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Paralympians have spoken of their shock at learnin

first_imgParalympians have spoken of their shock at learning that 50 of the poorest nations could have to withdraw from next month’s Paralympic Games in Rio because of financial problems facing Brazil’s organising committee.Thousands of athletes from countries that were relying on travel grants from the Rio 2016 organising committee may not now be able to take part in the games the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) said this week.The grants should have been paid by the organising committee to individual countries more than two weeks ago, although it has now promised to do so by the end of the month, only days before the opening ceremony on 7 September.Sir Philip Craven (pictured), the British president of the IPC, and himself a retired Paralympian, said: “Failure to do so could result in a number of countries being unable to attend the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games event they have been planning and preparing for for a number of years.”Reports this week suggested that the financial crisis had been partly caused by the Rio Olympic organising committee dipping into funds set aside for the Paralympic games in order to deal with its own financial problems.An IPC official later told BBC World News that 10 countries were “really in jeopardy” of not being able to attend, but that the number forced to pull out could be as high as one in three of the 165 countries due to take part.One British Paralympian has told Disability News Service (DNS) that losing so many countries, if it happened, would be a huge backwards step for the Paralympic movement.Keryn Seal, a member of the British blind football team that competed at London 2012, said the reports of financial problems were “shocking” and suggested “tragic mismanagement”.He told Disability News Service (DNS) that suggestions that 50 of the poorest countries might not be able to attend Rio 2016 because of money taken out of the Paralympic pot by organisers of the Olympic Games were “very sad”, and he questioned what message that would send out about how the comparative importance of the two events was viewed.He said the potential loss of so many countries risked devaluing the event and damaging the reputation of the Paralympics.He said: “It would take it backwards massively. At the moment you get Paralympic finals where there are only four or five people in them.“What’s going to happen if you lose 50 countries? The credibility of it could take a big dip.”Another member of the blind football team, Robin Williams, said on Twitter that the “potential disaster” was an “utter disgrace if true”, and later added: “What’s also a disgrace is that you have to go to the disability section of the BBC sport website to read about it.”Baroness [Tanni] Grey-Thompson, who won 11 Paralympic gold medals, told BBC Radio 4’s The World Tonight that the scale of countries potentially affected was “shocking” and could see nearly half of the competitors not being able to take part.She said: “No athlete wants to win a medal because there are several countries who haven’t been able to make it purely for financial reasons.”And she said that budget cuts to areas such as adapting accommodation and providing transport would set “a really negative tone for the games”.Jonnie Peacock, one of the stars of the British athletics team, who will compete in the T44 100 metres in Rio, also expressed concern.He told DNS: “I don’t know enough about the situation to be honest. If it is true then it’s very sad and I sincerely hope that something is done as it’s my dream to compete in Rio and it would hurt if that dream was taken away from me.“For me and my race, it won’t affect me because I know my main rivals will be there whatever happens, and that’s what I’ve got to focus on now.”Sir Philip said the situation was “pretty precarious”, but rumours that the games might not go ahead at all or that some sports could be cut from the programme were “totally unfounded” and “not true”.He said that the mayor of Rio, Eduardo Paes, had pledged to meet the full costs of the Paralympics by providing a further £36 million, but there was currently an injunction on any further public funding on Rio 2016 unless the organising committee released “full financial spending details”.Sir Philip said: “Clearly, the simplest and easiest way round this is for the Rio 2016 organising committee to be open and transparent with its financial records in order to allow this additional funding to come in.”If the funding crisis is not resolved, Sir Philip warned that there would have to be “further cuts” on top of those made by the IPC, the International Olympic Committee and the Rio Olympics.He said that this could “impact on the services offered to the athletes who have dedicated years of their lives to reach and compete at these games. This is the last thing that we want to do.”This could mean reducing the frequency of buses laid on for athletes to reach venues, or cutbacks to the food available in the athletes’ village.This morning (18 August), the IPC was tweeting that the injunction on spending any more money on Rio 2016 had been lifted by the Brazilian courts so “money can now be injected into the Rio 2016 @Paralympics” which it said was “a step in the right direction”.But in a further blow for the Rio games, the organisers have announced that they have so far sold only 12 per cent of available tickets for Paralympic events.Peacock told DNS earlier this week that television pictures of empty seats at the Olympics were “a disappointment”.Asked whether he had concerns about Paralympic ticket sales, he said: “It’s a lot of seats to sell out and London did immensely well.“We got into the spirit of the games over here and everybody wanted to buy a ticket.“For me, I still believe it’s going to be a good crowd there. I’m going out there to try and focus on my race and try and do what I can to win it.”Peacock said he believed that the Paralympics would still be “huge” in Britain, even if there were disappointing ticket sales in Rio, and he praised the work of Paralympic broadcaster Channel 4 and his sponsors BT in promoting the Paralympics.The British Paralympic Association had not commented on the funding crisis by 11am today (18 August).last_img read more

Nearly 5000 adult social care services – nearly o

first_imgNearly 5,000 adult social care services – nearly one in five – have not had an inspection by the care regulator in the last two years, figures released under the Freedom of Information Act (FoIA) have revealed.The CareQuality Commission (CQC) figures have raised fresh doubts as to whether theregulator is fit for purpose, while Labour’s shadow social care minister hassaid they are “highly concerning”.The figures werereleased to Disability News Service days after the latest revelationsconcerning a care home run by the National Autistic Society, where autisticpeople were taunted, abused and ill-treated by staff.MendipHouse, in Somerset, had itself not been inspected by CQC for more than twoyears when whistleblowers came forward and exposed the abusive regime in 2016 (see separate story).The new FoIAfigures show that 4,859 adult social care services have not been inspected byCQC in more than two years, out of 25,590 services in total (19 per cent).Many of the25,590 are new services that are still awaiting a first CQC rating, so theproportion of services that have been open for at least two years and have notbeen inspected for at least two years will be even higher than 19 per cent.But thefigures also reveal other concerns about the commission and its work.They show strikingfalls in the number of inspections carried out by the watchdog over the lastcouple of years; a significant increase in the number of inspections cancelledor rescheduled; and a sizeable drop over the last three years in the number ofadult social care inspectors working for CQC.A CQCspokesperson said that some of this was due to a new method of regulation,adopted in 2014, which was based on “ratings and risk”.She claimed thecommission was now “even better at identifying risk, meaning that we canprioritise our activity to where the need is greatest”.The FoIAresponse showed the number of CQC’s “full-time equivalent” adult social careinspectors fell from 881 in December 2015 to 812 in December 2018.The numberof adult social care inspections that were cancelled or rescheduled rose from 6,498in 2017 to 8,296 in 2018.And thenumber of adult social care inspections carried out by CQC fell from 15,271 in2016 to 13,106 in 2017, and again to 11,618 in 2018.Statisticsprovided by the regulator to its latest public board meeting (PDF) in February raise further concerns.They showthat only three-fifths of planned inspections of adult social care servicesthat had been branded “inadequate” or “requiring improvement” were carried outon time.Barbara Keeley (pictured), Labour’s shadow minister for social care, said: “It is highly concerning that nearly one in five social care establishments have not been inspected for over two years.“We saw inthe recent Mendip House case how quickly a care home can deteriorate – often ina matter of months. “As governmentcuts to social care budgets force providers to cut corners, infrequentinspections are putting disabled and older people at risk.“We cannotallow providers to provide poor quality care due to a lack of oversight: thatis why Labour’s plans for ethical commissioning would require local authoritiesand the CQC to better monitor care providers.”CQC saidthat its decision to inspect services seen as good or outstanding only every 30months helped explain a “significant” number of re-scheduled inspections, and manyof the services that had not been inspected in more than two years.By February2017, it said, it had finished inspecting all adult social care servicesregistered with CQC in October 2014 and had then moved to the next phase of itsnew ratings- and risk-based model of regulation, with “increased focus on usinginformation and intelligence to form a better picture of what is happening inthe delivery of people’s care to assess and prioritise risk”.It also said it had introduced new roles to “complement the inspection workforce”,such as assistant inspectors.CQC has sofar failed to say if it believes the figures show it is a failing organisation;whether it needs an injection of funding; and whether it is putting the safetyof disabled and older people at risk and is therefore likely to be exposingthem to serious breaches of their human rights.It has alsofailed to say whether the Mendip House abuse scandal showed that its risk-basedsystem was putting the safety of disabled people at risk, and that it thereforeneeded to introduce annual, unannounced inspections of all adult social careservices.But it didsay: “CQC has a healthy budget, a strong and hardworking workforce and wecontinually review all of the resources at our disposal in order to be asefficient as possible in ensuring care providers are living up to their legalresponsibilities.”Debbie Westhead, CQC’s interim chief inspector for adult social care,said in a statement: “In2014 we completely overhauled the way we regulate adult social care, moving toa ratings and risk based model. “We are noweven better at identifying risk, meaning that we can prioritise our activity towhere the need is greatest. “We knowfrom our latest State of Care report that most people are getting good care;over four-fifths of adult social care services are rated as good oroutstanding, a testimony to the hard work of thousands of frontline staff. “In 2018 wemoved the frequency of inspections for good and outstanding services to 30months. “However, ifduring this time we get any information of concern we will prioritise ouractivity to ensure that we are protecting people from risk. “We are now taking more enforcement actionthan ever before because we are using the information and analysis at ourdisposal more effectively in order to target our inspection activities to thoseservices where there is the greatest risk to the quality and safety of people’scare. “Since April 2017 to January 2019 we’ve taken around 2,000 enforcement actions against all adult social care providers and we will continue to take action wherever necessary to make sure that all people are getting the good, quality care they need.”A note from the editor:Please consider making a voluntary financial contribution to support the work of DNS and allow it to continue producing independent, carefully-researched news stories that focus on the lives and rights of disabled people and their user-led organisations. Please do not contribute if you cannot afford to do so, and please note that DNS is not a charity. It is run and owned by disabled journalist John Pring and has been from its launch in April 2009. Thank you for anything you can do to support the work of DNS…last_img read more

Café La Taza So Much More than a Coffee Shop

first_imgThe online menu is a bit deceptive; there are a lot more more choices when you get there! For one thing, we were pleased to find they have four different ceviches: ceviche de camarones (shrimp) with mango; ceviche mixto, comprised of calamari, scallops and shrimp, and here, with passion fruit juice; ala diabla, same, but with a bit of chipotle; and el clasico, which comes with halibut, calamari and shrimp. We ordered the classic, which was served with a dollop of sweet potato puree, cancha (toasted large Peruvian corn) and hominy.Ceviche clasico.Tortilla chips were the scooping mechanism, and the halibut was super fresh. I would have liked a bit more heat, but nothing that a little Tabasco couldn’t help. The only other problem we had is that the ceviche came out after our entrees. All the food comes out very fast, but nothing tastes like it’s been sitting around.The BF ordered the Churrasco – a grilled marinated skirt steak with guajillo and chimichurri sauces, served with a salad and fries.Churrasco.Their chimichurri is different than any other I’ve had – very fresh and bright. We found out that they make it with – surprisingly – mint & basil, which is very atypical, a little cilantro, parsley, and dried oregano. Our server confided to us that an Argentinian had once told him you must make chimichurri with dried oregano, always! A tip to remember, as it was very good. The guajillo (a dried red pepper) sauce had notes of cinnamon and clove, with a little bit of a tartness to it. It, too, was very good on the steak. And as for that steak? The BF finally ordered well! The meat was tender, juicy, cooked perfectly – just great. His fries were excellent too – crispy, hot, and generously sprinkled with chopped fresh herbs.For my main I ordered the mussels, chorizo and fries…Mussels.The “fries” turned out to be a shower of crispy shoestring potatoes over the top, more like a garnish, but that’s all that was needed, as the dish also came with three slices of toasted bread to sop up the wonderful juices. The sausage in the dish is proprietary – they grind their own pork and add their own spicing. Our server said they make just about all their food in-house, not pre-prepped from elsewhere. The broth was good and saffron-y, and I slurped my way through the entire bowl.The BF said he could see this easily becoming a regular place for us – so reasonably priced, the service was warm and friendly, a good variety of dishes, and a full bar! And, for those to whom that sort of thing matters, a t.v. in each of the dining areas, for sporting events. On our first visit, I was most excited by their cocktail list, but unfortunately I didn’t like the one I ordered – Don Pepe: tequila, citrus, cucumber and thyme. It really needed a tart note, something to contrast, as it was all pretty one-note. There are other cocktails I’d try, though. The BF ordered a Stella Artois, and was quite pleased that it even came in a chilled Stella glass. 0% Café La Taza has been around for 18 years, since 1998, owned and operated by the Martinez family, originally from Nicaragua. They started out, however, as Martha & Brothers, and a few years in, part of the family left and went on to found the coffee roasting house that is known as Martha & Brothers Coffee, and of course that’s where Taza still gets its brew. Taza started out as a mere coffee shop, selling pastries, bagels, fresh juices, salads, sandwiches, etc. But over the last 10 years or so they’ve flourished to the point where they’re now a full-on restaurant – with a full bar! They remodeled, adding a more modern décor, and got a liquor license in December of 2015. And they even have a second location on Post. I see people in the original Taza at all hours of the day, and it makes me happy to know such old-timers are thriving and growing in our little neighborhood.Their menu now offers full breakfast, lunch and dinner, with an oyster happy hour and a full espresso bar. The front half of the restaurant is more café-like, where you can still get items to go at the counter, especially at breakfast, and the back half being a little more subdued.center_img On our second visit, I ordered a delicious Argentinian cabernet sauvignon – Catalpa – they have a small but decent wine list with selections from Portugal, Spain, Argentina and California.We ordered another ceviche (and again, it came out after our entrees!) – the ceviche ala diabla this time, with shrimp, bay scallops, and squid, in a chipotle lime “leche” (leche de tigre is what Peruvians call the limey juice that comes from marinating seafood and chiles together.) We preferred the clasico to this one, but it was still a good, fresh start to a meal – if only they’d bring it out earlier!Ceviche diablo.We ordered a side of yuca fries to share…Yucca fries aioli.… and they turned out to be some of the best we’ve had. They were super crispy, really fluffy inside, not at all dense, and served with a garlicky rocoto aioli. These would make a great bar snack.For my main, I ordered the pork sliders.Pork sliders.These were lovely, but I made the mistake of tasting the BF’s chilaquiles first, which were to die for, and the pork in his dish was so delicious that mine suffered in comparison. The sliders came with some tart pickled onions, and were better once I added some aioli. But…… oh those chilaquiles…Chilaquiles pulled pork.Their enchilada roja sauce was so good, and the pork was so tender and flavorful, that this dish was the clear winner of the night. The tortilla chips were the perfect texture – still slightly chewy in places, wonderfully mushy in others, with a drizzle of crema and sprinkles of cotija cheese…. Divine. The only thing the BF forgot was that you can also order it with an egg, even at dinner, which would have made them that much better. These inspired us to go home and make our own chilaquiles, but I’d have Taza’s again in a heartbeat. I kept eating off his plate until I was too full to eat my last two sliders.Ok, and I couldn’t help myself, I had to find out. I got up early one morning before work and went in for breakfast alone….Corned beef hash & eggs.Now, what I REALLY wanted was the pork loin eggs benedict, because PORK & EGGS BENEDICT. But it turns out that and the other Bennie, Eggs Florentine, are only offered on the weekends. Wah… however, this corned beef hash and eggs did not disappoint in the slightest. In fact, I’d venture to say it was the best corned beef I’ve ever had. Really tender, not too fatty but just fatty enough, delicious! Those potatoes were actually parsnips, and so incredibly buttery and creamy, and the bites of fresh celery I got, with the sweet roasted carrot, and the peppery watercress, just made this dish extra special. It comes with two eggs, but I downsized to one as I knew it was going to be too much food. On top is what they’re calling garlic toast, and it was ok, but I only had a couple bites as, again, just way too much. I ended up not eating lunch. Really, this breakfast was as good as any I’ve had at any fancy brunch place.Other menu items include lemon roasted chicken, filet mignon, lomo saltado (a typical Peruvian dish), a coffee-rubbed pork chop which sounds amazing, salads, shrimp cocktails, crab cakes, pancakes, sausage and eggs, hot cereal, French toast, etc.This is very much a neighborhood place, with locals and workers dropping in throughout the day. They’re not open very late, but maybe if they attract more business from the full bar, they’ll stay open later. I think some people walk by and think Taza is simply a café, which is a huge mistake; there is so much more going on here.Café La Taza2475 Mission StreetMon-Thur 6am-8pm  / Fri 6am-9pm/ Sat 6:30am-9pm  /  Sun 7am-3:00pm415.824.7717 Share this: FacebookTwitterRedditemail,0%last_img read more

Developments in Development Rough road ahead

first_img 0% Tags: Business • development • Developments in Development • housing Share this: FacebookTwitterRedditemail,0% Especially when $3,400 a month for an apartment is the new normal.Such a hot market continues to bring with it more of the usual attempts to game the system — take, for example, this CBS Local investigation that found dozens of owners of homes who purchased them through the city’s below-market-rate program who are renting the units out, which is a big no-no because they’re supposed to be homes, not investments.On the opposite end of the spectrum, a major corporate San Francisco landowner is addressing the problem of illegal short-term rentals by partnering with Airbnb and tenants to make aboveboard short term rentals. The tenant can short-term-rent (short-term-sublet?) and the landlord gets a cut of the deal, reports the Chronicle.The pressure on low-income housing is unlikely to ease anytime soon — at least if two pieces in Curbed this week are any indication. The first extols the value of the Low Income Housing Tax Credit and how President Donald Trump’s new proposed tax plan could undermine it. The second explores how the elimination of a bond program and a certain kind of tax credit may lead to the loss of 1 million affordable housing units around the nation over the next decade.A pretty frequent refrain in the conversation about why everything is so expensive is that rent control is interfering with the market. Well, researchers at Stanford took a look at that recently, using San Francisco as a case study. And they do seem to support the notion.That said, they also listed a number of other effects of rent control — like that “essentially all” of those incentivized to stay in the city because of rent control would have left by now if it didn’t exist. And as a tenant advocate tells the Mercury News, part of the problem is that landlords responded by taking rental units off the market and turning them into “tenancy-in-common”s, or workaround condos, in which case the solution the advocate suggests is simply to disallow conversion into TICs.Researchers also observed that rental turnover in some of the hottest areas was highest, possibly due to evictions and buyouts. To wit, tenant advocates are putting their effort into statewide ballot measures this year. Repealing restrictions on rent control is one proposal, but more recently, they launched the effort to put an item on the ballot that would guarantee all tenants facing eviction legal representation.While the state political machine grinds on, one local project seems to have ground to a halt: 1900 Mission St., where a developer two years ago proposed turning an auto repair shop into 11 condos above a ground floor retail space, is up for sale, SocketSite reports. The proposal, with some tweaks, actually passed muster at the Planning Commission in early October after being held up by a discretionary review request, so all the entitlements are in place. Will it find a buyer?Elsewhere, some new businesses seem to be on the horizon.Rice Paper Scissors won approval to move into the former La Plaza Delicateses grocery at Folsom and 22nd streets. And on 14th Street near Folsom, someone appears to have a craving for a bagel business — a proposal is under review to renovate the inside of a garage to create a wholesale bagel manufacturing facility (without retail or public access). Very curious about these plans for a secret Mission bagel spot. center_img Developments in Development is a “weekly” column recapping real estate, housing, planning, zoning and construction news.I was going to start out with a happy headline this week: People love San Francisco despite the high cost of living, a new survey says. Another chimes in with the finding that San Francisco’s eviction rate is among the lowest in the whole U.S.Unfortunately, the first survey somehow managed to find 600 people to quiz, of whom only 1 percent had grown up in the city (an impressive zero percent were natives of San Jose or Oakland in those parallel surveys), so the fact that people who recently moved here for a job like it here is maybe unsurprising. As for the eviction rate, well, as Curbed notes, that’s likely because the job market here is strong. Plus, that survey looked at San Francisco renters who had experienced eviction — which makes me wonder how many people who experienced eviction in San Francisco remain in the city to be polled as a San Francisco resident?last_img read more

MATTY Ashurst has been recalled to the 19man squa

first_imgMATTY Ashurst has been recalled to the 19-man squad for this Friday’s Engage Super League clash with Wigan Warriors.The second-rower was rested last weekend alongside teammate Shaun Magennis (pictured).The squad is:1. Paul Wellens, 3. Michael Shenton, 4. Sia Soliola, 5. Francis Meli, 7. Kyle Eastmond, 8. Josh Perry, 9. James Roby, 10. James Graham, 11. Tony Puletua, 12. Jon Wilkin, 13. Chris Flannery, 15. Louie McCarthy-Scarsbrook, 18. Matty Ashurst, 19. Andrew Dixon, 20. Jonny Lomax, 21. Shaun Magennis, 22. Jamie Foster, 25. Lee Gaskell, 28. Thomas Makinson.Michael Maguire, Wigan’s Head Coach, will choose from:1. Sam Tomkins, 2. Darrell Goulding, 4. George Carmont, 5. Pat Richards, 6. Paul Deacon, 7. Thomas Leuluai, 9. Michael McIlorum, 10. Andy Coley, 11. Harrison Hansen, 12. Joel Tomkins, 13. Sean O’Loughlin, 14. Paul Prescott, 15. Jeff Lima, 16. Ryan Hoffman, 17. Brett Finch, 21. Lee Mossop, 22. Liam Farrell, 23. Chris Tuson, 25. Josh Charnley.The match kicks off at 8pm and the referee is Thierry Alibert.If you can’t make the match, it will be covered extensively in the Match Centre as well as on Saints’ Official Twitter and Facebook sites.Tickets for the match are still on sale at the Saints Superstore in St Helens Town Centre, by calling 01744 455 052 or by logging on to www.saintssuperstore.comStats:Last ten meetings:Wigan 28 St Helens 24 (SLR11, 22/4/11)St Helens 16 Wigan 16 (SLR1, 12/2/11)(at Millennium Stadium, Cardiff)St Helens 10 Wigan 22 (SLGF, 2/10/10)(at Old Trafford, Manchester)Wigan 24 St Helens 26 (SLR18, 20/6/10)St Helens 10 Wigan 18 (SLR9, 2/4/10)St Helens 14 Wigan 10 (SLQSF, 3/10/09)St Helens 10 Wigan 6 (SLR23, 31/7/09)St Helens 18 Wigan 38 (SLR13, 2/5/09)(at Murrayfield, Edinburgh)Wigan 12 St Helens 19 (SLR9, 9/4/09)St Helens 16 Wigan 16 (SLR27, 5/9/08)Super League Summary:St Helens won 24 (includes win in 2000 Grand Final & wins in 2000, 2002 and 2009 play-offs)Wigan won 26 (includes win in 2010 Grand Final & wins in 2001, 2003 and 2004 play-offs)4 drawsSt Helens highest score: 57-16 (MM, 2008) (also widest margin)Wigan highest score: 65-12 (A, 1997) (also widest margin)Streaks:ST HELENS have the longest undefeated streak in Engage Super League, with a draw and three wins. Their last defeat was 40-18 away to Huddersfield Giants on 14 May.last_img read more

Alongside guest speakers the meetings are a great

first_imgAlongside guest speakers, the meetings are a great opportunity for your business to interact with organisations from around the region – all over breakfast at the Totally Wicked Stadium.You can then watch the final training session before we take to the field in the Betfred Super League.This month we’re giving fans the opportunity to vote for their Player of the Month for May.The coaching team have selected Mark Percival, Alex Walmsley, Morgan Knowles and Theo Fages on their shortlist.Simply click on the tweet below to add your vote!To find out more about our next Networking event, on June 8, click here.Your Player of the Month for May shortlist. Vote now! 3/3— St.Helens R.F.C. (@Saints1890) May 31, 2017last_img

New piratethemed brewery coming to 4th Street Firehouse

first_img There’s a new brewery in an old place. The firehouse, which has stood since 1907 on 4th and Campbell Streets in Wilmington, will soon open as Edward Teach Brewing.The centerpiece of the brewery’s pirate theme is a bar that is inspired by the Queen Anne’s Revenge, the ship that Blackbeard captained off the North Carolina coast in the 1700s.The brewery wants to have a variety of different brews while also paying homage to their namesake.Related Article: VA seeing patients at Wilmington Clinic Thursday“We do want to have some good, clean German lager styles that can be enjoyed season-round. Obviously, we’ll have some hop-forward beers and hopefully stand out in a different way from that. As well as certainly a robust, dark beer kinda line for Blackbeard and really kinda hit that home,” said Peterson.There’s plenty of history in the old firehouse and the brewery hopes to make its own mark on Wilmington.“I know with how long this building’s been around, a lot of people have seen it go through different hands and exchange different ways but I think when they see what’s been done to this building now and especially the bar and taproom side of things, I think everybody’s gonna be thoroughly impressed,” said Peterson.The 20 barrel brewhouse is expected to be completed this fall and the taproom would open for customers six to eight weeks after that. WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Wilmington’s newest brewery will be a blast from the past, both in theme and in location. Edward Teach Brewing will try to make its mark in an ever-growing beer scene in the Port City.“Breweries are popping up everywhere. However, I think that just gives the public, it gives them more of an insight to fresh and local beer,” said head brewer Erik Peterson.- Advertisement – last_img read more

FEMA Disaster Recovery Center in Pender County relocates

first_img North Carolina Emergency Management and FEMA will open additional centers in affected counties in the coming days. The centers offer in-person support to individuals and businesses in counties included in the North Carolina federal disaster declaration for Hurricane Florence.Representatives from the state, FEMA, the US Small Business Administration and other organizations are at the centers to explain available assistance programs and help connect survivors with resources that best match their recovery needs. PENDER COUNTY, NC (WWAY TV) — The Disaster Recovery Center in Pender County will  move to a new location at 1:30 p.m. today.The new location will be the Pender County Agricultural Building Auditorium. 801 S. Walker St. Burgaw, NC 28425. It will be open Monday through Satuday, 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. until further notice.- Advertisement – last_img read more

Sarah McLachlan to perform at the Wilson Center

first_img In addition to her personal artistic efforts, McLachlan founded the Lilith Fair tour, which showcased female musicians and raised over $7 million for local and national charities. In 2002 McLachlan founded her non-profit organization, the Sarah McLachlan School of Music, which provides top-quality music instruction at no cost, in a safe and nurturing environment, for at-risk and underserved children and youth. From an early age, music provided McLachlan with the tools she needed to navigate the challenges she faced in her life, so she recognizes how important it is for every child to have those same opportunities.In 2014 McLachlan released her seventh studio album, Shine On, for which she received a Juno Award for Adult Contemporary Album of the Year. Shine On explores her personal journey over the previous few years of navigating love, loss, and change. McLachlan’s latest release is her 2016 Christmas album Wonderland, for which she received a Juno Award for Adult Contemporary Album of the Year as well as a Grammy nomination for Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album. Wonderland contains fresh and inspired interpretations of 13 traditional and contemporary holiday classics.Tickets for Sarah McLachlan will go on sale to the public on December 14, at 10 a.m. online and 2 p.m. in person or via telephone. To buy online, visit or; to buy in-person or by phone, visit Ticket Central at the Wilson Center, or call 910-362-7999. Tickets start at $46 plus taxes and fees.Related Article: McDonald’s employee serving drive-thru jokesFor more information about upcoming Wilson Center performances, visit Sarah McLachlan to Perform at the Wilson Center. (Photo: Wilson Center) WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Grammy Award winning singer-songwriter Sarah McLachlan is coming to Wilmington.McLachlan, who has been awarded three Grammy Awards, 12 Juno Awards, and sold more than 40 million albums worldwide, will take the stage at the Wilson Center at Cape Fear Community College on Saturday, February 16, at 7:30 p.m.- Advertisement – last_img read more

Hampstead man pleads guilty to multiple breakins in New Hanover County

first_imgRolando Ezequiel Martinez (Photo: New Hanover Co. Jail) WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A Hampstead man is heading to prison after admitting to a string of home and car break-ins in New Hanover County.Rolando Martinez, 36, pleaded guilty this week to multiple burglaries, home break-ins, vehicle break-ins, larcenies and other related felonies.- Advertisement – The District Attorney’s Office says in July 2017, the New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office investigated a vehicle break-in, where a bike and other property was stolen. Martinez was caught after he sold the stolen bike to a store, and confessed when interviewed by New Hanover County detectives.While on pretrial release for the July 2017 break-ins, Martinez was charged with additional crimes.In early December 2017, Wilmington Police started getting multiple reports of burglaries, home break-ins, vehicle break-ins and larcenies off Eastwood Road. Martinez was identified when he tried to sell some of the stolen property over the internet.When Wilmington detectives searched Martinez’s home, they say they found multiple items that had been reported stolen. Martinez was arrested and confessed. Martinez told detectives that a recent addiction to drugs had caused him to commit the crimes.Superior Court Judge John Nobles sentenced Martinez to 45-66 months in prison, followed by two consecutive 8-19 month suspended sentences, 36 months supervised probation.Martinez was ordered to pay restitution to the victims as part of work release, post release supervision and probation.Martinez has previously been convicted of domestic violence protective order violation, falseimprisonment, and driving after consuming.last_img read more