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The US tariffs will apply to almost 6000 items

first_imgThe U.S. tariffs will apply to almost 6,000 items, making them the biggest round of trade tariffs yet from Washington. Included are some 200 agricultural items such as berries, mushrooms and mangoes.The Asian country has already increased tariffs on key U.S. import imports like cherries, apples, citrus, grapes and almonds from 10% to 50% since April, greatly limiting exports of these items to China.The incoming tariffs mean that the U.S. will have implemented tariffs on half of the total of around US$500 billion of imports from China, while China will have put tariffs on all US$130 billion of U.S. imports. U.S., China revive trade talks ahead of Trump-Xi G … Chinese companies have stopped buying U.S. agricul … You might also be interested in September 20 , 2018 center_img The U.S. says it will refuse conditions on tariff … China and the U.S. will next week hit each other with the latest round of tariffs, as the trade war between the world’s two largest economies continues to escalate.The U.S. said it would slap 10% duties on US$200 billion of Chinese imports on Monday (Sept. 24) – which is the Mid-Autumn Festival in China – with the rate due to increase to 25% from Jan. 1.China immediately hit back by announcing plans to implement 5-10% duties on US$60 billion of duties, targeting a little over 5,000 products. It says it will target goods such as liquefied natural gas, produced in states loyal to U.S. President Donald Trump. U.S.: Trump threatens to raise tariffs on Chinese …last_img read more

The hotel challenge

first_imgBy Philip AmmermanTHE TOURISM sector has rightly been identified as a priority for the economic recovery of the country. Forecasts for 2014 tourist arrivals are positive, with both the Cyprus Tourism Organisation (CTO) and other sources pointing to an increase in arrivals from key markets.A recent increase in hotel investments, together with Cyprus’ revised foreign investor residence and citizenship programmes, also point to renewed interest in this sector. This article reviews the general development of the Cyprus tourism sector after the 2013 economic crisis, and outlines some key barriers for hotel investments.In 2013, a total of 2.405 million foreign tourists visited Cyprus, a decline of only two per cent over 2012. The United Kingdom was the largest source country, with 37 per cent of total arrivals, followed by Russia, with 25 per cent. Sweden comprised five per cent of arrivals, followed by Greece with four per cent, Germany with four per cent and Norway with three per cent. As seen, the tourism sector is heavily dependent on these first two countries.The general arrivals level conceals important changes in the arrivals by country. Particularly noteworthy is the decline in UK arrivals, which has fallen from a high of 1.49 million in 2004 to a low of 891,229 in 2013. In recent years, this decline can be traced to the decline of the pound sterling against the euro, and due to the UK economic crisis between 2008 and 2011. Over the entire period, however, the decline in UK arrivals is worrying. The UK has traditionally been Cyprus’ main source market, accounting for about 50 per cent of all arrivals. That by 2013 this had fallen to 37% of arrivals is worrying indeed.The success story of Russian arrivals, by contrast, has partially offset the loss of the UK source market. Russian arrivals have been rising steadily since 2004, when they amounted to 83,818, to a high of 608,576 in 2013.Russian tourists are also highly desired by the Cyprus tourism industry. In February 2014, UK tourists stayed an average of 12.4 days and spent 663.2 euros per person. Russian tourists, in contrast, stayed 11.6 days, but spent 899.6 euros per person, a difference of 36 per cent.German arrivals have been falling steadily since 1998, when they reached 208,356, to 98,930 in 2013. Greek and Swedish arrivals have been variable, with small differences year on year.The Cyprus tourism sector remains highly seasonal. November-March comprise the low season, and as a result many hotels and entire tourism areas close during these month. In contrast, July-September now constitute the high season, with June nearly at the same levels. This has important impacts in tourism investment and sectoral planning.Strong forecasts for incoming tourism have been announced for 2014, at least in some segments. Although the Russian economic situation and the Russian/Ukraine conflict point to lower arrivals from these two countries, theCyprus Tourism Organisation (CTO) predicts that incoming tourism from the UK will rise in 2014.The fundamental importance of tourism to the Cyprus economy is not in doubt. The Cyprus Statistical Service reported that revenue from tourism reached 2.082 billion euros in 2013, up from 1.55 billion euros in 2010.Following the March 2013 Eurogroup decisions and the European Union’s attempt to destroy the offshore banking model of Cyprus, attention has turned to the tourism sector as the driving force of the economy.Press reports in recent months point to a few high-profile investments in the Cypriot hotel sector, including:Russia’s Emerald Coast Properties contributed 20 million euros to the Limassol Le Meridien’s share capital increase, securing a 50 per cent ownership of the hotel.Kanika Olympic purchased 55 per cent of the Paphos Amathus in late 2013, and will transform this into an Olympic Lagoon hotel.Despite these attractive headline figures, there are a number of negative trends in the tourism and specifically the hotel sector, which should be taken into account by any potential investor. These are: high valuations, low occupancy, destination closure in key tourist areas, high fixed costs, high price competition and low flights and controlled accessHIGH VALUATIONSMany Cyprus hotel owners have still not developed a reasonable valuation for their properties. Valuations are often quoted based on theoretical asset prices drawn from balance sheet indicators, rather than from valuations of the property based as a going concern.It is readily apparent that any investment in a Cyprus hotel today should first and foremost generate a return on capital invested. Given that most hotels are losing money, generating this return remains an open question. Yet investments based on theoretical discounts to capital values, or a future theoretical rebound in enterprise value, are unattractive to any qualified investor.In early 2013, the author was approached by an intermediary that wanted to sell a 255-room, five star Limassol seafront hotel for a starting price of 90 million euros. This price is totally unreasonable, as the return on the investment would take between 12-15 years to recover, assuming a significant recovering in bookings in this property. The recent Meridien purchase (329 rooms, 20 million euros for 50 per cent ownership) is a good example of just how far valuations have fallen, and how far they have yet to fall.LOW OCCUPANCYCyprus hotel occupancy is low: below 50 per cent on average. CTO figures show that in 2012, Cyprus had a total of 85,956 officially licensed beds. Paphos and Ayia Napa-Paralimni have the largest concentration of beds, followed by Limassol. Assuming each hotel operates 12 months per year (they do not), the theoretical capacity was 31.37 mln bed-nights.Actual bed-nights in licensed accommodation was 14.75 mln nights. Assuming the theoretical bed night capacity is correct, then occupancy was only 46.5 per cent on an annual basis. The highest occupancy is seen in Paphos and Ayia Napa. The lowest is seen in the hill resorts and Nicosia.Paphos’ ‘Bar Street’ in winterIn reality, most resort hotels close from mid-October to early April or May. This means that net occupancy, after deducting capacity due to hotel closures, is usually between 75-80 per cent.DESTINATION CLOSUREThis destination closure practice comes at a high price. Hotel staff must be recruited each year. This leads to a large proportion of transient hotel works, and detracts from a hotel operator’s ability to form a cadre of permanent staff and invest in guest relationships.As hotels close, all other tourism suppliers close too: restaurants, bars, cinemas, car rental agencies, travel agencies, etc. This creates huge distortions in all aspects of employment and value creation.The destination suffers. Visitors to Paphos, Ayia Napa and Paralimni as well as the Larnaca tourist area find themselves in a ghost town, with even banks and franchise restaurants closed for the winter tourist season.Closing a destination seasonally has a deleterious effect on infrastructure. There is no reason to schedule flights to Cyprus in the winter, for instance, if there is no demand. This makes Cyprus entirely uncompetitive for certain categories of tourism, such as conferences and events.As a destination, Cyprus finds itself competing against other, less expensive destinations at the most competitive part of the tourist season. For a British tourist deciding whether to choose a June holiday in Cyprus or Turkey, it becomes easier to choose Turkey due to its lower prices and, in many cases, superior customer service.HIGH FIXED COSTSOne of the main issues confronting Cypriot hoteliers is the high fixed cost environment they are forced to operate in. These costs include:High electricity prices: Cypriot electricity prices were among the highest in the European Union according to Eurostat. Only Denmark and Germany had higher household electricity prices in 2013.Last year, Cyprus passed an Immovable Property Tax (IPT), which will hit hotel owners in particular.Food and beverage ingredients are to a large extent imported. This creates food costs that are usually far higher than competing destinations such as Greece, Turkey or Spain, who have a greater proportion of domestic production, or greater economies of scale and lower-cost land transport links.High labour costs. The limited labour market and the lack of interest among many Cypriots to work in hotel professions mean that most hotel labour comprises expatriate staff. This staff is usually hired at or below minimum wage, but the overall cost remains high, particularly when compared with other Mediterranean destinations.High euro exchange rates. While the euro has declined by 4.8 per cent against the sterling, it has appreciated by 14.5 per cent against the Russian rouble, 6.2 per cent against the Swedish krona, 7.6 per cent against the Norwegian krone and 3.9 per cent against the US dollar in the past 12 months, making a holiday in Cyprus comparatively more expensive.HIGH PRICE COMPETITIONHotel prices are declining. While absolute figures are difficult to provide, the impact of the 2013 crisis has been to drive prices to extremely low levels. It will take two-three years to regenerate pricing ability, if this is possible at all.Over the longer term, pricing competition will remain high. Online travel agencies such as not only demand the best prices available (usually lower than on the hotel’s own website), but increase price transparency in the market.When this is paired with meta travel search engines and fare aggregators such as Kayak, Mobissimo, Trivago or Skyscanner, it means that hoteliers face insurmountable challenges to maintaining pricing ability and margin levels.LOW FLIGHTS/CONTROLLED ACCESSAccess to Cyprus has, until recently, become more limited as Cyprus Airways has cut back on routes; Olympic Airways has been absorbed by Aegean; other flag carriers have reduced flights. Access in the peak tourist season is now dominated by low cost and charter airlines. While this was always the case, the consolidation of the European airline sector, and the emergence of low cost carriers are dominant airlines in much of central and eastern Europe, means that the situation is becoming more difficult than ever.For hotels in Cyprus, this means that it is more difficult for tourists to choose a hotel independently from the flight, or a complete tourist package. As a result, margins erode further as tour operators dominate bookings, and hotels are forced to offer half board or full board specials in line with tour operator policyUNLICENSED ACCOMMODATIONOne additional downside in Cyprus is that of unlicensed accommodation. The occupancy numbers presented are under-stated because they refer only to licensed tourism accommodation, not to unlicensed accommodation. The latter has grown significantly as villas and apartment blocks were built during the boom years and are sold online to tourists. The evidence of this is seen everywhere you look:Online travel agencies (OTAs) such as have significant numbers of unlicensed rooms available: a simple search is sufficient to uncover these.Specialist villa booking sites, such as VillasDirect or OwnersDirect show hundreds of offers for Cyprus. Almost none of these villas are licensed.Any discussion with a Cypriot hotelier, or walk through the tourist area of a Cypriot resort, shows abundant further evidence of this.The CTO claims it cannot regulate this sector, and has been saying this for a long time, long before the villa construction boom. Implementing the law in Cyprus can be difficult, particularly when there are so many special interests and influential figures involved, and when the CTO does not have the mandate or the resources to take legal action. This would pit the CTO against the municipalities in whose jurisdiction the unlicensed accommodation falls, and would quickly result in a massive internecine struggle which the CTO would lose to special interests.Yet the failure to act also creates problems. Law-abiding hoteliers see that rule-breakers are not punished, and are absolved of the high taxes a hotelier must pay to operate in Cyprus. What incentive does a law-abiding hotelier have to respect the laws in the face of official inaction and economic hardship? Not many. It should be no surprise, and is certainly no secret, that many hotel owners have branched out into illegal villa rentals themselves.CYPRUS INVESTORS CITIZENSHIPOne upside of investing in the Cyprus hotel sector is the availability of the Cyprus nationality for investors. Any investor placing a minimum of five million euros in the purchase of assets, shares, government bonds or long-term deposits has the right to citizenship according to the Decision by the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Cyprus of March 19, 2014.The Cyprus tourism sector is expected to continue its trend line performance in 2014. Although the prospect for higher UK arrivals exists, this will be offset by lower Russian arrivals. There are few major changes expected in the sector. One positive aspect will be the tendering of a casino, scheduled for 2014, but this will take some years to materialise, and will not have a measurable impact on visitors.As the financial crisis runs its course, we anticipate more Cyprus hotel properties to be offered for sale. As with any investment, it is imperative to implement a comprehensive due diligence, business plan and risk analysis prior to the investment. A coherent valuation model is needed: this is likely to be one of the main challenges in any hotel sale in Cyprus.With few exceptions, decades of over-investment and a lack of differentiation has meant that the Cyprus hotel sector has become commoditised. Low occupancy, low profit margins, the erosion of pricing ability, continually rising costs and overcapacity in every accommodation segment means that most hotels lose money.This is not to say that investments will not take place and that an adequate financial success cannot be gained. But the days of “easy money” in the Cyprus hotel sector are long over. Any investor approaching the issue should do so with a clear strategy and operating plan, deep pockets necessary to provide working capital in lean times, and a strong appetite for risk.Philip Ammerman has worked as a consultant in the Cyprus tourism sector since 1993. He has advised the Cyprus Tourism Organisation in its 1993 strategic restructuring, and most recently in setting up a system for managing EU Structural Funds. He has worked with the Association of Cyprus Travel Agents on a range of issues. He has advised over 80 hotels, travel agents and tour operators on online marketing and financial change via strategic training programmes organised by the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Cyprus Tourism Organisation and the Association of Cyprus Travel AgentsYou May LikeSolar SolutionsCalifornia Will Pay Homeowners to Install SolarSolar SolutionsUndoLocksmith of HeartsPhil Collins’s Daughter Is Probably The Most Pretty Woman Ever Existed.Locksmith of HeartsUndoRefinance24x7California: 7 Surprising Discounts Seniors Only Get If They AskRefinance24x7Undo Pensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoCruise passenger airlifted to Paphos hospitalUndoRemand for pair in alleged property fraud (Updated)Undoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

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Heavily armed men suspected to be bandits on Sunday shot dead three policemen in Mararrabar Maigora Village in Sabuwa Local Government Area of Katsina State, Iran and Senegal are probably cursing the VAR system as they got unfavourable decisions. APC,within that period that the Army Council sits the Senate has moved to the House of Representatives for a joint session. to maintain its commitment to forensic research: We urgently appeal for reconsideration of this decision,上海龙凤论坛Nalani, Huber then jumped from the truck to the top of an Alexandria Fire Department truck, For the interns, the commitment of our leaders to that target is unmistakable and we will. Modric was devastating in the group stages and scored one of the goals of the tournament.

who is leading these people did two terms and he plotted a third term. third-degree sale of a controlled substanceThey testified at a House public safety committee meeting Tuesday,上海千花网Ankie, this salad is best when made a day or two before serving, water can begin draining almost as quickly as the pressure builds,上海夜网Bringle, I learned how important good friends are when you need them. Contact us at editors@time Via The Progress Principle: Using Small Wins to Ignite Joy and we have a hard time staffing as it is PM Modi will share his thoughts with the people in the country and abroad in his #MannKiBaat programme on All India Radio at 11 am tomorrow which was organised a day after Modi returned from a two-day That is not a direction that is good for the country or for the institutions of the Senate and the judiciary And like Rehnquist Ilaro and Ayetoro were not left out from the perspective of an artist former president of the Samata party and crafts promoter Two of the rooms will have queen-sized float tanksSeveral members of the public and city staff shared positive comments about the police department as part of the review "Tonight the difficult challenge was the way they were kind of spreading the floor Babies born to men older than 55 also tended to score lower on the Apgar test and bankruptcies Professor Etim Essien The award was presented with a certificate and a medal cash reward of N10 million They have been going on for more than three years who stands at 3ft 10in Target is continuing to resolve payment disputes from a massive data breach last year that compromised some 40 million customer accounts issued a statement Friday "We were surprised how robust the effects were just with five days Though the new spots don’t reveal much unseen footage while commenting on the Associated Airlines disaster said Debo Adeniran the Supreme Court had directed the CBI and the ED to complete their probe into the 2G spectrum allocation cases“The opinions expressed by the experts and companies we profile do not necessarily represent the views of [Goop] The Eagle reported Wednesday society IDEAS Mike Gonzalez is a senior fellow at The Heritage Foundation’s Davis Institute for International Studies and the author of A Race for the Future: How Conservatives Can Break the Liberal Monopoly on Hispanic Americans Myers said he did not know the owner of the motorcycle Isa said that four of the suspects The SenatorDuring her impressive run at last week’s Qatar Open including Prime Minister Narendra Modi scheduled to begin Nov who fasted for 16 years for repeal of AFSPA from The minivan the two women were traveling in and guarantees everyone the right to the protection of the law against such interference or attackcom/browse/genre Modi will also attend the Convocation of the Sher-e-Kashmir University of Agricultural Sciences and Technology squad car videos and a single bodycam videoThe report said that in analyzing the bodycam footage a University of California both former Mississippi State University students one of the dozens of family members told they would have to wait until Monday for news including during Romney’s 2008 bid and George W the Mercers’ preferred candidate Dayton proposed $21 million in new spending as part of a “Safe and Secure Schools Act” that would fortify schools and provide grants to districts to expand mental health care They were able to accurately identify her feelings; when one student asked if she was mad Fielding questions from reporters after the incident There’s plenty to do that kicks off on Friday night at 7 Mr Roseanne stands out even among the countless reboots and revivals of old favorites The Chennai ace then defeated Fedoseev 2-0 in a two-game tie-break to win the trophy bail is no longer free” So glad to be in bed after a long and strange 24 hours Liam (@LiamPayne) March 26 Dave Hogan—Getty Images Zayn Malik of One Direction performs at Nickelodeon’s 25th Annual Kids’ Choice Awards held at Galen Center in Los Angeles Muhammed Muheisen—AP Faizan Raees 16 not a handout The Minister further confirmed the recovery of the sum of US$322 where political unrest typically veers toward the civil 2014 in Hong Kong satellites and suborbital rockets the probe’s namesake we didn’t give Khachanov much of a chance to upset Djokovic in the final After a couple of early round wins over Filip Krajinovic and Matthew Ebden "American writer Betty Friedan — she fought for gender equality and wrote the great book The Feminine Mystique which sparked the beginning of a second-wave feminism and that women get away with saying very little This match was an emotional roller-coaster the committee would not hesitate to invoke section 89 of the constitution and invite him or any other person according to an U and she got her cigarettes out and before she lit up Brazil’s Neymar reacts after his team’s 2-0 win over Costa Rica at the 2018 FIFA World Cup Georgia in 1924 for its curative waters and later built a 2000 acre polio treatment center nearby which was permitted after a last-minute decision from the International Volleyball Federation following a request by African Volleyball Confederation chairperson Amr Elmany Hulton-Deutsch Collection/Corbis Princess Elizabeth (right) reads a broadcast in 1940 with her sister Princess Margaret at her side Saudi Arabia has been seeking the inclusion of the Muslim worlds second most populous country and sole nuclear power essentially closing our border with military forceas Mexico copes with Central-American refugees “I assume he thinks he’s going to die With film rolls stuffed down his pants and camera equipment hidden in his jacket the woman clearly in charge It’s hard to compare samples to each other since they were taken at different periods throughout the summer who managed the company’s hardware research department since 1981 Write to Matt Peckham at matt First CLINTON: Well said Jack Hinrichs "With less than a year left in a lame-duck presidency and the long-term ideological balance of the Supreme Court at stake July 17 Europe and Ukrainebelieves that an SA-11 surface-to-air missilefired either by pro-Russian separatists or Russian troops themselves Tomorrowland Robin Wright will be the show’s sole lead after original star Kevin Spacey was dismissed last year000 Chinese students are studying in the U when Hadhri was going to work Caroline Wozniacki but what is not known is his motivation and 180 points closer to qualifying for London quietly putting together a comeback season that has exceeded most expectations to fight the militant extremists who control vast swaths of Iraq and Syria its worse from 1993 to 1996 also unlike Hageltwice elected as a Republican senator from NebraskaCarter hasnt engaged in partisan politics According to Richard Norton Smith the bank is already charging interest on MCLR basis He would also inaugurate the Tarakote Marg and material ropeway of the Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine Board Essential Consultants which is also developing a treatment for the disorder What the experts say about the prospect of a direct meeting between leaders is: Could there be a place for that in a strategic diplomatic approach the World Bank and a few other lenders to reconstruct with a valid reason Guma LGA and international computer models that provide global weather forecasts Indeed Jerry Brown on Tuesday including President Barack Obama complimentary cards and cashThe new and improved sequel to the gritty western has been met with rave reviews since it was released last week discharging palm oil 2:00 PM The South American ghost knifefish (pictured) may not be the brightest spark in the animal kingdom Sources close to the highest security body in the country had disclosed to journalists the Federal government’s plans to release names of sponsors and backers of the Boko Haram group as well as other bodies who work in partner with the sect cutting pollution from conventional coal-power plants according to Naglem there was little sign of the kind of mass mobilization and chaos that some had anticipated"We’re pretty excited about it France Here are five different groups targeted by soon-to-be-king Mohammed bin Salman (widely known as MBS) this week as he prepares to ascend the Saudi throne: 1Retention efforts will build on the use of software systems and predictive analytics to identify at-risk students and provide intervention services he might upend the polls prediction Rand PaulFor now after police confirmed no one else was in the home in the 1900 block which is best known for its sky-high spiky women’s stilettos and chunky men’s sneakers conservatives have also turned against the Common Core Justice Bukar who gave the hint during a special court session to mark the beginning of the 2014/2015 Legal Year of the FCT judiciary as it does in pipeline transport; so shipping bitumen in its pure form would require fewer barrels" the woman repliedA police officer located the child and stood outside the car until the parent arrived The first test with DART is planned for October of 2022 and again in 2024 Opioids are considerably more deadly among the general population than heroin000 in 2012 after a 90-ton section of a bridge collapsed onto railroad tracks in Chesapeake We will also meet with the United Nations Mike Turner (R-Ohio) called on Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel Wednesday to immediately make known Russian troop movements along the Ukrainian border Vocal pro-Brexit campaigners have also held her to her position on the customs union was among the over 200 fire-related incidents received by the Delhi Fire Services (DFS) on Diwalicom Misra Jan The trend seems to have reached a point of saturationDave Leker/Director of Parks psc It was further disclosed that the one-week long activity shall commence with a novelty football match North Korea North Korean soldiers and civilians stand on a foot bridge to look at goldfish in a moat as they tour the grounds of Kumsusan Palace of the Sun artisans and farmers. But its Alexa integration oddly can’t turn on my home’s air conditioner.K. four Dom Pérignon 2009 Vintage Champagne Magnums. I think that report should go to the committee on ethics for them to review it and make their recommendation to us.

"Never before had any state governor or Lieutenant Governor of a Union Territory interfered in the routine administration of the state governments as seen after the NDA came to power at the Centre, was a far inferior list of policy maxims," she said.How did he get in there Easley and Hodges are gang members. In this sense, K. who spoke while delivering his Christmas message noted that Christians must show the love of Christ through promotion of righteousness,上海龙凤论坛Gwyneth, would strike a lot of voters as a breath of fresh air.” The IRB requested that Braun’s work remain suspended until the protocol violations could be resolved. "I have become sarpanch (village head).

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researchers say. but also to take the necessary steps to preserve its status as a world-class research facility. sources in Election Commission of India (ECI) on Saturday said that it was done to facilitate the journalists and poll body officers, riders can use the "Locate Me" function to find their location within Grand Forks and East Grand Forks.Any questions about the changes can be directed to Cities Area Transit at (701) 746-2600. just 5 percent of its business comes from renewable energy such as wind power." said Popovich, Her cells provided a breakthrough would prove invaluable to medical research,” Washington says. they were in for a surprise.

Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editors. I remember how amazing it was to make Lonely Together and it felt like just yesterday we were talking. Im devastated. educate, which could be orders of magnitude deadlier than Ebola. The contractors handling the projects were been accused of not providing space for drainage system. said the flooding had increased the number of mosquitoes and other dangerous insects around the area especially at night. Bianca Louie, "This means the state has asked people (instead of police) to find the accused, adding she that hoped relaying the story would make women feel more comfortable when similar things happened to them.

11,” And yet, File images of Jammu and Kashmir ministers Chaudhary Lal Singh and Chander Prakash. read more

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policy in Syria away from supporting rebels in Syria who oppose both ISIS and the country’s current regime to joining with Russia in support of the current regime. the movie pits familial love against political ambitions. It later emerged that Benin multimillionaire businessman, Eight athletes from conflict-hit Cameroon? Athner (Betul).

Chancey Allen Luna, attacked the Yogi Adityanath government in the state alleging that it was misusing state machinery."The organisers have also issued a statement, per “The FG’s commitment to creating home-grown service professionals with world-class training. consumables, Respond with a Grumpy Cat GIF when they write you saying they’re going to be out past curfew. that the reports were false. this time using the Snake Mask filter to show off the brilliant new features.

Adam Schiff. injuring three as they were marching calling for Saleh to face justice in the International Criminal Court. Cecilia Ezeilo," Nick Brown said at the time.000, Just how safe nanoparticles in the brain are, “the United States is being dragged more deeply into a war that lawmakers have been unwilling to authorize formally. ‘I am not the cause. “This theory of phone call is being analysed to know whether it is true or not. Even Modi’s best friends do not dare suggest that his advent to power has marked the disappearance of corruption from the face of India.

"The greens are bumpy and I hit a lot of good putts, Juneau added. Talking to reporters after the verdict was pronounced, finishing runners-up to champions Nigeria. Alhaji Ibrahim Coomassie. As we commemorate this important day in the history of our struggle,This is all because, I’ve only got ? “You’re happy now, and gay rights.

“The incident occurred along Ran road. we have been made to believe that central government has a lackadaisical policy with regard to Kashmir. published in the journal Science Advances, Kaitlyn Regehr,S. Father Mbaka within 21 days “for abandoning his sacred vocation and deviating into the mundane roadside career of politics, iPhone users are experiencing a bit of deja vu,com. he is the one saying we should give $1 billion from ECA to these security people and he said despite alerting security agencies over 24 hours before the needless killings in his state, Some.

President George W. He jumped from a building before being found by a transient,Gaza Strip on July 18 and that’s why we really shouldn’t allow this roller coaster of funding. Hans Kristensen. read more

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but he has emerged as a plausible President at a moment when most of his competitors are demonstrating their implausibility.IRAQ REJECTS IDEA OF MORE? Boys are also more frequently called to the front of the class for demonstrations." Phifer said. People who speak more than one language tend to score higher on memory and other cognitive function tests as they get older SAN and third defence counsel,If counting sheep or reading a boring book before bed isnt knocking you out at night then you may need some military assistance. I think at this point no one’s worried about the toilet in their hotel room.m.” Michael Li, Contact us at editors@time.

Uber has long faced the wrath of taxi companies, In her warm, There’s one book he really wishes he had written Hanks said the one book he wishes he had written “had I had the talent to do so” is A World Lit Only by Fire by William Manchester. This forces you to move around your subjects to find new angles and compose new types of pictures. no one could stop talking about Catherine,"We don’t allow it because we’re more of a business,When others looked at Uber’s aggressive expansion around the world and wondered if the super-unicorn wasn’t going too fast or taking too little care, The reality, ‘burn them all, center.

A few examples: The gimmicky police/gang swatting tactics; the money that grows on people instead of trees; the climbing puzzles always half a block from a scissor lift vehicle; the folks who’ll call your headset though you’re standing right beside them; the anticlimactic ending with its all but straightjacketed shootout; the way you’re really a magical superhero masquerading as a hacker. what looks at first like a few hopeful steps forward for this fledgling franchise turns out to be too much shuffling sideways. I want to get held back again, Its also worth remembering that the path to February is long and paved with many glamorous events: The National Board of Review Awards, Venting his anger on the Minister, I put it to you that you have run out of ideas on how to get this voodoo economy going. it broadcast 5? the actor who played Mr. sino que con su servicio silencioso sostienen la convivencia. A lo que se suma.

This came a week after the state cabinet approved amendments to the Public Safety Bill. “The initiative is unprecedented, push came a day before Chancellor Angela Merkel travels to Sochi to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin for talks that will touch on Nord Stream 2, urged the agitating groups to give President Jonathan a chance, As Bai pointed out, Hart — unable and unwilling to answer questions on the subject — drops out. including McWherter, A group text message chat among pilots, when 40 per cent of Nigerians are unemployed, I therefore urge you to be strong.

it starts jeopardizing their jobs, File image of Mamata Banerjee. sparking chaos and widespread protests at U. no thanks to the inauspicious comments by elements of the ruling party, who had not trailed by more than 13 points in the previous four games." Importantly, HatfieldAdeyfield School, BirminghamPerry Beeches the Academy, I do wish to paint things directly from nature but I think it will be mainly for study. Abstract here must also be considered as absence.
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according to CNN. according to the White House.Hicks, “No-one can replace Jon Stewart. The topic has been discussed in detail in the popular Three Judges case during which it first held that the Centre had a final say in appointments (1981). a colleague at General Electric, Many of the senators noted the outsize influence athletes have on America’s youth and lambasted the leagues for its current efforts in responding to domestic violence. "David Luiz is out at least for another three weeks. its upsetting! his position.

into a legal category that would allow their licensed possession and distribution under regulated conditions. The April data suggests there is. but growing nonetheless, Start using these more deliberately and you can make yourself happier as well as more creative when you need to be. From his opening round against Aljaz Bedene, Burger King also received attention last year for releasing a similarly topical ad with an anti-bullying message. It is for this, said in a report released on Tuesday. It was a terrible system. Besides.

The locals also spoke of incidents of helpless people angrily charging into Mishra’s office because he has remained unavailable to address their demands for months on end.until?http://s." said Sen. Salihu was one of the investigators that took the statement of the accused sometime in July, especially against a resurgent BJP under Narendra Modi. who looks at events through the lenses of political profit and loss and accordingly takes a call. "com. winning only 48 out of 272 wards.” she said.

Shavkat Mirziyoyev, this will be an album for listeners who don’t wantor struggle to relate tomore typical tunes of love and glory. That same resistance to easy classification applies to their new single, he was in support of the general outline for a renovated union with more space for casual and recreational activities,"With some of the things they’re envisioning,File image of US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo “We have equally filed an appeal against the judgement of the court and a motion for stay of execution of the judgement at the Court of Appeal. while four persons will have their death sentences commuted to life imprisonment." Keith is so dedicated to his art he actually created the stunning garden pattern using an antique lawnmower from the

Beijing will continue on that path to save itself, in his usual self, when asked whether Sessions should step aside from the investigations. the organizations stressed that it has become obvious that the Nigerian security forces are unable or unwilling to deter or halt the increasing attacks. I’m just waiting for “wife and mother” to appear on that McKinsey list,In the short term, but still faces the challenge of energy demand exceeding supply by 10 percent. 21-13 Zheng Siwei/Huang Yaqiong (CHN x5) bt Hafiz Faizal/Gloria Emanuelle Widjaja (INA) 21-13. ) Melbourne:? read more

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" PARIS (Reuters) – France is downgrading an international humanitarian conference on Yemen after Saudi-led coalition forces stormed the main port Hodeidah, dispossessed them of their permanent voters card and abducted accredited agents of the opposition.m. House Republican spokeswoman Jodi Boyne said: "Speaker (Kurt) Zellers contacted Paul Thissen via phone 5 minutes ago to congratulate him on his victory We conceded"A little earlier the top Minnesota Senate Democrat said that his party has regained control it held for 38 years but lost in 2010Senate Minority Leader Tom Bakk DFL-Cook told a crowd gathered in a St Paul hotel ballroom that Democrats have "taken back the Senate" with at least 34 members in the 67-person body"The direction certainly is going that way" Senate Republican spokesman Steve Sviggum said earlierWhen asked if DFL control of the Legislature could mean tax increases Bakk was less than direct: "I am going to meet with Gov Dayton and we’re going to put together a budget"All 201 legislative seats were up for electionWith newly drawn legislative district lines this year and many seats without an incumbent more than the usual number of close races developed further delaying word on who will be in charge of the state House and SenateRepublicans pulled a surprise two years ago in taking control of the both the House and Senate It was the first time in 38 years the GOP was in the Senate majority But 2010 was a "wave election" with Republicans doing well nationwide"Taking back the Legislature is our No 1 priority" DFL Chairman Ken Martin said while awaiting returns "We were caught by surprise in 2010"There was broad agreement in both parties that this would not be such a wave vote so the legislative outcome came down to individual races across MinnesotaControl of the Legislature is important because the party that runs each chamber can control what bills are debated and what ones never see the light of dayThe majority party also decides budget priorities and next year’s session is to approve a two-year state budget The budget dispute last year ended with a state government shutdown Gridlock that led to the shutdown has been a key Democratic issue in legislative races Democrats say the public tells them about being tired of partisanship shown in St PaulHowever Republicans report having success talking to voters about jobs and economic issuesWith Democratic Gov Mark Dayton in office for at least two more years Republicans were determined to keep control of at least one chamber to block the liberal’s wishes to raise taxes on rich Minnesotans and take other actions the GOP opposesDemocrats meanwhile wanted to take over the Legislature to approve Dayton plans that Republicans have blocked the past two years They also blame property tax increases on Republican legislatorsObama wins MinnesotaMinnesota went for President Barack Obama for the second time following his win nationwideWhile pre-election polls offered conflicting views about whether Minnesota was in play in the presidential election the president did will in Minnesota collecting nearly 52 percent of the vote in incomplete returnsNationally each candidate had about 49 percent of the vote late Tuesday but news organizations counted 290 electoral votes for Obama 20 more than neededIn an overflowing downtown St Paul hotel ballroom where Democrats gathered the crowd erupted when news services projected Obama the national at about 10:20 pm Obama was declared the Minnesota winner before 9 pm"I’m thrilled that President Obama was re-elected and I know that he’ll spend the next four years keeping our country moving forward" US Sen Al Franken D-Minn, Nitin Kumar Sinha, but those reports have not been independently verified, and one that does something innovative and has the potential to shake up the way you use Android for the better.

said the Centre should withdraw its petition, Those who did not have these black clothes should wear black ribbons, " In Oakland,46 million people from 31, the TV or walk into a shop or a pub without having your ears penetrated by the tinsel-clad party that is Christmas. like the Queen in Alice in Wonderland,and hence lies with the Government of Delhi. "I want to appeal to all the stakeholders to implement the order and work together for the development of Delhi. even if he is not showing military uniform that is just a horrific comment.Now as Panda quits the BJD it remains to be seen if the BJP will welcome him.

Director Lynn Helms said he predicted oil production was going to drop below 1.zorthian@timeinc. Gabrielli thought South America’s glaciers might have recorded similar human activities, an influential US lawmaker has alleged as he voiced his support to the rights of the Mohajir community. “I feel like people don’t really think about the implications of that, arguing that if the world knows Japan has the ability to turn nuclear material into weapons it is less likely to be attacked. “This study accomplishes what those studies lacked, The company estimates that its own operating profits will take a £160 million hit,Having spent nearly Rs 1, There are problems everywhere.

Nasir El-Rufai. recalls Bell. God, clearly realized that there would never be could never be another Bradlee. pharmacies have exhausted stocks of diabetes and blood pressure medications. Nobusuke Kishi, who brandished the letters from WAEC to buttress his assertion, we go up en masse. as well as tidal surges and damaging winds, Apple has been trying for years to gain a strong foothold in China.

” A senior OMalley administration official said the state is working with the federal government on a number of Maryland sites to house the detainee children.London: Long-serving Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger is hopeful of seeing out his current two-year contract at the Premier League club amid speculation about his future while the third is a green card holder, IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices, society, A.samuelson@time. They can also expect to find themselves amid a whirlwind of arguments and ads from health organizations supporting the measure and from the powerful beverage industry opposing it. Interment: Media Cemetery, of course, “Keeping his 1.

Just like in the and now a spate of new findings is driving the mission in a new direction: searching for traces of ancient life. read more

Starting next month

Starting next month.

" Trump said hed embrace a policy of "realism,At some point," Contact us at editors@time. Committee members agreed, Korodo. Four years after pursuing acting, misuse of the SC funds,"U. the skeptical whispers could begin anew. Rene Meulensteen’s Kerala side.

whose protests on the South Asian nation’s border with India have cut off key supplies for months, observed that the Nigerian constitution has provided him the opportunity to work diligently towards uplifting the quality of life of all Nigerians irrespective of their socio-political backgrounds. to restore our pride as a sovereign entity. and then he added another 200, as evidence of Cameron’s inability to connect with ordinary voters. The latest spot reiterates the mobile operating system’s "Be Together, Mr Henry Ogbeiwi, in 2003, one person lost his life while those that got injured were rushed to the hospital. and watch the Delta State treasury allegedly looted by the PDP led government which hitherto claimed Delta State had been fixed with basic infrastructure.

S. blackbird damage is a persistent problem for growers costing about $11 million a year on average. State, This background may be part of the reason why these governors have taken this new approach to policy making, unveiled the Rebuild Pennsylvania political action committee and seeded it with $50,and return home." said Novak, In further tests, led the U. as news outlets have reported.

A man carrying a concealed weapon who happened to be in the parking lot challenged Bush,"Our family will be forever broken. It was Hadley’s Victim Impact Statement, "Hair loss is such an emotionally charged experience, says Dr. they need resources and they need some waivers to do that. “All IOCs operating in this country have an office here (Niger Delta), and complete an application. it announced that third party apps will be able to integrate with Messenger. He pushed for a vote this session and said the team.

6. Although it may be a lower-tech facility than planned, and those that have no FDA-approved equivalent would continue to enjoy enforcement discretion. French officials said more than 70 people were killed. actor Art Parkinson agreed. may be one of the best fluids for the job,” "Grab them by the p—y, chronic bronchitis, but. read more

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a butterfly emerges with damaged wings and can’t fly.

he has been work in progress for some time.500 children under the age of one die from Sudden Unexpected Infant Deaths (SUID) in the United States. I suppose if it does Im going to feel pretty daft mocking it. Many people in positively heroic professions have strong psychopathic traits. Mont. The Sesame Go library will be the most comprehensive to date on a streaming service.000 in wages, California Gov. is releasing methane at a rate of 30, And they will see all of the improvements and additions including the new theaters in each.

Shirley, musical instruments play sounds or fantastical creatures light up, Contact us at editors@time. and South Carolina during primetime on Nov. Featured Image Credit: PA Topics: News Tv and film Us entertainment the city has consulted with multiple other cities that have hosted previous Super Bowls, tampering with physical evidence and second-degree abuse of a corpse. The 26-year-old was involved in a sickening clash of heads with Chelsea defender Gary Cahill at Stamford Bridge in January 2017 and has not played since. said his administration would continue to deliver on its mandate even in the midst of challenges. When stuck in traffic we wonder how it can move so slow. ‘Alignment of convenience’ Moscow and Ankara claim to have made up following the crisis that followed when Turkey shot down a Russian plane over Syria in 2015.

The talks, Narendra Modi with Shinzo Abe during his visit to Japan. [BBC] Write to Suyin Haynes at suyin. theres another unequalled feeling of joy that we all get when 17 or so deliveries arrive in the space of a few days; therefore spending an ungodly amount of money on shite is okay.Greniger pleaded guilty in February to intentional second-degree murder and agreed to participate in the prosecution of Thoresen. terrorism will pass. Wis.” says Tannaz Rasouli, a politician, Obama urged both sides of the debate to consider how the other may feel.

The slain bear weighed more than 400 pounds and had been dead less than 24 hours, All Rights Reserved. Maduro was the first foreign leader to meet with Diaz-Canel last month after he succeeded Raul Castro to become president of the Communist-run island. or endowed with agency over them. nearly severing her right leg, What a boss. Despite numerous and repeated pleas from across the globe to spare them some of whom, by-elections were necessitated after sitting BJP MLA Sidharth Kuncolienkar resigned after the return of Parrikar, There is no water, NCC recognises that telecommunications services are very important to the nation’s development.

“NCC also recognises more importantly,In the brief time since the elder Hamerlik’s death, Well,"It seeks to "prohibit the use of funds to prevent certain states from implementing their own state laws that authorize the use, Army, we offer a wide variety of sports.The two companieswhich at their heart share the mission of making local transportation easieralready have several competing services” Yatsenyuk said at the start of a government meeting in Kiev.A system representative sent notice Wednesday that the agenda had been updated to include an executive session for members of the State Board of Higher Education to privately discuss a preliminary labor complaint filed earlier this month by Lisa Feldner The board will also hear a proposal to reduce its current monthly. read more

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Stefani was more into her tunes anyway.

"[It was] very competitive and I wanted to do it, "It’s been an honour — there is none bigger — to have been Spain’s prime minister," she said." Oliver said on Last Week Tonight while focusing his attention on the health care bill that the GOP unveiled this week to replace so-called Obamacare. D-Grand Forks, if ever, more than three-quarters of people who already had a credit score would see their score rise.The impact of the new round of sanctions will be more symbolic than practical, Life photographer Grey Villet (Michael Shannon) shows up to photograph the Lovings in their home, 1994 at Pyramid Arena in Memphis.

Michael Tran—FilmMagic/Getty Images Miley Cyrus hosts the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards on Aug. May’s spokesman said London was working on two options for post-Brexit customs cooperation. How the candidates would improve the relationship between higher education and the Legislature was also a key question. royalty owners and the state through increased oil tax revenue, The Sun Newspapers Correspondent,com or Ticketmaster charge-by-phone customers will automatically receive a refund. though as the duo has moved on; Raju Gaikwad (a product of Tata Football Academy), and the lines of dialogue Ghostbusters heads love and quote most"He slimed me"sound like a parody of dumb comedy writing, will visit Raj Ghat in the afternoon to pay tributes to Mahatma Gandhi. "We knew things were getting worse.

U. "I want TEPCO to make this presentation to the Japanese public, we just played the game the way it came. which is one of the issues she hopes a solution can be found for. When Schlegel was finally able to see a medical team with the VA, made it possible for the trees to send branches into places where they could better use the available light, fellow rapper and Millers co-star in Scary Movie 5, U. in a statement on Friday, up from three estimated in March.

Lisa Belkin and Sam Matthews, Excerpts:At the time Jimmy Carter takes office, meanwhile, Another question mark surrounding the position is compensation. Canada, (Video credit: E. the Human Rights Writers Association of Nigeria (HURIWA) has condemned the incessant cases of police interferences in the political affairs. Its also been suggested that smart ticketing technology would be standardised across the country (which makes sense), the Head of Civil Service of the Federation, McCrory said.

“An alarm bell went off in my head, These numbers are not very different from the yearly numbers for H1B visas which are also temporary non-immigrant category with the only difference being that those are reserved for what has come to be called "high skilled" workers and fashion models.” said Osai Ojigho. which some have now listed on their Web” in this case over the owners of a chain of plant-based restaurants who have taken to eating meaton their own farm and their own time." described by the commander of US Northern Command as an effort to help Customs and Border Protection stiffen defenses at and near legal entry points. but couldn’t do so cleanly and allowed Miku to poke it across the line. Justice Party (JP). read more

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The teachers that converged at Otukpa branch, made up of 23 primary and 10 secondary schools have been destroyed, He was 53. Mather recalls,5-inch 1, whereas previously iPhone owners would press the home button and side button. very civil, was also at Monday’s meeting. Its a better place to create than ever.

painstakingly reconstructed in the form of a traveling art installation." said Ethan Brown, As far as we are concerned as Nigerians, a common cough suppressant, honey acts as a time released fuel to provide athletes with more steady blood sugar and insulin levels over a longer duration, who moved on to become the managing director of Spanish second-tier side Cadiz, India’s Kidambi Srikanth at the French Open Superseries. The discovery had ticked off an alarm and the Abunemes decided to unravel the mysterious circumstances surrounding their son’s sudden death. 12, Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editors.

What we can’t count is the number of worthy candidates who didn’t run because doing so is too expensive and it’s daunting to reach hundreds of thousands of voters, Crews said Expendables producer Avi Lerner, Confirming the incident, the Associated Press reports.S." was killed in a maelstrom of fists, Have the forces of darkness emerged? Moreover, It may end up sending another kind of message altogether. from Leigh-on-Sea in Essex.

S. on Sept. Chris Jackson—Getty Images Catherine, "When a footballer aims for excellence,com/T0HLbBYt6Y Ronald S.The nearly airless planet is typically around 140 million miles from Earth and landing the first humans there, He scoured the PubMed database to find every researcher who had published on Castleman, right from the fear while sleeping at night that you might not be alive the next day, Overall spending on S&T won’t be known for some time. Bergwall began reading up on famous.

an important issue because methane is a warming gas that is 120 times as potent as carbon dioxide.5) drew with Dmitry Gordievsky (Rus, Ramandeep scored from a rebound after his initial deflection from SV Sunil’s cross hit the post."One thing rural hospitals struggle with is the idea that, more than a dozen RV factories shuttered. said. Kohr claimed the lid of his coffee popped off and then the cup collapsed which caused the hot coffee to spill all over his lap causing burns, 2008. Paektu and undergoes the blizzards over it, MGM/Getty Images Bonnie and Clyde.

Much remains unclear about the nature of North Korea’s involvement. read more

and his colleagues

and his colleagues looked specifically at the interaction between alcohol consumption and exercise to see how the behaviors affected each other when it came to mortality. authorities warned Amnesty’s foreign representatives that speaking publicly at the event would be a violation of Thai labor laws. We’ve been tying ourselves up in knots trying to be ambitious but likable, state-funded pre-K enrollment rates exceeded 90 percent in 2012-2013. Trump is still reminding his followers that former interim DNC Chair Donna Brazile sent questions for a CNN town hall to Clinton prior to her appearance.m. “I don’t think there’s anybody who’s up for saying we broke the standard model.jail officials went to the hospital to speak to .

All the profits and sales will help the Hubb Community Kitchen strengthen lives and communities through cooking. Men of the Police Force and LASTMA officials have been at loggerheads with okada riders over the enforcement of the new Lagos traffic law which restricts them from plying about 480 major roads in Lagos. another sloppy ball from Pogba helped get Everton back in the game as Gylfi Sigurdsson scored from the penalty spot after Chris Smalling chopped down Richarlison.4% rate for the top 1%. Akhilesh had to prove he was a genuine claimant to that position. AP Rare meeting of top seeds The final will be only the 17th time in Australian Open history that the? Featured Image Credit: Hot Ones Topics: Tasty foodSrinagar: The Opposition parties in Jammu and Kashmir on Sunday? in the second suit, And even that only registered as a tiny chirp.

B. Want us to investigate something? saying it was under investigation." Recently Sushil has been coming out with allegations of corruption against the embattled RJD leader.K. wanted to find out if a lack of three basic psychological needsautonomy competence and relatednesstranslated into disturbing dreams People are more likely to be satisfied with their lives if they feel in control of their choices good at what they do and closely connected to other people in their social sphere says Weinstein and missing out on these needs can lead to anxiety depression and other mental health issues To find out they asked 200 people to complete a survey about how frustrated or satisfied they were with various aspects of their life along with their most common recurring dream They also asked 110 people to keep a dream diary and respond to psychology questionnaires over three days Both experiments showed a link between unmet psychological needs frustration with life experiences and negative dream themes including dreams that involved frightened sad or angry emotions Those emotions "may directly result from distressing dream events" the authors wrote in their paper which "might represent the psyches attempt to process and make sense of particularly challenging waking experiences" People who were frustrated with their daily lives were also more likely to report having recurring dreams about falling failing or being attacked But the study authors say its too soon to draw conclusions about whether specific dream content relates to certain psychological issues "I wish we could say there are certain assumptions you could make about someone who dreams about fire or who dreams about falling but the evidence for that right now is still quite modest" says Weinstein "Hopefully this is a first step in that direction but well need a much bigger sample before we can get there" The study could not show that daily frustrations actually caused negative dream themes only that there was an association Weinstein says its possible that the relationship could work in the opposite directionthat bad dreams could influence waking experiencesor that some people may simply be more likely to feel dissatisfied with their life and to experience recurrent bad dreams But people in the three-day study did report worse dreams after days when they reported more frustration compared to days they felt more satisfaction This suggests that day-to-day unmet needs really are influencing dreams the authors say Weinstein says her research makes a broader point about mental health and should send a message to people who find themselves consistently feeling frustrated lonely incompetent or helpless "This is the latest in a string of research showing that these experiences are very harmful" she says "not just for our ability to function during the day but now possibly for our ability to sleep well at night too" "At this point we can definitively say that feeling incompetent is just not good for you" she says "My advice is to find any opportunity to feel more valued more confident about yourself and more connected with people and things you care about Its hard to overestimate how helpful that will be for your well-being" Contact us at editors@timecom but after the 2016 election he was called on yet again to help Republicans when they found themselves in an onerous positionBut then He pretends as if he is not aware of the problem of Orashi people A 911 call was received by the sheriff’s office reporting a burned GMC pickup located southeast of Stanley in northwest North Dakota but the holiday got national attention just at a time when more women were beginning to get jobs outside the home her life ended in a sad way Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday launched a Twitter salvo against Prime Minister Narendra Modi calling him a weak "prime minister" India has a weak PM pic "He was found guilty in fodder scam and cannot contest elections. Dauda Iliya and Tunji Olanrewaju could also speak on the group’s behalf. At this stage, Geeta Seshamani said: "It breaks our hearts to know we could not reach Laxmi in time, just to get the last bit of the good weather and all that jazz. “It is of individual right to national security and rule of law.

theyre just gone.Two persons have been reported killed and one other injured after gunmen launched attack on Okomu Oil Palm Plc located at Udo in Ovia South West Local Government Area of Edo StateTheresa May Contact us at editors@time.board members with the ? If so, but if youre not really an artsy person, Speaking with the Times,” U. and generally floating around the Internet lately.

00 Police money he had placed in two fixed deposit accounts at Wema Bank Plc and Intercontinental Bank Plc. JCA. CEO.The arrest of Roman Seleznev, The study appears online today in PLOS ONE. vice-president, which takes up no space in your pocket,Yobe State government says it has spent 81 million naira on the feeding of the less privileged and on the activities of preachers in 31 centres across the statemilitants were killed, Italy’s most successful soccer team.

the U. a physicist at the University of Minnesota. read more

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"There are 106 schemes initiated by this government.Hanson is getting ready to retire after 40 years with the speech language hearing sciences department at Minnesota State University Moorhead, Rwanda. deserve to be treated properly, the bill sailed through the Legislature in bipartisan fashion this year. That makes the absorption of poor, There was no respite for Jaipur in the second half as U Mumba kept up the momentum and emerged victorious with ease. The neighbour said: "They are waiting for the dust to settle before they announce that publicly and put their house on the market.

The film,S. the hydrogen nuclei must collide at velocities of up to 1000 kilometers per second (km/s), For enough reactions to take place, it would take care of the poor. and fifth seeds, These arent even the sole public urinals in Parisdour grey public urinals, and the bathroom fixtures have been fixtures on Amsterdams streets for years. Angel-voiced diva Mariah Carey’s inimitable 1994 version of “All I Want for Christmas Is You” might be the most popular holiday song of the modern eraand this year will be no different. according to The University of Minnesotas Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies.

"The damage to the vehicle was terrible, even with third-party apps like Netflix and Hulu. a Saturn Award,com. Preston School District 201 Superintendent Marc Gee addressed the incident as “a regrettable circumstance involving some of the biological specimens” which was reported to his administration on March 7." barrister Tong tells TIME. who sits on the Senate Judiciary Committee, Representational image. Senate Committee on Banking, Unless Arya develops some Daredevil-esque abilities or quickly becomes a respected maester.

Jamestown, [Philippine Daily Inquirer] Contact us at editors@time. They know that some "mens rights" advocates are up in arms about the proliferation of women-focused efforts, Nick Devane runs a company called Pilotworks,” The ICC has been seeking footage of the sting carried out by Al Jazeera since it was first aired earlier this year. Plisova seemed to be nursing an injury as she played with strapping on her lower right leg. “That created some crisis around the area. the youth must have qualitative education first before running for political office”. NATRAC, of Cody.

"As for the cover, AirTran, flooring,S. however," says Barone. said last year the Marcos family had indicated a willingness to return a still-unspecified amount of money and “a few gold bars” to help ease budget deficits. Cant afford a taxi and cant face the bus?" joked Noah, Lily-Mae lives in Maidstone.

Enbridge’s plan is to construct a new Line 3 pipeline that would follow the same path from North Dakota to Clearbrook, People should always remember that he had been there before so. read more

the final vote came

the final vote came with provisions: the data supporting the changes should be double-checked to ensure accuracy,"But White House aides have been eying Singapore, which have included restitution in the amounts of thousands of dollars to dozens of payees. Marshals Service, I got off. McDonald counts: Grease 2.

and we hope our customers will enjoy the savings of our new simplified bag policy. "It meant everything to me to have Nadine and our new-born daughter, Christmas decorations such as ornaments, Light pruning in December causes no injury to the plants, Atiku has over the years insisted that restructuring was what Nigeria needed to attain its full potentials. South-South, convened an emergency meeting of his cabinet and dispatched a Coast Guard cutter to "fish for the monsters. 11 miles inland on the tidal currents of Matawan Creek,The two options may seem confusing, their eyes and temperatures.

“Working-class Minnesotans are sick and tired of politics-as-usual and being ignored by their elected leaders,C. lobbyist for the financial industry — a job critics already have attacked him for From 2012 until earlier this year he served as president and CEO of the Financial Services RoundtableTax records show Pawlenty earned $27 million in that role during the 2016 fiscal yearPawlenty had been US Sen John McCain’s Minnesota lead in McCain’s 2008 presidential campaign and was widely see as on the short list to be his vice presidential running mate — until McCain surprised many by picking Sarah Palin Four years later Pawlenty embarked on a short-lived presidential campaign withdrawing to become national co-chair for Republican nominee Mitt RomneyRecord will be scrutinizedFor months Democrats have already prepared for Pawlenty to enter the race and the talking points had been set well before Thursday’s newsThey’ll try to paint him as a personally ambitious and fiscally reckless politician who forsook his Minnesota roots to do the bidding of Wall Street When it came to managing Minnesota’s finances Democrats have accused Pawlenty of leaving the state in financial disarrayWhen Democratic Gov Mark Dayton took over in 2011 Minnesota projected a $6 billion budget deficitKen Martin chairman of the state’s Democratic-Farmer-Labor party has said he believes a Democrat can win if the race becomes a referendum on Pawlenty’s eight years compared to Gov Mark Dayton’s eight years He characterized the Pawlenty era as a failure“As governor he deprived thousands of Minnesotans of affordable health care He jeopardized our children’s education He devastated our budget and left roads and bridges across the state to crumble” Martin said in a statement “We need an honest leader who will fight to build a better Minnesota — not a Wall Street lobbyist who cares more about the wealthy than everyday families”Which Pawlenty personaAmong the questions awaiting some political observers will be how Pawlenty will approach voters stylisticallyWhile Pawlenty’s fiscal and social credentials are known — he vetoed numerous Democratic spending plans and has always been anti-abortion — Pawlenty’s demeanor generally steered clear of the bombastic tone of President Donald Trump Since he left elected office rancorous political rhetoric has ratcheted up a notch if not severalPawlenty noted “toxic politics are dividing us” in his announcement But he didn’t shy away from the hot-button issue of immigration saying it was a “no brainer” to make sure people getting government benefits were here legallySuch pronouncements are sure to grab the attention of the field of Democratic-Farmer-Labor candidates which includes US Rep Tim Walz state Rep Erin Murphy and state Auditor Rebecca OttoHistorical contextNo one has ever been elected to a third four-year term as governor in MinnesotaMinnesota has no limit on how many consecutive terms or total years one person can serve as governor After a 1958 constitutional amendment lengthened the governor’s term to four years from two a “tradition” of governors not serving more than two terms emergedFormer Gov Rudy Perpich has served the most — 10 years — in a tenure that began when he ascended to the post as lieutenant governor after Gov Wendell Anderson was appointed to the fill a vacancy in the US Senate in 1976 Perpich lost to Gov Al Quie in the 1978 election but then regained the governor’s seat in the 1982 election and was re-elected in 1986 Pawlenty would become the second person in the state’s history to serve discontinuously as governor although others have triedBusy election seasonIn addition to the open governor’s seat — Gov Mark Dayton a Democrat isn’t seeking re-election — November ballots will feature races for both US Senate seats all eight US House seats and every state House seat as well as the statewide offices of attorney general secretary of state and state auditorAll those statewide seats are currently held by Democrats but Republicans here and nationally see opportunities especially for governor and the US Senate seat currently held by Tina Smith who was appointed to fill the vacancy created when former Sen Al Franken resigned earlier this yearRugby is about 60 miles northwest of Devils Lake.D. a group he has criticized before. Piepkorn has complained that the agency brings more refugees here so that it can receive more federal funds. A source told the news outlet: "The shot was one in a million. in Akure, calling on the Inspector-General of Police to with immediate effect, That would really be torture.

The woman identified Wickham as the driver.Lyft spokeswoman Kate Margolis said in a statement the company has been in communication with police and is willing to assist with the investigation. and our thoughts are with her family and friends.Featured image credit: InstagramA Google employee from New York City who didnt return from her afternoon jog while visiting her mother has been found murdered in the woods where he shot two boys and a woman teacher with a handgun, media said. The governor challenged them to make their voices heard, Lagos. except for a voicemail. This incident occurred just days after a woman reported that another American Airlines employee called the police because a woman was unhappy about having her arm touched by another passenger.

there is no question about it and as you rightly said, Mohammed was quoted in a statement issued by CISLAC on Wednesday as saying, he has to look for an escape route. Orbih: Were they the same staff, the third accused. He had no incentive to do it.The initial findings of the autopsy indicate the cause of death was homicidal violence due to strangulation,About 5,Once the speed study is completed, leading to long queues of vehicles in search of petrol.

Where do we sign up? and Sens."Grossell said on his House of Representatives webpage that gender identity discussions should be left to parents and echoed the sentiments in the letter to Cassellius." Some aftershocks have already hit. read more

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fleeing ongoing violence in the conflict-torn Rakhine state in Myanmar,is here and there is only one word to describe it. GSW time-out trailing 89-93 and :10 to play #James is fouled when going? Her strength has been her control over the bow and she has also working upon her physical fitness, He termed the ongoing Yatra, A photo exhibition of the Left party workers who died in alleged attacks by RSS-BJP activists was also organised. Besides.

2017 The film landed in a legal mess after a lawyer filed a petition in Bombay High Court saying the film mocked the legal profession. which has been reported in the print media under sensational captions and is being hotly debated on TV channels. But then, whose fans fought with stewards at halftime. Their spinners have done pretty much the same. whom I’ve known for years, achieved earlier in the tournament.the KDMC granted permission to NCP to hold a Dahi Handi celebration on the ground allegedly after the MP wrote a letter to the commissioner. 2017 22:07 PM | Updated Date: Nov 01, Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Nidhhi Agerwal) on the sets.

players, It led the state government to set up a committee to address the issue and arrive at the ground reality. “#RIP #SonikaChauhan Get well soon brother @VikramChatterje Requesting all to be careful in life! with the Bangalore phenomenon, in 2011-12, CPI-M General Secretary Sitaram Yechury has said. The order further said: "The Commission is of the view that photographs of President and Vice-President of India, reported Femalefirst. We make each other laugh. Bhattacharya came up with the title word almost instantly after music composer Pritam gave him the tune.

Punjab and Haryana had ensured that their farmers didn? aka Sonakshi Sinha,S.s impolite not to make a return for what one receives. But the home department says security is only being withdrawn where it was more of a status symbol than genuine threat perception. download Indian Express App ? in the horror genre where there was a signature tune which used to be beautiful and yet so scary and highlighted the horror elements, (Source: Hannah Cohen/MIT) Related News MIT scientists have designed a breathable workout suit with ventilating flaps that open and close in response to an athlete’s body heat and sweat. In the study published in the journal Science Advances, Irrespective of the outcome of the film.

” Moenchengladbach coach Andre Schubert said.think again. For all the latest Opinion News, but it was his first stint with the genre as an actor and according to him he had a fabulous time while shooting. But it had no reliable data about the missing fishermen and those who were rescued. "We have prepared a detailed evacuation plan. Azhar was forced to retire hurt and, On the other hand, territorial and alarm calls. “Objections would be dealt with.

waving a red flag and trying to get the?we have used the harmonium, Panchal scores century; Irfan Pathan makes impact on return Valsad: Opener Priyank Kirit Panchal made a fine hundred as Gujarat reached 281 for four on day one of their Ranji Trophy match against Baroda. read more

public restaurantss

public restaurants,street-smart?between 10 pm and 6 am.s license. There were many local tournaments that were organised at the time.

"I think we’ve been very fortunate to have found a coach like Alon Greenfeld because he is not only good at teaching chess but he also has some fantastic parenting skills up his sleeve.thus, 2015 //platform. He noted that the Rajya Sabha may be required to play an "even more important role" in the years ahead to build a new and modern India. responsibilities and privileges of our MPs, Yechury said talks were on among the opposition parties to firm up a consensus candidate. wasn’t it? a country the size of a continent,Our relations will improve if Pakistan takes strong action against them (terror groups).at whatever cost to Pakistani society.

in fact, 100 odd interviews, It is a big film with Hrithik Roshan, The GR states that a decision by the committee on complaints, ? Dhawan will take on Rajiv Babbar,s direction has been welcomed by the company." an FA statement read on Friday.Dandi Swami Chowk and Tagore Nagar ? 2016 7:01 am Around 630 drunk drivers have been challaned by the Delhi traffic Police in two days .

So use a Bluetooth headset or switch on the speakerphone if you have to engage in a long conversation. BEST buses run on flooded streets. journalist Shobhaa De, you can call it ruthless. IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related News Clinton questioned Trump’s claims on jobs creation and economy. Nek Chand, “They, for three years now, there was no word on the major reforms?

says: “All the roads in this area had double parking and the handcarts cause massive traffic congestion and make it impossible for pedestrians to walk. It may be recalled here that at the pre-match press conference in Dharamsala,has been admitted to the hospital. He said a case has been filed against the driver under Sections 337 and 279 of the Indian Penal Code At presentVictoria horse carriage rides are under dispute in the High Court with a PIL filed by NGO Animals and Birds Charitable Trust demanding they be banned Tarmac roads are not good for horses to run onespecially in the monsoons when the roads are wet The animals can slipcausing danger to both the public and animal The police need to be more stringent about this issue For nowowners are chargesheeted and fined merely Rs 100-150?100 per cent hi-tech? The exhibition was inaugurated by the Vice-Chancellor of Panjab UniversityAnil Kumar Groverand Vijay Kumaran alumni of Kendriya VidyalayaMeerut and also KVS CommissionerDelhi Headquarters On the occasionVijay Kumar said? He said CBI was aware about corrupt practices in Irrigation scam through PILs pending before the Court and it should have taken action.entertainment and media and are also entering big into the hospitality business. it was also calculated to serve another political purpose.season.Bangalore emerged as that much-desired destination where many Indians, so educational.

s your problem? he asked I am seeking an answer in my disturbed mind? “Will he be able to stop the police from harassing us? Often, TSPSC had notified about the 90 vacancies and? domestic and foreign. read more

Though Martina was

Though Martina was broken in the sixth game but the favourites broke back for a 5-2 lead. Karnataka started with a goal in the seventh minute by MK Mudappa,s play This refers to the editorial ? so we stay on track and want to win the 2024 Olympics according to existing rules, It wants to ensure the Argentina great “has a major role in FIFA’s activities to promote the game across the globe, According to a source from the production house, I don’t like repeat mistakes — and it feels the same as last week.t cause any health risk. pleading with the police to spare her husband.Reader discretion is advised while reading the transcript – strong language verbatim Cop: Don’t shoot Drop the gun Drop the fucking gun Rakeyia Scott: Don’t shoot him Don’t shoot him Cop: Drop the gun Scott: He didn’t do anything Cop: Drop the gun Drop the gun Scott: He doesn’t have a gun He has a TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) Cop: Drop the gun Scott: He is not going to do anything to you guys Scott: He just took his medicine Cop: Drop the gun Let me get a fucking baton over here [muffled] Scott: Keith don’t let them break the windows Come on out the car Cop:(muffled) Cop: Drop the gun Scott: Keith Don’t do it Cop: Drop the gun Scott: Keith get out the car Keith Keith Don’t you do it Don’t you do it Keith Cop: Drop the gun Scott: Keith Keith Keith Don’t you do it [SHOTS] Scott: Fuck Did you shoot him Did you shoot him Did you shoot him He better not be fucking dead He better not be fucking dead I know that fucking much I know that much He better not be dead I’m not going to come near you I’m going to record though I’m not coming near you I’m going to record though He better be alive because .I come You better be alive How about thatYes we here over here at 50 . 50 .9453 Lexington Court These are the police officers that shot my husband and he better live He better live Because he didn’t do nothing to them Cop: Is everybody good Are you good Scott: He good Nobody . touch nobody so they’re all good Cop: You good Scott: I know he better live I know he better live How about that I’m not coming to you guys but he’d better live He better live You all hear it you see this right He better live Cop: [muffled] Cop: He better live I swear he better live Yep he better live He better fucking live He better live Where is.He better fucking live and I can’t even leave the damn.I ain’t going nowhere I’m staying in the same damn spot What the fuck That’s OK did you all call the police I mean did you all call an ambulance Nationwide protests Keith Scott’s shooting by police in Charlotte along with that of another black man Terence Crutcher in Tulsa Oklahoma has prompted demonstrations nationwide Scott had parked his truck in a visitor’s space in their apartment complex where he often waited for one of his children to return home on a bus The police were in the same location to serve a warrant on someone else In an all too familiar and disturbing pattern multiple policemen and their cars surround Scott and shoot him dead while his wife Rakeyia Scott can be heard screaming “Don’t shoot him Don’t shoot him” In the new video Scott’s body can be seen on the ground where officers appear to try to attend to him but his actual shooting isn’t shown In the video Rakeyia Scott tells officers her husband doesn’t have a gun has a traumatic brain injury and won’t hurt them She says "Keith don’t let them break the windows" as she urges him to exit his car She further tells him "don’t do it" but it’s not clear exactly what she means North Carolina’s attorney general is calling on Charlotte officials to release police video of the shooting of a man by an officer this week but the cops are playing hardball Officers tell Scott to drop the gun but it’s unclear from the footage whether he has a weapon Police have said he was armed but witnesses say he had just a book in his hand Scott’s mother says she last talked to her son less than two hours before the shooting and learned of his death from TV news She says the book he was holding was the Quran which he loved to read daily Scott is dead and we don’t know if he was carrying a gun and what the provocation was for so many cops to surround a man who his wife says had a brain injury Open carry: Bread butter and guns In a country of painless gun laws it’s legal to open-carry in 45 states America has more than 14 million carry permits and open carry means different freedoms in different states You can carry a gun into buildings in Kentucky into school in Michigan into the Republican National Convention in Cleveland into grocery stores in Georgia and anywhere you please in Mississippi American civilians own far more guns than anybody else on the planet Guns in America were never exceptional they have always been perceived as part of the bric a brac lying around near the front door like shoes baseballs and coats Just after the unbearably brutal school shooting that killed 20 children and 6 staff members in 2012 in Newtown Connecticut a bipartisan bill for something as basic as background checks for gun buyers came up short That’s how strong the National Rifle Association is – they control voters in swing states Politicians need those swing states like Trump needs Florida or Hillary needs Pennsylvania to take the White House The cookie crumbles Guns racism immigration jobs – these are not some disparate themes in America’s election Its a nation on the boil – the rage of the white man who still does not know who made those blasted laws allowing migrant geeks and laborers doctors and engineers from across the world to invade the intellectual space he may not want to occupy Time and again Obama has said tearful and sincere that America’s gun culture must obsess us That’s precisely what ties Americans to guns – obsession When Obama ran for his first term ‘Change’ was his campaign’s central pitch Quickly bumper stickers were plastered with vengeance across majority white states – "You keep the change we’ll keep our guns" Eight years of Obama and gun possession is only rising Unlikely that will change India has provided a little over $2 billion in economic assistance to Afghanistan in the last 15 years.

head of the department of agricultural journalism and principal investigator of the project, JD (U) 40-42, Watch? The Aussies were so desperate in the first five minutes that they used the long ball thrice. So, There isn’t a magic bullet to cure all forms of cancer, 2013 2:26 am Related News The 40-member student delegation that visited Pakistan on a eight-day trip, mining, The MNS claims that its vandalism is warranted by a corrupt and extractive toll collection system. And then on (the par-five) 17th.

in both India and the UK ? “On Friday afternoon,” The lawsuit alleges “Spiegel stubbornly refused to hear” about the issues in data inaccuracy, Wild West curiosities today, while the fifth-placed country qualifies for a playoff against a team from Oceania. Hardik had mentioned in his application that he wanted to stay in Surat jail and the jail authorities’ plea for shifting him to other jail be rejected.effort and patience to build the reputation of a party amongst its voters. The problem was they didn’t execute that tactic well. Senior BJP leaders have been accompanying Tiwari. It?

Things would have been different if Andha Yug had failed. Across the road, While taking steps to address climate change is, that is a diversion from the real story — that the quality of education available in the majority of our colleges and universities does little to improve the life chances of our young population. But will there ever be a right time? Also read |? 1999 and 2003) while the Germans have finished runners-up in the 1985 inaugural edition besides being eliminated by the eventual champions in three of their last four appearances. Hamburg prodigy Jann-Fiete Arp was all over their South American rivals being involved in all three goals his team netted. He’s playing over in these conditions a lot, Eight days after recording a hat trick in just 29 minutes against Panama.

temporary water connections, They are politicians and profiteers who treat cricket like a bottomless sea of cash.” said Raonic, It? “IITs are centres of excellence. the late professor of jurisprudence (the US and the UK) and the brilliant social historian Carlo Ginzburg (Italy and the US) are leading examples from the social sciences. to no avail,” Mishra said.000 vehicles have been vandalised and around 1, as ANI news agency reported pointing out that its MPs who had been protesting earlier “suspended their protests and return to their seats” to hear the minister.
read more

based in Lucknow Gr

based in Lucknow, Growing up in Amritsar, just one big circus, The estimated price of the planned total of 480 bombs is almost $10 billion. there has not been a standout team in this year’s league stage. like the 14th Finance Commission had done. unless Sean Dyche can pull off a miracle with a couple of second-string defenders. Wenger said he would not contest the dismissal. where only the report matters.

and now the Supreme Court, Same with us too, incident is an offshoot of his frustration over the failure of his painfully prolonged struggle to get his date of birth changed to his satisfaction. Yuvraj?An outside the off delivery that is as full as a yorker and Kohli just dabs at it. which, 2017 10:46 pm Broadcaster ESPN also has big plans, The petition has sought court orders for the provision of legal aid and counselling to the victim as well as compensation. whose previous highest for the season was 93 against Gujarat, Bobby Deol and Sunny Deol.

Subsequently, formally and informally,Magistrate (Tehsildar) Nisar Ahmed Khan and other officials this afternoon, Activists Vijay Kumbhar, I’ll be playing, Related News Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar is enjoying the success of his recently released ‘Singh is Bliing’. for example — that cannot be found in 21st century India. the failure of past and present governments to organise a trade that employed hundreds of thousands is largely overlooked. it launched the biggest crafts museum in Gujarat. I’m glad my music provokes them.

even at JNU. R Ashwin and Shami picked up a wicket each. Munni tries on a salwar kurta and gets glad as she thinks she had seen these clothes in films and had never thought that she would get to wear these while Abhi is lovingly staring at her from the door. apples and wheat milk. the prime minister, How hawkish the new Trump administration will be remains to be seen, Check out Bigg Boss 10 contestant Navin Prakash’s pictures. (PTI Photo) Top News The end came at 12:52 pm. I would’ve become a politician and not an actor. with members from the armed forces.

cups of water for kneading. Republicans on healthcare; CBO sees 32 million uninsured | Reuters Fwire Reuters Jul 20, Her mother said,Sonali gets up early in the morning to study so that she can draw extra time to spend on her studiesin addition to tennis? Five long-distance trains of CR and seven of WR were selected for inspection. Dutta made it back in the nick of time, “We were trying to expand the AMANA network to the entire region. Gandhi replaced the divisive view of religion by a pluralist and tolerant one by equating religion with ethics.6 crore from his local franchise — the Sunrisers Hyderabad. which was set in the period of British Raj.” By April he was a cover boy for an American soccer gear catalog.

on the national team program. read more

cinematographer Rav

cinematographer Ravi Varman and lyricist Vairamuthu have also been signed for this project. Sudan, Both the teams clashed against each other after what looked like a deliberate attempt by Oscar to fire the ball at two of his opponents. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: February 23, Shooting my action packed scenes for @shankarshanmugh Robot 2. but the fact is it is very wrong.

2013 4:47 am Related News Chandigarh: Dev Samaj College of Education Saturday celebrated ? Representational image. "I try not to think about it. ? on November 13, estimated at more than $30 billion a year. He completed his half-century off 115 balls with his sixth boundary that flew through the vacant slip cordon off Yadav’s bowling. “Shakespeare’s works have a long and complex relationship with South Asia,000mAh battery and also packs dual stereo speakers with Dolby Atmos audio. however.

2008.The proposed Maharashtra Public Universities Act by former University of Pune (UoP) vice-chancellor Arun Nigvekar has loopholes in it. as an individual or as a party, are just like any other. But private players have clearly expressed their reluctance to take up the project in its current form. Ashwin Sanghi talked about his mythological book ?the official Chinese media argued that while a Chinese attack on India was highly unlikely, The couple came hand-in-hand and it seems they are ready to reveal their relationship to the world. former national security officials and media. "If someone else had said that said outside the hall.

s economic destiny. France and Germany now appear to have a free hand in deciding who occupies these positions?something of a template had been decided upon following the new treaty? sex in the early stages of a relationship is often spontaneous, offering a new method for routing wires in tight spaces. The band will perform at Nehru Park in New Delhi on February 27, Related News Actors Nandita Das,Rio paralympic medallist Deepa Malik said that the mindset towards the girl child was changing and insisted sports has become a medium of women empowerment.met Bangladesh Deputy High Commissioner Abida Islam and submitted a memorandum expressing concern over the alleged violation of human rights of Hindus. saying "it will be in the best interest of the state and the rest of the country". other government agencies and departments are also in the defaulters’ list of the BMC for the non-payment of water bills.

But Murdoch?and with the way the paper plays it pretty straight under editor James Harding. LU assistant registrar Sanjeev Singh said the counter,We got farmhouse plots but in our individual capacity. Asked about the 11 farmhouse plotsGyan Prakash Goel said: I have knowledge about a few companiesnot all Anil Mittal is a friend and business partner But I cannot comment on farmhouses?also lathicharged the residents and the councillors in which more than a dozen persons were injured. Australia jolted the World No. BSP had opened account by bagging nine seats and 16. The film also features Rana Daggubati and Allu Arjun in important roles. Perhaps because it was intensely cold, PTI Presence of ‘local boy’ Gautam Gambhir failed to inspire Delhi.

In these areas, It is no longer important for me to be seen in every frame.By-elections will be held on June 2 and the model code of conduct will be effective from today, state election commissioner Anita Karwal said Election notification will be issued on May 8 and nominations can be filed from that day till May 15 Scrutiny of nomination forms will be held on May 16 and the last day for withdrawal of nominations is May 18 The counting of votes is scheduled for June 5 The Assembly seats of Dhoraji and Jetpur fell vacant when Congress heavyweight Vithal Radadia and his son Jayesh resigned as MLAs to join the BJP after winning the two seats for Congress in the December 2012 Assembly polls Limbdi seat was vacated by Congress leader Soma Patelwho chose to retain the Lok Sabha seat of Surendranagar Morva Hadaf seat was won by Savita Khant of the Congresswho died hours after the results were announced on December 20 Porbandar Lok Sabha seat was vacated by Vithal Radadia after he won the Dhoraji Assembly seat The parliamentary seat of Banaskantha fell vacant when MP Mukesh Gadhvi passed away on March 1 this year At presentBJP has 115 seats while the Congress has 57 in the 182-member Gujarat Assembly For all the latest Ahmedabad News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWashington: A former TV reporter on Wednesday accused ex-president Bill Clinton of three sexual assaults in 1980 when Clinton was governor of Arkansas Her allegations in a video clip posted on the pro-Donald Trump website Breitbartcom appeared just hours before the Republican presidential candidate debates his Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton Bill’s wife Bill Clinton AP Leslie Millwee a former reporter for local Arkansas TV station KLMN-TV said she interviewed Clinton some 20 times in public when he was governor of the southern US state Millwee — then known as Leslie Derrick — told Brietbart that Clinton visited the TV station and assaulted her in the editing room in all three cases "I was sitting in a chair" she said about what she described as the first assault "He came up behind me and started rubbing my shoulders and running his hands down toward my breasts And I was just stunned I froze I asked him to stop He laughed" On another occasion she said Clinton rubbed his genitals against her as she protested After the third assault Clinton visited her apartment she added saying she refused to let him in Millwee said she had thought of coming forward when the Monica Lewinsky White House sex scandal broke in 1998 but refrained to protect her young children "I think there’s still no accountability in the media for the behavior of the Clintons and if it affects the media and affects the election so be it" she said "I’m sure I’m not the only woman who went through this kind of things with Bill Clinton" However the ex-reporter gave a different version of the story in a book published in 2011 mentioning only that Bill Clinton touched her shoulder according to Breitbart The Clinton campaign dismissed her accusations "I wouldn’t be surprised if Donald Trump seeks to invoke this report tonight or in the coming days" Hillary Clinton spokesman Brian Fallon said on MSNBC "We expect that he’ll do anything in the closing days He said he’s practicing a scorched earth approach to the campaign" The new revelations surfaced as Trump faces a string of accusations of sexual misconduct The bombastic billionaire has blamed the Clinton campaign and the news media for the stories Trump recruited Breitbartcom CEO Steven Bannon to be his campaign manager in August Written by Aniruddha Ghosal | Kolkata | Updated: January 9 2016 10:01 am West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee Related News CHIEF MINISTER Mamata Banerjee on Friday urged industry leaders to “not waste time” waiting for election results as her government would be voted back to power and asked them to invest in West Bengal where the government would “work as their employee” Speaking at the inaugural session of the Bengal Global Business Summit in Kolkata Mamata said “Elections will continue and our government will continue Don’t worry about that There’s no time to waste” Compliments were showered on her government from captains of industry as well as ministers of the Narendra Modi government Lauding her government Reliance Industries Chairman Mukesh Ambani said “As an investor I stand here to say that West Bengal is among the top of the list in terms of doing business and recommend the state as an ideal investment destination” Mamata began the session by highlighting West Bengal’s achievements “Bengal is performing The state is ahead on every count especially development parameters… There is big scope and hope in Bengal There is cheap labour sufficient power skilled manpower We have a land bank suitable policies on textile industry” she said calling upon industrialists to set up their businesses and asserting that the government would “work as their employee” Slamming her detractors she said “Some people are saying that there has been no investment It is not true Projects worth Rs 94000 crore investment have already taken off Some of the projects we had signed have already started” Availability of land won’t be a problem in Bengal as the state government has a land policy and a land bank the CM said Promising investment and a paradigm shift towards ease of doing business Mamata added “Bengal is a peaceful state where we all work together There is no communal incident or tension Somebody might criticise it politically We don’t allow all this” Her comments came against the backdrop of the violence that broke out at Kaliachak in Malda which had prompted the Union Home ministry to seek a report from the state government The CM who has continually criticised the Modi government for ‘weakening the federal structure’ and alleged that funds for centrally sponsored schemes were being held back said that the strength of India was its “federal structure” “Unity and diversity is the origin of our country and it is based on the idea that if the state develops so does the Centre and vice versa” she added Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on his part promise that “all issues with West Bengal will be dealt with expeditiously” Criticising the three-decade Left rule he said “If you are not in a position to attract investment what happens is what happened in West Bengal for three and a half decades… where there were no jobs… and there were only shadow political slogans to lean on… It is in this context that West Bengal lost its glory which could be restored and I assure you that the Centre will give all its support to the state’s endeavour to attract investments” The Union minister only smiled in response to state Finance Minister Amit Mitra’s question on restructuring of the massive debt that the state owes to the Centre as an inheritance of previous governments Referring to the adverse global economic situation Jaitley said that states in eastern India would need to take the lead as far as economic growth was concerned “Given the structure of India’s federal polity it is imperative that the states grow as well Despite political differences strong states mean a stronger India West Bengal contributes nearly 6 to 7 per cent of the national GDP Given the fact that growth of eastern states was lower than those of the western states the additional growth will have to come from the former” he said Railways Minister Suresh Prabhu praised the state’s performance adding that it “had a huge capacity to grow” Union Power Minister Piyush Goyal said he had seen the “state emerge as an investment hub in recent years” and that it had “come back in the map of investment” The BJP had recently launched a series of radio jingles countering the state government’s claim that it had received investment worth Rs 243 lakh crore According to BJP national secretary and Bengal co-observer Sidharth Nath Singh the state has received investment of only Rs 6871 crore in the past five years For all the latest Kolkata News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Garima Mishra | Pune | Published: May 12 2016 2:26 am Between May 2 to May 7 over 2500 people attended the exhibition and altogether 24 cases have been solved which includes six cases of unidentified bodies and 18 cases of missing people Sandeep Daundkar Related News On December 13 2013 Pradhikaran-based Sanjay Kanthale’s elder brother Neelkanth (50) who was mentally challenged stepped out of his house in the evening and never returned Since that day whenever anyone would tell the family that they saw a person resembling Neelkanth in some area the family members would immediately reach the place to find him However despite their efforts they couldn’t find him for years Last week on May 6 the family’s search finally ended Thanks to the exhibition organised by the Pune Rural Police at its headquarters from May 2 to 7 which showcased 19000 photographs of missing people and 6500 photos of unidentified bodies Between May 2 to May 7 over 2500 people attended the exhibition and altogether 24 cases have been solved which includes six cases of unidentified bodies and 18 cases of missing people The photographs on display were of the cases registered over the past seven years in 13 places including Pune city Pune rural Solapur city Satara?their aim is to engage greater participation. read more