performance Advisor (HPPA) UI, which offers no auto tuning.4 Based on May 2016 Principled Technologies Report commissioned by Dell. Testing results extrapolated from a 10-system deployment to project time savings for larger deployment compared to in-house manual deployment. Actual results will vary. Full report5 Dell ExpressCharge dramatically reduces time to charge – get up to 80% of your Dell system charged in an hour and fully charged within 2 hours. Based on Dell internal analysis, November 2017.last_img read more

2 dead, 3 hurt in shooting outside Pennsylvania strip club

first_imgMCKEES ROCKS, Pa. (AP) — Gunfire early Friday left two people dead and three wounded outside a strip club in western Pennsylvania, authorities said.,According to the Allegheny County Police Department, first responders found five victims suffering from gunshot wounds.,Two men were pronounced dead at the scene in McKees Rocks. Three other adults were taken to hospitals for treatment. Their conditions were not known.,Authorities have not released any names.,Homicide detectives were investigating and no other information was available.last_img

Cicely Tyson, her memoir just out, was active to the end

first_imgNEW YORK (AP) — Cicely Tyson was active to the end, in the middle of promoting her memoir “Just As I Am” when she died at age 96. Published earlier this week, “Just As I Am” was No. 1 on within hours of her death Thursday, displacing a bound edition of Amanda Gorman’s inaugural poem “The Hill We Climb.” Many media outlets had been celebrating Tyson and her memoir. “CBS This Morning” put online its week-old interview with Tyson, in which she was asked what it was she wanted the world to remember about her. “I’ve done my best. That’s all.” she said..last_img

UN: Central African Republic faces dire humanitarian plight

first_imgUNITED NATIONS (AP) — The United Nations says violence-torn Central African Republic is facing an increasingly dire humanitarian situation with high insecurity on the main supply route from Cameroon blocking humanitarian deliveries. U.N. spokesman Stephane Dujarric said Monday that prices for basic foods have nearly doubled and sometimes tripled. He says this is happening as 2.3 million people are already projected to need food, while rapid assessments show “alarming figures of severe malnutrition among the newly displaced.” The United Nations reported Friday that 200,000 people have fled their homes in less than two months and are displaced inside and outside the country.last_img

Mountain heartbreak: Italy has deep snow, closed ski resorts

first_imgCORTINA, Italy (AP) — Nature is playing a cruel joke on Italy’s ski areas with one of the most prolific snowfalls in years even as the COVID-19 pandemic silences the country’s winter resorts. The northern Italian town of Cortina d’Ampezzo will flash across TV sports channels for two weeks this month as the past and future Olympic host city holds the 2021 World Ski Championships. The spasm of activity will provide good optics ahead of the 2026 Milan-Cortina Winter Olympics. But with no spectators allowed and the Italian government delaying the opening of lifts to leisure skiers, local businesses and workers who live off the winter sports economy don’t expect much relief.last_img

Ocasio-Cortez leads lawmakers recalling Capitol siege

first_imgWASHINGTON (AP) — Lawmakers are sharing their personal, often stunning accounts of the Jan. 6 siege of the U.S. Capitol. Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez led the hourlong session Thursday, saying they were stories that needed to be told at a time when some in Congress and the nation want to “move on.” A mob of Donald Trump supporters stormed the Capitol trying to overturn the presidential election in the most violent domestic attack on Congress in the nation’s history. Five people died. The speeches were shared ahead of Trump’s Senate impeachment trial on a charge of incitement of insurrection.last_img

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