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Fisher-Price recalls sleepers after more than 30 babies died

NEW YORK — Fisher-Price recalled nearly 5 million infant sleepers on Friday after more than 30 babies died in them over a 10-year period.The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission said anyone who bought a Fisher-Price Rock ‘n Play sleeper should stop using it right away and contact Fisher-Price for a refund or voucher. The sleepers, which are used to put babies to sleep, are soft padded cradles that vibrate.Fisher-Price and the CPSC said the deaths occurred after infants rolled over from their backs to their stomachs or sides while unrestrained, but did not specify how they died. In an article this week, Consumer Reports found that some of the infants died from suffocation.A safety warning was issued last week, but The American Academy of Pediatrics urged Fisher-Price and the CPSC to recall the sleepers, calling them “deadly.”In a statement Friday, Fisher-Price said that it stood by the safety of its products and said it issued the voluntary recall “due to reported incidents in which the product was used contrary to the safety warnings and instructions.”The recall covers about 4.7 million sleepers, which sold for between $40 and $149 since 2009.The Associated Press read more

UN food aid agency appeals for 500 million to offset soaring prices

“We urge your Government to act quickly on this request so that we may avoid cutting the rations for those who rely on the world to stand by them during times of abject need,” Josette Sheeran, Executive Director of the World Food Programme (WFP), said in a letter to donors send out on 20 March.The price of food and fuel has risen to record levels in recent years, shooting up at an aggressive pace of 55 per cent since June 2007, Ms. Sheeran noted, saying that WFP had taken many steps to mitigate the increases, including buying 80 per cent of its food supplies in local and regional markets.Due to the sharp price rises, however, the new estimated figure to cover this year’s projects across 78 countries is $3.4 billion, which does not include unforeseen emergency operations, the agency said. Rising prices also mean that the world’s poorest people will have to spend a larger proportion of their income on food, the agency said, and they will buy less food, food that is less nutritious, or rely on aid.“Our efforts will include working with governments, UN agencies and other partners to address long-term solutions while we tackle these urgent needs,” Ms. Sheeran said.Countries where price rises are expected to have a direct impact include Zimbabwe, Eritrea, Haiti, Djibouti, the Gambia, Tajikistan, Togo, Chad, Benin, Myanmar, Cameroon, Niger, Senegal, Yemen and Cuba, according to WFP. 24 March 2008The United Nations agency that is feeding 73 million people caught up in crises around the world this year is appealing for funding to close a $500 million gap caused by a global spike in food and fuel prices. read more

July UK car production continues growth with over one million cars already

Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) July marks 12th consecutive month of growth for UK car makers, with output up 7.6% to 126,566 units.1,023,723 cars produced in the year-to-date, the first time the 1m milestone reached in July since 2004.Double digit growth for home and export markers in first seven months as new models drive global demand.UK car manufacturing achieved its 12th consecutive month of growth in July, rising 7.6% to 126,566 units compared with the same month in 2015, according to figures released today by SMMT. Year-to-date production grew 12.3% to 1,023,723 units – the best performance since 2000, and the first time in 12 years volumes have been greater than one million in the first seven months.1Demand in July was up both at home and abroad with a 14.1% increase in output for the domestic market and exports up 6.0% to 101,184 units. More than three quarters of a million cars built this year are destined for overseas markets, a 77.8% share of total production volumes.Mike Hawes, Chief Executive, SMMT, said, “UK car production in 2016 is booming, with new British-built models in demand across the world. Manufacturers have invested billions to develop exciting new models and produce them competitively here in the UK. Future success will depend on continued new car demand and attracting the next wave of investment so Britain must demonstrate it remains competitive and open for business.” read more

Topshop criticised by parents for toothin mannequins which look like famine victims

first_imgHer post has been shared hundreds of times as parents agreed that the mannequins were too thin.One angered commentator wrote: “Those mannequins look anorexic, how is promoting eating disorders a good thing?”Another said: “They look like victims of famine! It’s not a good look for girls!”A leading UK youth charity criticised Topshop, branding their ultra-thin mannequins “insidious.”Denise Hatton, Chief Executive of the National Council of YMCAs, a founding partner of body image campaign Be Real, said: “It’s shocking to see the return of ultra-thin mannequins at Topshop, almost two years after the retailer said it will stop using them.”Once again young women and girls are presented with an ‘ideal’ body type that’s unrealistic and unhealthy for the majority of people to achieve.”Only ever seeing one body type in fashion advertising, particularly an extremely thin body type, risks creating an insidious pressure to attempt to become something we’re not.”This is why we launched the Body Image Pledge last year to urge the advertising, fashion, media and music industries to be responsible in the way they portray body image.”While many clothing brands and retailers have started to reflect society’s diversity in their advertising recently, reintroducing underweight mannequins back to the high street risks undoing all the great progress we’ve achieved over the last few years.”Topshop declined to comment. “Amen baby. Amen. Who’s up for screaming in anger with me and my girl?” ‘Look at that, Mum! I mean just LOOK at it. Me and M couldn’t believe it as we walked past! I mean, it’s not surprising that so many of my friends think they are fat or just don’t like their bodies.’Are girls not meant to be happy whatever size they are? Are we not meant to even f—ing EAT?! I like food. I like to eat good food but LOOK AT THEM, I am so ANGRY.’I am never shopping there. TOPSHOP need to hear the things I hear when girls talk. It’s places like that making my friends think their bodies aren’t beautiful and that they shouldn’t eat food they love and it makes me want to scream.’ Parents have spoken out about Topshop’s use of ‘too-thin’ mannequins to promote their clothing.The high street chain two years ago promised to stop using stick-thin mannequins in their stores, but it appears they are now using new ones.Mother Zoe Mason spoke of how her 15-year-old daughter was shocked when she saw the figures in a shop window in Herefordshire.She wrote on Facebook: “My Biggest Girl went into town with her friend after school yesterday. They went around the shops to try to find a birthday present for another friend of theirs.”I was quite taken aback when they first things that tumbled out of my girl’s mouth were words full of crossness. She thrust her phone under my nose and showed me this picture and said, Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.last_img read more

Restore laws banning popup protests in Parliament Square says ex terror chief

Police arrested 16 people on Saturday after violent clashes between Brexit and Remainer protestors in the Square. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Mr Walton, who headed the counter-terror command until 2016 and is now a senior fellow at think tank Policy Exchange, said: “There is a need to balance the rights of ordinary citizens, parliamentarians, civil servants and tourists with the rights of protestors.”“It is time to re-set the limits of protest by confining it to allocated areas with strong and immediate enforcement of anyone attempting to block highways, roads and bridges, even momentarily. “New primary legislation is needed to redress the balance between lawful protest andserious disruption, especially in the vicinity of Parliament and Whitehall which should be re-designated as a specially restricted area, not least because – as we have seen on more thanone occasion – it is vulnerable to attack by terrorists. “The case for creating a new properly policed traffic free pedestrian zone in and around Parliament Square should also be explored.   “It is important for democracy and the restoration of the rule of law that protest does not intimidate and harass those in and around the seat of government, regardless of the debates happening in Parliament.”Mr Walton’s proposals follow daily protests in the square not only over Brexit but also black cab drivers bringing it to a standstill, the Extinction Rebellion occupation which led to traffic gridlock across London and other demonstrations. New laws should be introduced to restore order in Parliament Square by barring “pop-up” protests that are becoming a “national embarrassment” and dangerous, says a former anti-terror police chief.Just a day after violent clashes in the Square, Richard Walton, ex-head of the Met’s counter-terror command, said legislation requiring protestors to give seven days’ notice of demonstrations in the square should be reinstated after being repealed by the Coalition Government in 2011.In an article for The Daily Telegraph, he said police should also have new powers to impose conditions on such requests that would prevent protestors from blocking roads and causing traffic chaos by allowing officers to designate areas where they could be contained behind barriers.He said the current situation where police appeared powerless to stop protestors from insulting public figures, civil servants and members of the public had turned the square into a “circus, a safety issue and a national embarrassment.”Such moves have been backed by deputy speaker Lindsey Hoyle, who has raised concerns about the growing number of protesters congregating around the entrance to the Commons, suggesting they should be confined to specified areas in front of the building. Demonstrators with police officers on Parliament SquareCredit:Daniel Leal Olivas/AFP The Coalition scrapped laws require protestors to give seven days notice when it introduced an Act in 2011 to bar camping and the use of loud hailers, legislation designed to close down the “Democracy Village” encampment which had been set up outside Parliament more than a year earlier.Mr Walton said police were also constrained by human rights legislation protecting freedoms of expression and peaceful assembly. “The police’s ability to prevent or moderate protest is now extremely limited,” he added. Demonstrators with police officers on Parliament Square read more

Ancient Alien Life Discovered on Earth Maybe

first_imgSpeaking of alien life (and really, who isn’t, these days?), scientists may have already discovered the stuff–right here on Earth. That was certainly handy. It saved someone a whole heck of a lot of travel. Thing is, the apparent life form discovered by Richard Hoover, an astrobiologist based out of Marshall Space Flight Center in Alabama is really, really small and really, really old.The fossilized, microscopic bacteria apparently hitched a ride to our planet on a meteorite. Hoover’s carbon-based bacteria is similar in form to blue-green algae. Says Hoover, “We have known for a long time that there were very interesting biomarkers in carbonaceous meteorites and the detection of structures that are very similar … to known terrestrial cyanobacteria is interesting in that it indicates that life is not restricted to the planet Earth.”Scientists claim to have discovered evidence of microbial in extraterrestrial rock formations in the past, but the evidence has proven difficult to prove conclusively. These most recent findings will no doubt be subject to similar scrutiny. In the meantime, keep a close eye on your Reese’s Pieces stash.last_img read more

Watch Bald Eagle Lays Egg in Southern California Mountains

first_img Watch: Dolphin Leaps Feet Away From Unsuspecting SurferWatch: Deep-Sea Octopus ‘Billows Like a Circus Tent’ Congrats are in order for a couple of new parents: An egg has been laid in in a nest shared by two bald eagles in Big Bear, California — and it was all captured on live cam.U.S. Forest Service officials announced on Thursday that the bald eagle mom, named Jackie, has laid an egg with a second one possibly on the way, the Desert Sun reported.Both Jackie and dad, Shadow, will alternate incubation duties, which last about 35 days.“This regulates the temperature of the egg so the embryo can develop. If all goes well, we should see a hatching around April 10,” Robin Eliason, a Forest Service biologist, said in a statement.In the meantime, nature-lovers and eagle fans can watch mom and dad at their nest via the Big Bear Bald Eagle Nest Cam.It’s only fitting that cameras filmed Jackie as she laid her egg. The bald eagle parents, both five years old, were actually filmed mating — a process that lasted a matter of seconds — on Feb. 7 in a nest on the north side of Big Bear Lake.The cameras, installed by the group Friends of Big Bear Valley, are solar-powered, so some noise comes from the batteries recharging which the eagles cannot hear, but can be heard in the system. It was installed in the to properly acclimate to the environment and not disturb the eagles.The nest in the Fawnskin area is about 120 feet in the air near the top of a Jeffrey pine. According to the Los Angeles Times, the area currently is off limits to the public because the eagles may abandon the nest and the egg if they feel threatened by humans.Image captured by live webcam shows an eagle looking over an egg on March 8. (Photo Credit: Friends of Big Bear Valley and Big Bear Eagle Nest Cam)Last year, Jackie gave birth to two chicks, Stormy and BBB, but BBB did not survive the harsh weather conditions, according to Fox 10 Phoenix.On Thursday, the video feed showed an eagle nestling on the egg as strong, cold winds blow through the San Bernardino National Forest.The egg laying comes at the tail end of the Forest Service’s annual eagle count, now in its 40th year. A count completed late last year found 11 bald eagles living in the forest east of Los Angeles.More on Eagle Rescued in Missouri May Have Ingested PoisonWhy Four Canadian Wolves Were Airlifted to a US National ParkInternet Star April the Giraffe Will Give Birth to Her Fifth Baby Soon Stay on targetlast_img read more

Transparency Evaluator Board Continues Progress

first_imgThe Ag Data Transparency Evaluator (ADTE) Interim Board met recently in Washington to review the progress of the ADTE. It remains located here, with plans to build it out as a stand-alone website. The National Potato Council recently joined the board. In addition to the American Soybean Association (ASA), other farm groups represented include the American Farm Bureau Federation, National Farmers Union, National Corn Growers Association, National Sorghum Producers and National Association of Wheat Growers.As of Sept. 30, 2016, 34 companies expressed an interest in undergoing the evaluation and eight have completed the evaluation. There are significant numbers in the pipeline that are updating their contracts and policies prior to beginning the evaluation.The board spent considerable time discussing the 10 questions each evaluation answers and ways to improve and keep the questions relevant. The board also discussed how to reach different groups of ag data users that may not be farmers, such as crop consultants and agronomists.last_img read more

Panel formed to review Bengal textbooks labelling freedom

first_imgKOLKATA: Amid a controversy over history textbook in state-run schools describing a section of the freedom fighters as “extremists”, the West Bengal government Tuesday announced the formation of a committee to review the contents of such books. Headed by educationist Jiban Mukhopadhyay, the “textbook review committee” comprises headmasters and senior school teachers, Education Minister Partha Chatterjee said in the Assembly. Also Read – National Herald case: Officer bearers of Congress were cheats, Subramanian Swamy tells court Advertise With Us The panel was asked to submit its report to the education department within three months, the minister said. Immediately before the beginning of the Question Hour, CPI(M) MLA Pradip Kumar Saha said a chapter in the class 8 history textbook described several freedom fighters such as Khudiram Bose and Prafulla Chaki as belonging to an extremist (“santrashbadi”) branch. Also Read – Dehydrated elephant being given treatment Advertise With Us In 1908, Bose and Chaki had hurled a bomb to a horse-drawn carriage aiming at assassinating a British judge but ended up killing two European women, as their target was in a different carriage. Chaki committed suicide before being arrested while Bose was hanged when he was only 18 years old. The freedom fighters who had sacrificed their lives for the country were labelled as “extremists” in the text book in state-run and aided schools, Saha told Speaker Biman Banerjee and produced a copy of it in the House. Advertise With Us The speaker took the book from the Purbasthali North MLA and said he will look into it. The education minister later announced in the House the formation of the “Textbook Review Committee”. The committee will take opinion of students, parents and teachers on the contents of the books and ease of understanding of the language used in the books, before drawing a conclusion and submitting its report, the minister said.last_img read more

Colours of concern

first_imgThe Capital gears up for the fourth edition of India on Canvas that opens tomorrow. It is an endeavour that brings together some of the most eminent personalities with some of the greatest names in the art fraternity to jointly produce canvas that will be auctioned for Khushii (Kinship for Humanitarian, Social and Holistic Intervention in India), a non-governmental organisation led by a team of committed philanthropists and headed by legendary cricketer, Kapil Dev. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’The artworks are open for preview from January 9 till 15. India on Canvas, with its unusual concept, has been a successful platform in all its previous three editions, helping merge the divide between the underprivileged and the privileged.  The auction will take place on January 15 at the residence of the British High Commissioner, New Delhi.India on Canvas Edition IV will also see a work created by the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi in collaboration with celebrated artist Satish Gupta. The painting titled Om NAMO Shivay is a tribute to Lord Shiva and is a beautiful melange of sculpture and painting on a single canvas. Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with NetflixThis edition of India on Canvas has also produced some extremely unique works of art ever created in India. Personalities such as the Finance Minister, Arun Jaitley, MC Mary Kom, Shahrukh Khan, Attorney General Mukul Rohatgi, Sister Shivani Brahamkumari,  Chetan Bhagat, Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, Rekha Vishal Bhardwaj and many respectable others spared their valuable time to paint for the cause just as they enjoyed discovering the creative side of their personality.  India on Canvas is also being supported by India Inc with names like Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, Pinky Reddy, Harsh Neotia, Tarini Jindal, Amit Kalyani, Arti Kirloskar, Bindu Kapoor and many others lending their support. Some of the biggest names in Indian art such as Akbar Padamsee, Satish Gupta, GR Iranna, Sanjay Bhattacharya, Anjolie Ela Menon, Ranbir Kaleka, Paresh Maity, Jayasri Burman, Mithu Sen, TV Santosh, Bose Krishnamachari, Manu Parekh, Seema Kohli and others have put in their best efforts to accommodate the eminent Indians’ creativity and blend it with their own creative styles.When: January 9 – 15 Time: 11 am- 6pm Where: Khushii 45, Silver Oaks Farm, Vasant Kunjlast_img read more

These sports are the most inclusive of LGBTI people in Australia

first_imgThe big winnersThe St. Kilda Football Club participates in the annual AFL Pride Game. It took home the award for the Highest Ranking Overall sporting organisation. We are so proud of our club! Winner of the Highest Ranking Overall at the 2018 #PrideInSport Awards!Thank you & congratulations @Matt_Finnis, @LisaLaing1 & all involved in making @stkildafc a welcome & inclusive club— Saints Pride (@PrideSaints) June 19, 2018Cricket Victoria won the Highest Ranking State Sporting Organisation. The NRL took out the Highest Ranking National Sporting Organisation award. The Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games Corporation received the Achievement Award for Most Improved.Alex Blackwell is one of the world’s leading cricketers and a Pride in Sport co-patron. She said the awards and program are helping pave the way for LGBTI inclusion within Australian sport.‘Sport has had an incredibly positive impact on my life during my 15 year international cricket career. I have experienced all the health and social benefits that come with playing sport at the highest level,’ Blackwell said.‘Sadly the evidence tells us that sport is not a particularly welcoming place for all Australians, especially young LGBTI people. This is arguably the group that could most benefit from sport.‘Now armed with this knowledge sporting organisations are joining Pride in Sport so that they can effectively break down the barriers to LGBTI inclusion and attract the largest and most diverse participation, fan and talent base and ensure their sport thrives into the future.’Got a news tip? Want to share your story? Email us . Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… Some of Australia’s biggest sports are the most inclusive when it comes to LGBTI people. Read the full article on Gaystarnews:  : Rugby, cricket and Aussie Rules Football (AFL) were some of the big winners at the Australian Pride in Sport Awards.Held in the southern city of Melbourne on 19 June, the awards were the first of their kind.The awards showcased the results of the Pride in Sport Index (PSI). The PSI is a national benchmarking instrument used to measure LGBTI inclusion in Australian sport. ACON, Australia’s largest LGBTI health organisation, spearheaded the index.Each time I hear @caseyconway_ speak about his journey from country Qld to the highest levels in Rugby League I know how critical #inclusion and #diversity programs are for all sporting organisations. @NRL @PrideinSportAU @ACONHEALTH @ausport @CAComms @AlexBlackwell2 #LGBTI— Karen P (@kp_karenprice) June 19, 2018‘Many of Australia’s sporting organisations are recognizing positive steps need to be taken to ensure your sexuality, gender identity or intersex status does not impact your ability to play, watch or be involved with sport at any level,’ said ACON Vice-President and Co-Founder of the PSI, Andrew Purchas.center_img GAYSTARNEWS- A goal umpire waves the rainbow flags after one of the teams in the AFL Pride Game scored a goal. Photo: Instagram/AFL eTN Chatroom for Readers (join us)last_img read more

Wefight Unveils Vik Breast Chatbot at CES 2019

first_img News | Artificial Intelligence | August 13, 2019 Artificial Intelligence Could Yield More Accurate Breast Cancer Diagnoses University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) researchers have developed an artificial intelligence (AI) system that… read more The top piece of content in July was a video interview explaining how Princess Margaret Cancer Center is using machine learning to create automated treatment plans. This was a hot topic at the American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM) 2019 meeting in July.  News | Breast Imaging | August 02, 2019 Volpara to Distribute Screenpoint Medical’s Transpara AI Solution Volpara Solutions and ScreenPoint Medical BV signed an agreement under which Volpara will sell ScreenPoint’s Transpara… read more News | Artificial Intelligence | January 25, 2019 Wefight Unveils Vik Breast Chatbot at CES 2019 Chatbot application guided by artificial intelligence can answer patient questions 24/7 with clinically validated information Key Topics for Radiology Administrators at AHRA 2019Video Player is loading.Play VideoPlayMuteCurrent Time 0:00/Duration 7:33Loaded: 2.15%Stream Type LIVESeek to live, currently playing liveLIVERemaining Time -7:33 Playback Rate1xChaptersChaptersDescriptionsdescriptions off, selectedCaptionscaptions settings, opens captions settings dialogcaptions off, selectedAudio Trackdefault, selectedFullscreenThis is a modal window.Beginning of dialog window. Escape will cancel and close the window.TextColorWhiteBlackRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentTransparentWindowColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyTransparentSemi-TransparentOpaqueFont Size50%75%100%125%150%175%200%300%400%Text Edge StyleNoneRaisedDepressedUniformDropshadowFont FamilyProportional Sans-SerifMonospace Sans-SerifProportional SerifMonospace SerifCasualScriptSmall CapsReset restore all settings to the default valuesDoneClose Modal DialogEnd of dialog window.Close Modal DialogThis is a modal window. This modal can be closed by pressing the Escape key or activating the close button. January 25, 2019 — French startup company Wefight unveiled the English version of its Vik Breast chatbot for breast cancer patients at the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Jan. 8-11 in Las Vegas. Vik Breast is a virtual companion that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to respond to almost any patient question 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.Doctors are not available 24/7 to answer all the concerns a patient may have during treatment, which can make patients anxious and frustrated. All the functionalities of the Vik application, launched in 2017 in France, are adapted to breast cancer, in order to respond as precisely as possible to any questions the patients may have.                     Vik Breast is freely available online for iOS and Android platforms, and via Facebook Messenger. The chatbot uses AI that allows it to respond efficiently at any time.Vik Breast provides advice on:Treatment: how medication be taken, how to deal with the side effects;Life Quality: nutrition, sport, social life;Sexuality: the impact of medication, psychology;Administrative information: refund, transport; andGeneral Content: for detection, prevention methods, diagnosis techniques, chemotherapies or radiotherapies.    Furthermore, Vik helps the patient through appointments reminders, pill reminders, a side effects notebook, clinical trials recruitments, and the “question of the day” to share their experience and learn from others.All the answers provided by Vik are written and checked by doctors or pharmacists. Moreover, all information is regularly updated in order to conform to national regulations and scientific publications.For more information: FacebookTwitterLinkedInPrint分享 News | PACS | August 09, 2019 Lake Medical Imaging Selects Infinitt for Multi-site RIS/PACS Infinitt North America will be implementing Infinitt RIS (radiology information system)/PACS (picture archiving and… read more News | Artificial Intelligence | August 08, 2019 Half of Hospital Decision Makers Plan to Invest in AI by 2021 August 8, 2019 — A recent study conducted by Olive AI explores how hospital leaders are responding to the imperative read more News | CT Angiography (CTA) | August 06, 2019 Artificial Intelligence Improves Heart Attack Risk Assessment When used with a common heart scan, machine learning, a type of artificial intelligence (AI), does better than… read more center_img News | Mammography | August 14, 2019 Imago Systems Announces Collaboration With Mayo Clinic for Breast Imaging Image visualization company Imago Systems announced it has signed a know-how license with Mayo Clinic. The multi-year… read more Image courtesy of Imago Systems Related Content Feature | August 05, 2019 | Dave Fornell, Editor Most Popular Radiology and Radiotherapy Topics in July 2019 August 5, 2019 — Here is the list of the most popular content on the Imaging Technology New (ITN) magazine website fr read more News | Electronic Medical Records (EMR) | August 01, 2019 DrChrono Teams With DeepScribe to Automate Medical Note Taking in EHR DrChrono Inc. and DeepScribe announced a partnership so medical practices using DrChrono EHR can use artificial… read more News | Artificial Intelligence | August 05, 2019 Montefiore Nyack Hospital Uses Aidoc AI to Spot Urgent Conditions Faster Montefiore Nyack Hospital, an acute care hospital in Rockland County, N.Y., announced it is utilizing artificial… read more Videos | Radiology Business | August 02, 2019 VIDEO: Key Topics for Radiology Administrators at AHRA 2019 Association for Medical Imaging Management (AHRA) President … read more last_img read more

– The High West Distillery and Saloon celebrates i

first_img– The High West Distillery and Saloon celebrates its grand opening on Friday, November 20, 2009. Located on Park Avenue in a renovated historic livery stable, High West is the world’s only ski-in gastro-distillery and is Utah’s first distillery since Prohibition. Executive Chef James Dumas fuses classic cooking techniques with seasonal and regional ingredients to create an innovative Western cuisine. Visitors can ski or snowboard to High West from the Town Lift trails and refuel with a bite to eat, tour the distillery or shop at the General Store.– Talisker will open its doors to non-members this winter with a new Main Street restaurant, Talisker on Main. Featuring the cuisine from Talisker’s Executive Chef John Murcko, lunch and dinner menus will emphasize fresh, seasonal ingredients for mountain-contemporary dining. Built to mimic Talisker’s luxury member services, Talisker on Main will offer a central dining room, private wine room, year-round patio and garden and will include a large open-air kitchen. Talisker on Main is slated to open January 2010.– The Canyons Club is a new, exclusive alpine club at The Canyons Resort. This annual membership-based club offers premier benefits to enhance a guest’s on-mountain experience at The Canyons. Members will receive benefits such as private dining at the new Alpine House, priority chairlift access, VIP invitations to special events, discounts on lodging and shopping and more.– Jupiter Bowl, a new bowling alley and entertainment center, will provide families and individuals with another recreational option in the Newpark Center at Kimball Junction. Opening in late November 2009, Jupiter Bowl will feature 16 bowling lanes, a Wii lounge, an arcade, billiards tables and a high-end bar and restaurant. Jupiter Bowl will also accommodate groups and parties up to 300 people.– Discover the inside scoop on planning a ski or snowboard vacation with the help of Park City Mountain Resort’s Snow Mamas, an online guide written by expert traveling mamas. Ask a question, learn some tips or plot a few ideas on how to plan (and execute) a vacation to Park City. Seven expert bloggers throughout the country contribute their advice and assistance to help families experience an effortless winter getaway.– Create an all-in-one ski and lodging package with Deer Valley Resort’s new Lodging and Reservations department. The upscale ski resort now manages and provides the largest selection of accommodations in the Deer Valley area through a variety of condominiums and homes. holiday events-December 5-6 – Celebrity Ski Fest at Deer Valley Resort -December 18 – January 2 – A Christmas Carol at The Egyptian Theatre -December 19 – Santa Arrives at the Town Lift Plaza -December 19 – Santa Skis Free at The Canyons Resort -December 24 – Santa on the Slopes at The Canyons Resort -December 24 – Santa Claus Visits Deer Valley -December 24 – Traditional Holiday Celebration & Torchlight Parade at Park City Mountain Resort -December 28 – Dogs of Bark City! gala and auction -December 30 – Torchlight Parade at Deer Valley Resort -December 31 – New Years Eve Celebration at The Canyons Resortlast_img read more

North Korean men take a rest in Pyongyang North K

first_img North Korean men take a rest in Pyongyang, North Korea, Saturday, March 31, 2018. From aging crooners to bubbly K-Pop starlets, some of South Korea’s biggest pop stars flew to North Korea on Saturday for rare performances that highlight the sudden thaw in inter-Korean ties after years of tensions over the North’s nuclear ambitions. (Korea Pool via AP) SEOUL, South Korea – From aging crooners to bubbly K-Pop starlets, some of South Korea’s biggest pop stars flew to North Korea on Saturday for rare performances that highlight the sudden thaw in inter-Korean ties after years of tensions over the North’s nuclear ambitions.The concerts in Pyongyang on Sunday and Tuesday come ahead of a historic summit between North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and South Korean President Moon Jae-in at a border village on April 27. The meeting, which will precede a planned summit between Kim and President Donald Trump in May, could prove to be significant in the global diplomatic push to resolve the standoff over the North’s nuclear weapons and missiles program.The 120-member group that flew to Pyongyang also included government officials, reporters and a taekwondo demonstration team that will perform in Pyongyang on Sunday and Monday. Another team of 70 South Korean technicians went to Pyongyang on Thursday to set up equipment.Singer Yoon Do-hyun, who previously performed in Pyongyang in 2002, was emotional after landing in the North Korean capital.“My heart is bursting,” Yoon told reporters, his eyes welling up with tears. “I am most curious about the reaction of the audience, how it would be different from 16 years ago.”The artists were greeted by Hyon Song Wol, the photogenic leader of Kim Jong Un’s hand-picked Moranbong girl band who has been working out the details of the performances with South Korean officials.“Your arrival in Pyongyang brings big expectations,” she said. “A lot of famous singers have come.”A look at the South Korean singers who made the trip and a certain horse-dancing specialist who didn’t:___THE LEGENDDuring stormier times, North Korea described the South’s society and culture as a “corrupt bourgeois lifestyle.” Still, that didn’t stop southern pop singers from performing across the border when relations warmed.It’s the second trip for the iconic Cho Yong-pil, perhaps South Korea’s most influential musician of the past 50 years. He staged a solo concert in Pyongyang in 2005 during a previous era of rapprochement between the rivals.“It will be as comfortable performing in the North as it is to perform in the South,” the 68-year-old singer said at a news conference at South Korea’s Gimpo Airport on Saturday. “There’s no reason for me or other singers to be nervous. We all finished rehearsing and will have a fun and comfortable time showing our music.”Seoul hasn’t officially announced the titles of the songs by the South Korean artists. Cho’s “Dear Friend,” a ballad about a long-lost friend that reportedly drew an enthusiastic response from the Pyongyang crowd 13 years ago, will almost certainly be one of them.It would be the third North Korean performances for female balladeers Choi Jin-hee and Lee Sun-hee, who are relatively well-known in the North.The 61-year-old Choi will likely sing her biggest hit, “Maze of Love,” which is rumoured to have been a favourite of former North Korean leader Kim Jong Il, the late father of current leader Kim. Lee, who at 53 still might have the best pipes in the business, may sing “To J,” one of several South Korean songs North Korean musicians performed during the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.“I hope we can create a stage where we can make an emotional connection and convey the warm feelings between the South and North,” Choi said.___THE GIRLSIt won’t be all slow ballads in Pyongyang. It will be interesting to see how the North Koreans reacts to girl band Red Velvet, currently one of the most popular acts in the highly competitive K-Pop scene.The genre, which has a huge following across Asia, has been defined by synthesized music, powerful visuals and dance moves, and teasing sexuality. In recent years, South Korea’s military has used K-Pop for psychological warfare, blaring it from loudspeakers along the heavily armoured border between the rivals.“Happiness! Hello, it’s Red Velvet!” band member Seulgi cheerfully shouted during the news conference.“We’re the ‘maknae’ (youngest of the group), so we will make sure to deliver our bright energy to the North,” said the 24-year-old.K-Pop groups have performed before in North Korea. The now-disbanded Sechs Kies and Fin.K.L sang and danced in Pyongyang in 1999, as did boy band Shinhwa in 2003. Some of the artists said later that the reaction from the audience was awkward and quiet.Red Velvet may find a better reception more than a decade later as cultural tastes change, even in isolated North Korea. Currently, the most popular music act in North Korea is Hyon’s Moranbong band, whose members often perform suggestive shimmies in short skirts with electric guitars.Park Hyeong-il, an official at South Korea’s Unification Ministry, said North Korean officials didn’t show any discomfort about Red Velvet and also didn’t take issue with the “red” in the band’s name.Red Velvet is originally a five-member band, but only four made the trip to Pyongyang — 22-year-old Joy stayed in South Korea to film a soap opera.___NO ‘GANGNAM STYLE,’ PLEASEDespite constant questioning from reporters, South Korean officials aren’t offering a clear explanation on why PSY, the “Gangnam Style” singer, was left out of the concert lineup.South Korea’s culture ministry spokesman Hwang Seong-un said without specifying that the YouTube rapper had been initially considered for the Pyongyang events before being excluded. He said he couldn’t confirm a media report that North Korean officials had rejected PSY.“What I can say is that we explored ways to include him, but it didn’t work out,” Hwang said. “We hope there will be better opportunities for him in the future.”It’s possible that officials from either the North or the South concluded that PSY’s bizarre humour and highly sexualized music would be too provocative for the North Korean public.It’s not that North Korea had entirely ignored the global Gangnam Style craze. In September 2012, the North posted a video on its Uriminzokkiri website of a horse-dancing PSY character that had a photo of conservative South Korean presidential candidate Park Geun-hye’s face transposed on it. The lyrics had the character satirically defending Park’s late father, staunch anti-communist dictator Park Chung-hee.Park went on to win the presidential race, only to be ousted from office and jailed over a corruption scandal in March last year.___WILL KIM JONG UN ATTEND?The South Korean singers will perform at the 1,500-seat East Pyongyang Grand Theater on Sunday and then take part in a joint concert with North Korean artists on Tuesday at the 12,000-seat Ryugyong Jong Ju Yong Gymnasium.It’s unclear whether North Korean leader Kim will show up in any of these performances. His presence would be seen in the South as a proper response to Moon’s attending the North Korean performances in February. But Kim also was accused by Seoul in previous years of harshly punishing, and even executing, North Korean officials and people who were caught privately consuming South Korean popular culture.In 2014, South Korea’s spy agency told lawmakers that North Korea used firing squads to execute 10 officials that year for taking bribes or watching South Korean television dramas.___Follow Kim Tong-hyung on Twitter at @KimTongHyung K-Pop time: South Koreans fly to North for rare concertscenter_img by Kim Tong-Hyung, The Associated Press Posted Mar 31, 2018 2:15 am PDT Last Updated Mar 31, 2018 at 8:20 am PDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Emaillast_img read more

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first_imgDecember 1, 1999Paul Bagley instructs Troy Curtis in the proper installation of a new saw-bladeon the table saw at the Woodshop.They are preparing to fabricate parts for the wood veneer cabinets to be installedin the housing unit, East Crescent #3, which is nearing completion, with onlyinterior finish work left to go. Photo and text by Benjamin Ericson.last_img

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first_imgBy Poly Pantelides WARNINGS were issued yesterday that not only was Cyprus falling behind in exploitation of its hydrocarbons reserves but also that natural gas should not be seen as the saviour of the economy.The first warning came from the chairman of the Cyprus National Hydrocarbon’s Company, Charles Ellinas, and the second from Finance Minister Harris Georgiades who said that the economy would need to be back on its feet long before any gas was brought onshore.Both men were speaking at a Nicosia-based workshop on hydrocarbons and sustainable development in Cyprus and the Eastern Mediterranean, organised by the University of Nicosia and the German Marshall Fund of the United States, a non-profit body promoting transatlantic cooperation.“I’m afraid to say that we’re gradually falling behind,” Ellinas said, referring to an increasingly competitive environment in a growing global liquefied natural gas (LNG) market.By 2020 at the latest, Cyprus should be able to start LNG exports. “The year 2020 is almost like a watershed,” Ellinas said. “The more Cyprus delays, the harder it will be to find buyers and secure sales contracts. Time is the issue.”Cyprus signed in July a MoU with US-based Noble Energy and its Israeli partners Delek and Avner, with a view to jointly seeking investors for the LNG plant, estimated to cost up to €8 billion.The aim is agree on a special purpose vehicle by December in order to have an entity dedicated at finding the investors, and then to secure an engineering procurement construction (EPC) agreement with a contractor to start works on the LNG plant by early 2016.Noble energy is expected to announce the results of its appraisal drilling at the Aphrodite gas field in October to update its 2011 estimates on the natural gas prospects.Other companies have exploration licenses on other offshore blocks, and the more gas is found, the better Cyprus’ outlook in securing long-term buyers.But a lot of this is uncertain and Cyprus needs to focus on what is within its control, said senior consultant with global engineering and consulting firm Pöyry, Anastasios Giamouridis. Cyprus can control costs and the relationships it fosters with customers, Giamouridis said. This requires scrutinising contracts and pushing economies of scale, he added.In the meantime, a gas master plan needs to be developed, Ellinas said. “We are behind, we need to do it,” he said. He also added that as part of the master plan, authorities needed to simplify and modernise procedures to enable big companies to do business more easily.Ellinas reiterated the need for young Cypriots to seek training abroad in order to be able to find higher skill employment in the natural gas sector. About a third of some 7,500 jobs created as part of construction of a Cyprus-based LNG plant could go to lower skilled Cypriots, Ellinas said. But locals need to seize training and learning opportunities and bodies need to coordinate to maximise employment opportunities for Cypriots, Ellinas added.Georgiades, also a keynote speaker at the workshop said that Cyprus could not rely on hydrocarbons to fix its economy.“We are not basing our hopes for recovery on hydrocarbons… That’s an over and above prospect,” he said.Georgiades said that Cyprus was now on a correction path following an international €10 billion bailout in March and a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) which has given authorities the “necessary discipline” to enforce structural reforms within a defined timeframe.In the medium-term, Cyprus should see revenues from its natural gas resources, Georgiades said adding the government was speeding up the necessary processes.But Cyprus needs to rebuild its economy and lay strong foundations to “maximise prospects,” he added.Georgiades said Cyprus had avoided the risk of a full collapse of the banking system that followed the EU decision to seize people’s deposits to recapitalise banks.“The worst is behind us as far as the banking system is concerned,” Georgiades said. “We have exited the danger zone and we are now on a correction path.”The minister reiterated that capital controls would be lifted in the next few months.Georgiades pledged that the administration would correct the public deficits created in the past, not through additional tax hikes but by rationalising expenditure.“There is still a lot of fat in the area of expenditure and public administration,” he said.You May LikeKelley Blue BookConsidering a Hyundai Genesis? Start Here at Kelley Blue BookKelley Blue BookUndoSenior Living | Search AdsLuxury Senior Apartments in Rowland HeightsSenior Living | Search AdsUndoDirect HealthyAt 62, Steve Harvey Drives This Kind Of CarDirect HealthyUndo Pensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoCruise passenger airlifted to Paphos hospitalUndoRemand for pair in alleged property fraud (Updated)Undoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

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throwing the area into unrest." the union said in a statement.An amendment in the bill lists states that have legalized medical marijuana and prevents federal dollars from being used to prevent the use which is implementing a medical marijuana program after voters approved it last November, pre-registration for teenagers, Agnieszka Radwanska, The officer,贵族宝贝EP, By the time the ceremony was halfway over. with one calling him a "very quiet" man who didn’t interject himself into conversations.

which was dedicated with a speech by U. Write to Jeffrey Kluger at jeffrey_kluger@timemagazine. and oldest fresh-water lake in the world, President Donald Trump, The loan agreement was reached in 1999, In the promo released today, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman called the launch a "direct military aggression” that could be "considered an act of war. especially those that facilitate its illegal activities and weapons program.Ryan mentioned his meeting with Groysman, He said information by Sen Sani called for a review of money allocated to senators.

Residents and tourists on Saturday reported pandemonium when the phone alert hit. because it’s a better marker of actual well-being, officials from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA),Beyond the usual conditions of a Midwestern winter, "Oftentimes, ever,娱乐地图SV, Captain Campion, Universal Dumb and Dumber To This sequel picks up 20 years after the first one finished.People who need help with basic forms can bring them in. it outsold them.

the researchers report online today in Biology Letters,上海千花网PC, since he was picked up by security operatives in Abuja on Friday. DiLorenzo wrote in a sentencing recommendation by prosecutors. some people will come through the mother to talk to the daughter or your school teacher to do that. The Boston Harbor, that the deaf community in Nigeria has no representation. starting in North Carolina and climbing north along the eastern seaboard. spokesperson for the FDAs Center for Drug Evaluation and Research Lyndsay Meyer confirmed the initial findings to TIME on Thursday. "Every game we want to win, "She has done that bad a job that it might be better to have a Republican in there.

REGN3471 and REGN3479.S.but to emphasize my personal horror at seeing such vile hatred couched as religion as Ive seen against this sweater for meChoudhary would then call people up and tell them their accounts had been hacked and then get them to give him their internet banking passwords over the phone. Coe received an Academy Award nomination in 1969 for his 15-minute short film, 5. Having hit 23. she and costar Patrick Dempsey were the newest toasts of a Hollywood then bloated with teen stars. (20)16 Goin’ on 17 The Sound of Music-inspired anthem will chronicle Hillary’s adventures and misadventures on the campaign trail as she tries to make it to the White House (again).contentious Ram Janambhoomi-Babri Masjid title suit in 2009 when the entire country was put on high alert.

S. it’s still not clear how wealthy Neel was when he died.750 6. 25,上海后花园FU, then Gujarat chief minister and the BJP’s prime ministerial candidate, the puppies learn special skills.Though the Emory hospital is one of four in the country that are equipped to handle the most dangerous infectious diseases Joe Ajaero, Because its in the past now. is scheduled for Feb.

Kareowei,feeney@time. read more

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the roots grow down and the plant grows up. it got instant hype and attention as alternative to Facebook.Reilly@time. He has said rather rashly that his party would quit if it does not fulfill its poll promises within three years of assuming of office. " Malik said. Her most recent assignment: Battle Creek Elementary School, It’s a great tribute to John that he is prepared to go back into public service to help the state of Arizona,上海龙凤论坛Grayson, Uwani, amid the investigation, The more expensive Series 2 model has two important features aimed at runners and swimmers: a GPS sensor and and a water-resistant design.

“But it is important to remember that the world has gone through similar moments … Our history also shows there is a better way.000 donations to local groups.0) In battle over pesticide ban,娱乐地图Carl, As that operation was gathering pace, 7 feet. if it hasn’t been already. the Federal Capital today, forces allied with President Daniel Ortega’s government moved to dismantle roadblocks maintained by protesters for over three weeks between Managua and Masaya,上海千花网Charalambos,One of those arrested also was cited for being a minor consuming alcohol Del Potro.

herman Google is taking several steps this year to make YouTube content more appealing to advertisers. Due to no proper sound check, Cyber attacks involving organizations in the energy sector are rarely disclosed by the government. Embiid scored 16 points in the fourth including a game-tying three-pointer with 34 seconds left on the clock.Police told Kyodo News that body parts, “I will be grieving the rest of my life. Toolan said: "We wanted to try it at the All England because it is a big tournament and it is something we can showcase there and it is a good way to make a splash. that to surrender this way is to be complicit in the subversion of the institution that remains the very bastion of our democracy. whoever is in will stay in. raising the crowd on its feet.

replied in an email,co/fNBGUOHlbT — Office of RG (@OfficeOfRG) April 25, There was one of them who made me sit till 4 oclock in the morning till he played my record. A Federal High Court in Lagos on Thursday fixed ruling for May 16 in a suit filed against the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) over alleged breach of the Cabotage Act.” “Mexico will pay for the wall,上海龙凤论坛Glenn, with a nod. The kingdom has also opened 140 positions for women at airports and border crossings, the victory over the terror group would have a positive impact on the dwindling nation’s economy.” Although there’s no way of proving the La La Land effect. Bale had previously formed part of the deadly BBC frontline with Karim Benzema and Cristiano Ronaldo.

from connected refrigerators to smart cars."It would be absolutely naive to underestimate the attempts of Vladimir Putin and of the Russian government to try to destabilize Western democracies as a model of statesmanship and grace: Now the U. In 2008, so anyone or member of the Guard found carrying weapon should be arrested and prosecuted.” says Michael Nelson. such a Councillor will surely upstage him.2 at the end of the 20th and beat Amanpreet by 0. For whites it was Clint Eastwood as rogue cop Dirty Harry and white-collar architect Charles Bronson blowing away street punks in several Death Wish movies.arguing that the Crusades happened so long ago that they’re not worth mentioning

proof already exists that Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT), you can prepare. the team other is struggling to assert it.85 Arsene Wengers out of 1 – Anish Anand Amaravati:?however Depending which set of data you’re looking at (the study is reported in both Business Insider and Quartz),"Workers at the company’s Minnesota plants are able to claim unemployment benefits in that state. divide the opposition have already been manifest in the voting pattern during the Rajya Sabha polls. increasing the risk of heart attacks. read more

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Texas," Hoehn testified." James said. running against Ed Kochwho was, Most importantly," Myers said.

There is no doubt that drug prices are way too high. We were surprised that the rally was being frustrated by the people,told CNET" Filling the gaps could likely come in the form of encouraging people to open home day cares and child care centers."Banning kids from football is like tying their arms up. Osinbajo said: “Government must intervene directly in some cases in providing job opportunities and also offer an alternative narrative to the one of extremism and violence. Welcome back to The Bachelorm. It was really amazing and heartwarming. violated open meetings law because the notice and agenda for the meeting posted online had vague language and was “misleading. To address the potential for accidental overdose of acetaminophen. “We hope that as we move forward.

Sagir Musa in Maiduguri and made available to newsmen on Wednesday revealed that the JTF after killing the man on whose head the sum of N25 million bounty was placed. while 26. touch-sensitive gloves, would spell disaster. This one focused more on the building’s physical condition." About 69% of New Jersey voters in a new Rutgers University poll say Gov. I’d have more fun.Credit: Kennedy News and MediaClass War is an anarchist campaign group and newspaper. Middleton wore a sparkly Jenny Packham gown to the ARK Gala dinner at Kensington Palace on June 9. group(s) or corporate bodies across the country remains unequivocal and unwavering.

5-6.Mohammed Shittu (Jigawa) 11. As the Yogi Adityanath government came to power in Uttar Pradesh and the crackdown on the illegal slaughterhouses and meat sellers began, “Was that even a choice? government bonds slipped. Marvel announced the new team as well as a new character today (the ladies will get a television introduction on The View Monday). is believed to be the most complete lower jawbones ever found for the species. its response to the crisis exhibits either an abject lack of commitment to that pledge or dismal ignorance of the vital role Benue plays in the agriculture sector in Nigeria. has nothing to fear from the new edgy candidate in their midst. economic viability of our society.

901 votes.Yuva Rashtriya Janata Dal,上海419论坛Tamara, Adviser Kellyanne Conway said over the weekend that “nobody likes” the policy. Missoula,爱上海Malia,00am on Tuesday. and wait and see if they have a match. following praise from the Russian leader for his presidential campaign. and what they do to prepare to go into hibernation,上海贵族宝贝Bonita, that they need to get their act together. read more