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To Become Wiser Like His Friend

first_imgTwelve year-old John Toe watched his friend, Boy Ezekiel, also twelve, with interest.“Let’s play marble,” John said.Boy smiled. “I play marble very well and I know I can win against you.”John grimaced at his friend’s challenge. “Let’s just play and see who will win.”Boy crouched and made the sign of a diamond on the ground and with a grin urged his friend to join him. “I beat my brother, Willie and collected all his marbles yesterday.”“I think he allowed you to beat him,” John charged.“That’s a lie,” Boy defended.John, laughing crouched beside his friend, ready for the match.“How did you beat your brother yesterday?”“I had five marbles,” Boy said, demonstrating the number of marbles counting his fingers. “I aimed and hit all his marbles.”“How many marbles did you win?” Toe said. “Where are the marbles you won?”“I hid it in my secret place.” “In your house?”“Yes.”“Your brother, Willie, will not see them?”Boy turned to face his friend, “I know how to hide things and so he doesn’t see anything I hide in our room.”John considered his answer for a second and said, “I used to know how to hide things in our room, but my little brother always find my marbles.”“I can teach you how to hide things.”“How do you do it?”Boy held his friend’s chest with his two hands, and said, “Before we play our marble, let me explain something to you.“Anytime you get a marble or someone gives you five dollars, don’t tell anyone that you have something like that.”“Even my mother?”Boy said, “’I don’t mean your mother. She has money and she always gives you money for school.”“Yes,” John said, “my mother buys me a candy and cool aid and she says she will buy me a bicycle when she gets money.”“Ok,” noted Boy, “that’s why you can’t lie to her. I’m talking about your little brother, Joseph.”“That little boy is five years old,” John said.Boy went on, “Ok, whenever you get money or some marbles, find a place in the room that you are the only one to know.“When you to hide your marble, don’t let Joseph follow you before you hide it.”John replied, “You don’t know that boy, he can creep behind me.”“I know what you must do.”“What?”“The next time you get a marble,” Boy said, “just make sure that your little brother is not hiding behind you. When you enter the room, turn around or make sure that he is with your mom playing outside.”“Ok,” John said, “why you know such thing that big people suppose to know?”Smiling, Boy gazed at his friend and said, “Do you believe that I am able to beat my brother Willie in a marble game?”“I think I do.”“Can we play the marble game now?” Boy said.John said, “It looks like you have already won the match.”Boy smiled.“You really believe me about what I told you to hide your marbles and even your money?”“I think so,” John said, “because only big people can know what you told me.”Smiling, Boy said, “My father taught me.” John felt his breath shortening, for his mother told him his father walked away from home, when his little brother was six months’ old. He never understood why he left, and therefore felt envious of his friend, Boy, whose father had been around to teach him some tricks that only big people suppose to know.Looking at his friend’s worried face, Boy said, “I never saw your father before.”“You are lucky,” John said, “when I get big, I will not leave my children.”Boy laughed.“My father said if we don’t lie and do what is good we can grow up and become good people and also help our country.”“Did you father tell you that?”“Yes.”By now John’s eyes were filled with tears, and his friend, Boy, moved closer to console him.“You can come to our house and my father can teach us many things,” he said, as John’s eyes glistened with excitement. John had always felt sorry for his mother, for working too much to even send him to school. He felt however glad that his friend had promised to let him meet with his father.Hand in hand, the two friends walked towards their Logan Town residence, and John was excited to meet a father who would help to make become wiser like his friend Boy.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Incomplete road works in Agriculture Road

first_imgDear Editor,After writing several letters about the deplorable state of Agriculture Road, Triumph, East Coast Demerara, I am compelled to write this letter again.About three weeks ago, I saw the same project engineer sent by the Public Infrastructure Ministry to patch the bad holes I highlighted in one of my previous letters. I believe this engineer was sent back to complete his ‘’bogus work’’ he left unfinished since he started this work. I was happy that he came back to patch the holes in this road; I note with interest he started the work from in-front of National Agricultural Research and Extension Institute (NAREI) going to the front from back. The holes in-front NAREI he patched properly. Then I noticed he just dug out the bad parts and threw in some crush and run and rolled it over and did not put bitumen for over 200 meters that now has two more holes already. What infuriates me was he worked a few days and left the work to go and fix two roads in Block Eight – a road they called ‘’Jail Man Bridge’’. He fixed those two roads but left about 600 meters with deep holes and left to return to Agriculture Road to patch more holes he left unfinished in the rains.It’s mind-boggling that this engineer will work in the rains and not on the hot days. The middle of the road that had a big hole that broke the road into pieces; he tried to fix it properly but if you look at the bottom, when it was dug out and what they threw in and rolled it over, you will know it cannot last a year. He failed to level the twisted parts of the road and sleeve the corners of the road.As I go out on the road, he has cut off about 600 meters of the road approximately four feet in width that has now become an accident zone when vehicles are coming from the opposite directions. He threw some red sand into the hole and left. It’s now a deep hole that can land a vehicle into the Mon Repos trench if you don’t know the road when driving.He left lots of holes on the edges of the road as he did not cut off and fill it up with crusher run and bitumen. The 600 meters of bad work he left incomplete in-front and over 400 meters at the back is a next bad testimony of the bogus work this contractor is doing, and he is paid by the Public Infrastructure Ministry to execute these deplorable road works all over Guyana. In my firm opinion, this man needs to be taken to court to refund the Ministry its money for the deplorable road works he has failed to complete.I am calling on the Public Infrastructure Minister to send a team into Agriculture Road to examine the bogus road work that is executed by the contractor.Regards,Reverend GideonCecillast_img read more

Citizens Want Sime Darby Extend Project

first_imgSime Darby has been operating in Sinjeh District in Bomi County and some parts of Grand Cape Mount County since 2010.-Promise additional 2,500 hectaresSime Darby Plantation Liberia (SDPL) continues to attract citizens of its operational counties and beyond as evidenced by appeal from some residents of Goblah Clan in Klay District, Bomi County.They have therefore called for the extension of the company’s operations into their district. The citizens made the appeal over the weekend when they unanimously agreed to invite the SDPL’s management to observe the area and reason to exten into their district by cultivating more palm trees.The company has been operating in Sinjeh District in Bomi County and some parts of Grand Cape Mount County since 2010. The development is part of the company’s 63-year concession agreement signed with the Liberian government to cultivate 220 hectares of palm.Since its establishment in 2009, the Malaysian company has strived to positively impact the lives of Liberians in the region through health, education, infrastructure and other basic social services including safe drinking water.However, as part of efforts to feel the generosity of the company, Goblah Clan residents over the weekend invited the general manager, Ali Kamal, to dialogue with him for the possible expansion. One of the prominent citizens who spoke on behalf of the residents, said after carefully following the works of the company for the past years, they have realized that the management means well for the people of the region and Liberia in general.According to Abdullah Navoo, based on consensus, citizens invited the general manager and his team to discuss how they can move into the clan as part of extension program.Navoo said during their meeting, they discussed the out-grower scheme and the availability of over 2,500 hectares of carbon free land they have agreed to give to the company.Out-grower scheme is a contractual partnership between growers or landholders and a company for the production of commercial forest products. Out-grower schemes or partnerships vary considerably in the extent to which inputs, costs, risks and benefits are shared between growers/landholders and companies.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

6 more Venezuelan women deported

first_imgThe economic crisis in Venezuela is at an all-time high, with the country not being unable to issue passports because of the lack of paper.This was the complaint of six Venezuelan women, who were taken before the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts charged for entering Guyana illegally.The women – Gilario Beltron, Inchar Milogros, Donijie Martinez, Amser Orocopey, Adriana Alfonso and Yarilys Foucoult – made appearances before Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan and decried the situation in their homeland which has rendered them helpless.Last month, they entered Guyana through Eteringbang, Cuyuni River but did not present themselves to an immigration officer as they were all without passports.When questioned as to the cause of such, with the help of a translator, the women all complained that the situation in Venezuela is so terrible that passports are difficult to obtain as a result of materials to make such being unavailable.According to Orocopey, “my family are literally dying out” as she pleaded for a chance to stay in Guyana. The Chief Magistrate deported them and fined each woman $30,000 or a default of four weeks imprisonment.On Friday, Minister of State Joseph Harmon announced that the Guyana Government has put systems in place to facilitate Venezuelans wanting to seek refuge here.“We have made arrangements at our side of the border to receive… Venezuelans who might be fleeing from violence in those communities. We have an international obligation to provide certain limited facilities for them and we are prepared to do that,” the Government spokespersons asserted.While Government is discharging its international humanitarian responsibilities, there continues to be a high number of attacks wherein local mining camps and miners are robbed reportedly by nationals crossing over from both Venezuela and Brazil.Over the past two years, Venezuela has been experiencing economic turmoil following the decline of oil prices on the world market. The country is in its fourth consecutive year of recession.Reports coming out of the Spanish-speaking country reveal there is a massive food shortage and limited access to basic healthcare and basic amenities such as electricity in certain parts. Additionally, there continues to be rampant outbursts of looting and violence across some of the most affected cities in the neighbouring country.last_img read more

Berbice protesters drown Nagamootoo’s attempts to pacify workers

first_imgBy Andrew CarmichaelPrime Minister Moses Nagamootoo on Friday tried to pacify thousands of fired sugar workers by saying Government regrets having to dismissed them from their jobs. The statement was made as the Government engaged displaced sugar workers in Berbice on Friday.The Prime Minister led a team of Ministers, including Agriculture Minister Noel Holder, holding two meetings as the officials attempted to justify the closure of the sugar estates.The team held two meetings; one at the Skeldon Community Centre for thoseIn East Canje the police formed a human cordon in front of those who were not in favor of what they were being toldattached to the Skeldon factory, which the government plans to sell, and the other meeting at Rose Hall, where the estate has been closed and most of the workers sent home.Both meetings were met with still irate protesters.However, Nagamootoo told the gathering at East Canje that the Government wants to do better for the industry but can only do so by closing those estates.He said despite firing 4763 workers, the Government has saved the jobs of 11,000 workers.“And that is why rather than allowing the industry to collapse, we have decided toProtesters display signs in East Canje on Fridayreform and restructure the sugar industry. GuySuCo is not going to go out of sugar. It will offer employment at estates that are efficient,” Nagamootoo said amidst loud protests.While delivering his address at Rose Hall, a lot of what the Prime Minister said was drowned out by protesters; most of whom are the workers and their family members who were sent home.At both meetings, protesters heckled which periodically disrupted the meetings. At the Skeldon meeting, the Prime Minister had the majority of his audience listening to him although not all agreed with what they were hearing.However, at the meeting held in East Canje, there were more protesters than those who actually attended the meeting.Minister Holder in a prepared speech said the sugar industry is not being closed but rather consolidated.“No Government wants to sever employees, but sometimes it is the only answer especially given the financial and technical realities which confront the industry the Government was forced to make this urgent decision on the way forward for sugar,” Holder said.The Minister added that Government has set aside more than $2 billion which represents over 50 per cent of the worker’s severance pay. He said the payout will commence on Monday. Those whose severances’ are less than $500,000 will be paid in full, while the other will receive 50 per cent of theirs.“It will provide access to financing for revolving micro-loans to the sum of $100 milion for entrepreneurial endeavours through the Small Business Bureau of the Ministry of Business,” he said, while making mention of the $2 billion.Most of the utterances by the Prime Minister were not on the way forward for the industry and plans for the workers but rather an attack on the People’s Progress Party, its leader and the Region Six administration.However, the former workers were very critical and were annoyed at many of the statements made by the politician, saying he had been there prior to taking office and promised that the estates would not be closed and that their jobs would be secured under a coalition-led Administration.Nagamootoo claimed that the previous Administration was going to close the estates but did not make it public since it wanted persons in the sugar belt to give them their votes, but those utterances were met with widespread criticism.last_img read more

Huskies searching for new head coach

first_imgFort St. John HuskiesBox 6483Fort St. John, B.C.V1S 4H9 Applicants must have all the necessary credentials and can mail their resumes to the following address: The cut off for resumes to be submitted is July 20 and any questions can be directed to Vince Pederson at 250-263-4399 or 250-785-0589. – Advertisement –center_img The Fort St. John Huskies need a new bench boss for their upcoming season. After learning that last season’s head coach, Bob Kalb, would not be returning for the 2011/2012 season, the Huskies are looking for someone new to fill the position of head coach.last_img

Movie, TV actress Jane Wyman dies

first_imgA few days after Reagan died on June 5, 2004, Wyman broke her silence, saying: “America has lost a great president and a great, kind and gentle man.” Warner Bros. signed Wyman to a long-term contract in 1936, and the studio was notorious for typecasting its contract players. Wyman suffered that fate. She recalled in 1968: “For 10 years I was the wisecracking lady reporter who stormed the city desk snapping, ‘;Stop the presses! I’ve got a story that will break this town wide open!’” In 1937, Wyman married a wealthy manufacturer of children’s clothes, Myron Futterman, in New Orleans. The marriage was reported as her second, but an earlier marriage was never confirmed. She divorced him in November 1938, declaring she wanted children and he didn’t. The actress became entranced by Reagan, a handsome former sportscaster who was a newcomer to the Warner lot. She finagled a date with him, and romance ensued. After returning from a personal appearance tour with columnist Louella Parsons, they were married on Jan. 26, 1940. The following year she gave birth to a daughter, Maureen. They later adopted a son, Michael. They also had a daughter who was born several months premature in June 1947 and died a day later. In Reagan’s autobiography “An American Life,” the index shows only one mention of Wyman, and it runs for only two sentences. Their daughter Maureen died in August 2001 after a battle with cancer. At the funeral, Wyman, balancing on a cane, put a cross on the casket. Reagan, suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, was not well enough to attend. Wyman escaped B-pictures by persuading Jack Warner to loan her to Paramount for “The Lost Weekend.” The film won the Academy Award for 1945 and led to another loanout – to MGM for “The Yearling.” De-glamourized as a backwoods wife and mother, the actress received her first Oscar nomination. After 40 films at Warner Bros., Wyman achieved her first acting challenge with “Johnny Belinda.” When Jack Warner saw a rough cut of the film, he ranted to the director, Jean Negulesco: “We invented talking pictures, and you make a picture about a deaf and dumb girl!” He changed his attitude when “Johnny Belinda” received 12 Academy Award nominations and the Oscar for Jane Wyman. Wyman continued making prestigious films such as “The Glass Menagerie,” Alfred Hitchcock’s “Stage Fright” and “Here Comes the Groom” (with Bing Crosby). Two tearjerkers, “The Blue Veil” (1951) and “Magnificent Obsession” (1954), brought her Oscar nominations as best actress. Other film credits included: “So Big,” “Lucy Gallant,” “All That Heaven Allows,” “Miracle in the Rain,” “Holiday for Lovers,” “Pollyanna” and “Bon Voyage!” Her first entry into television came with “The Jane Wyman Show,” an anthology series that appeared on NBC from 1955 to 1958. She introduced the shows, half of them starring herself, half with other actors. She quit the show after three years, saying that “putting on a miniature movie once a week” was exhausting. In 1952 Wyman married Fred Karger, a studio music director. They divorced, later remarried and divorced the second time in 1965. When Wyman received the script for “Falcon Crest,” she was undecided about undertaking the nasty, power-hungry Angela Channing, so different from the self-sacrificing characters of her movie days. But she liked the idea that Angela “runs everything. She goes straight through everything like a Mack truck.” Riding the wave of prime-time soap operas that made “Dallas” and “Dynasty” national sensations, “Falcon Crest” lasted nine seasons. The series ended with Angela again in control of the vineyard. Her battered family raised their glasses in a toast: “The land endures.” “Next to my parents, Jane was the most influential person in my young career,” said Lorenzo Lamas, who starred with Wyman on “Falcon Crest.” “She has left an incredible body of work and accomplishments that cannot go without being recognized and celebrated. I will miss her greatly.” After Reagan became president in 1981, his former wife gave few interviews and responded to questions about him with a stony look. When “Falcon Crest” ended, she withdrew from public view. She saw a few intimates and devoted much time to painting. “She was a wonderful woman and great to work with,” said actress Jane Seymour, who starred in TV’s “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman,” where Wyman guest-starred in a 1993 episode as Seymour’s mother. “She was an amazing pro.” Wyman summed up her long career in a 1981 newspaper interview: “I’ve been through four different cycles in pictures: the brassy blonde, then came the musicals, the high dramas, then the inauguration of television.” Born Sarah Jane Fulks in St. Joseph, Mo, she grew up in a cheerless home in which her mother’s time was devoted to her seriously ailing husband. After her father died, Sarah Jane accompanied her mother to Los Angeles, where the girl tried to get jobs in the studios. There was no work for the snub-nosed teenager, and she returned to St. Joseph. She attended the University of Missouri, worked as a manicurist and switchboard operator, then sang on radio as Jane Durrell. When that career dwindled, she decided to try Hollywood again, began playing bit parts, and changed Durrell to Wyman.160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! Wyman’s film career started in the 1930s and stretched from the “Gold Diggers of 1937” to 1969’s “How to Commit Marriage,” co-starring Bob Hope and Jackie Gleason. From 1981 to 1990 she played Angela Channing, a Napa Valley vintner who maintained her grip with a steely will on CBS’ “Falcon Crest.” Her marriage in 1940 to fellow Warner Bros. contract player Ronald Reagan was celebrated in the fan magazines as one of Hollywood’s ideal unions. While he was in uniform during World War II, her career ascended, signaled by her 1946 Oscar nomination for “The Yearling.” She and Reagan divorced in 1948, the year she won an Oscar for “Johnny Belinda.” Reagan reportedly cracked to a friend: “Maybe I should name Johnny Belinda as co-respondent.” After Reagan became governor of California and then president of the United States, Wyman kept a decorous silence about her ex-husband, who had married actress Nancy Davis. In a 1968 newspaper interview, Wyman explained the reason: “It’s not because I’m bitter or because I don’t agree with him politically. I’ve always been a registered Republican. But it’s bad taste to talk about ex-husbands and ex-wives, that’s all. Also, I don’t know a damn thing about politics.” LOS ANGELES – Jane Wyman won an Oscar for her role as a deaf rape victim in the film “Johnny Belinda” and she’ll probably be best remembered for her portrayal of a power-mad winery owner in TV’s “Falcon Crest.” But her greatest distinction may have been refusing to kiss and tell about her love life, most especially her marriage to future president Ronald Reagan. Wyman died early Monday at her Palm Springs home, son Michael Reagan said. Wyman’s age was listed as 93 in several reference books, however other sources, including the official family Web site, say she was 90. “I have lost a loving mother, my children Cameron and Ashley have lost a loving grandmother, my wife Colleen has lost a loving friend she called Mom and Hollywood has lost the classiest lady to ever grace the silver screen,” Reagan said in a statement. last_img read more

Former Liverpool and Chelsea boss appointed Real Madrid manager

first_imgReal Madrid have appointed Rafa Benitez as their new manager.The former Liverpool and Chelsea boss has agreed a three-year deal at the Bernabeu, taking over from Carlo Ancelotti, who has sacked at the end of last season.A short statement on Real’s official website read: “Real Madrid CF will present Rafa Benitez as the new first-team coach for the next three seasons today, Wednesday 3 June.“The ceremony will take place at 1pm CEST [12pm BST] in the presidential box of the Santiago Bernabeu. Following his unveiling, Rafa Benitez will hold a press conference in the press room.” Rafa Benitez 1last_img

Off-duty L.A. officer killed in Lancaster motorcycle crash

first_img AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREOregon Ducks football players get stuck on Disney ride during Rose Bowl event160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! PALMDALE – Southern California’s fourth law enforcement officer to die in eight days was an off-duty LAPD officer whose speeding motorcycle ran a red light and crashed into a sedan making a left turn, authorities said Friday. The officer, assigned to the Los Angeles Police Department’s West Traffic Division, was said by witnesses to have been weaving through Pearblossom Highway traffic on a racing-style Ducati 998 motorcycle about 10:50 a.m. Friday, traveling at least 80 mph before he ran a red light at 40th Street East, officials said. “We have several witnesses who said the light was red,” sheriff’s Deputy Monty Buckallew said. “He was just going too fast. (The sedan driver) had the right of way.” Thomas Ducey, 27, of Palmdale was taken to Antelope Valley Hospital, where he was pronounced dead. Deputies halted traffic on the highway, detouring traffic off a 4-mile-long section, to await the arrival of LAPD officials to examine the crash scene. Witnesses said it appeared the motorcyclist knew he was traveling too fast to stop when the light turned red, and accelerated to try to beat traffic through the intersection, deputies said. Instead, a 1994 Buick Century that had been waiting at the intersection turned left when the light changed; the motorcyclist raked but the bike hit the car’s left front fender, deputies said. The Buick’s driver, a 63-year-old Palmdale woman, was not hurt. Ducey is the fourth police officer from Southern California to die in just over a week. Sheriff’s Deputy Paul Wilms, 38, died Thursday when he accidentally shot himself while cleaning his gun at the Sheriff’s Department’s City of Industry station. Sheriff’s Deputy Maria Cecilia Rosa, 30, was shot to death Tuesday during an apparent robbery attempt outside the Long Beach home of a friend. Sheriff’s motorcycle Deputy Pierre Bain, 45, was killed March 23 in Lancaster when a motorist pulled in front of him as he was riding after a speeder. LAPD Chief William Bratton was notified of Ducey’s death while he attended a gang conference downtown. The LAPD sent a helicopter to pick up the officer’s wife, the chief said. “Nobody here can remember a time there’s been so many off-duty deaths, accidental or otherwise,” Bratton said. Charles F. Bostwick, (661) 267-5742 chuck.bostwick@dailynews.comlast_img read more


first_imgThe Naomh Brid Dinner Dance will take place on Saturday 29th December in the Sandhouse Hotel. Sam Maguire will be present along with David Walsh on the night. Music on the night will be by Paul and Mary B. Tickets are priced at €25 and you are advised to get your ticket as soon as possible.The club AGM is scheduled for Sunday 13th Jan at 3pm in the Community Centre. Nomination and motion papers will be delivered to paid up members in the next week. These must be returned to Mickey by Jan 3rd at the latest.Sam Maguire will be brought to the local schools, sick and elderly of the community by David Walsh on Friday December 14th. Anyone wishing to have Sam brought to an elderly or sick friend or family member please contact Mickey Quinn or Martin O Malley as soon as possible as a schedule for the day is currently being completed. The club expresses its deepest sympathies to the Scott family, friends and all at Copany Rovers on the recent death of Aaron.Congratulations to senior team captain Pete Walsh and his wife Deyna on the birth of their daughter at the weekend.There was no winner of this weeks lotto. The jackpot now stands at €12,900. This weeks numbers were; 14, 15, 16, 17 and 20. Winners of €25 were; Hugh Cassidy, John Travers, Amanda Scott and Melissa Lamb. Next weeks draw will take place in the Country Inn on 17th December and an extra €300 is available in prozes for non-jackpot winners.GAA NEWS: NAOMH BRID CLUB NOTES was last modified: December 11th, 2012 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:NAOMH BRID CLUB NOTESlast_img read more